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The latest developments on my UNDP authority abuse case

February 8, 2019

Of course, it is interesting why my supervisor at the “Building the resilience of communities affected by the Aral Sea disaster through a Multi-Partner Human Security Fund for the Aral Sea” project Uktam Abdurakhmanov decided to get rid of me. I have one important consideration, which may be useful for the understanding of the reasons of Uktam’s hostile actions toward me: Uktam Abdurakhmanov applied huge efforts to spend on me as little money as possible. Even the stationery supply was poor. I was using my own pens and notepads to do work. Only at the end of my contract the situation was rectified. Similarly, the taxi service and a landline phone connection for me also became available only at the end of my contract. Until then I used my own cell phone to do my work, at my own expense. My computer was old, so I had a lot of problems with it (of course, this considerably decreased productivity of my work, but this didn’t bother Uktam and Program Manager Bakhadur Paluaniyazov).

I strongly suspect that Uktam Abdurakhmanov undertook hostile actions against me because he planned to pocket my salary after getting rid of me, and he reached his goals regarding me and actually is currently stealing my salary. This is the only reason for authority abuse by Uktam Abdurakhmanov against me that I can imagine.

I also strongly suspect that stolen money was shared by Uktam Abdurakhmanov with his cronies at Tashkent UNDP office, and this explains the vehement support he enjoyed from the gang of swindlers (Program Manager Bakhadur Paluaniyazov, Head of Sustainable Development Cluster Hurshid Rustamov, Deputy Resident Representative Farid Garakhanov, Resident Representative Helena Fraser) there.

The Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea Region was officially launched on Nov. 27, 2018, and RR Helena Fraser (highly vile and insolent person) became its co-chairperson. Currently this MPTF tries to secure funding from a lot of donors, including European Union, Japan and Norway. “Needed” people need more money.

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