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Undercurrents in Russia-China Bonhomie

... China, as well as shrink market share of existing Chinese defence manufacturers. Chinese experts assess that the domestic disturbances within Myanmar provide Russia with tactical opportunities for enhanced defence sales. By the same token, among the non-Arctic states seeking partnership with Russia as a means to increase their presence in the northern polar region, China has become by far the most visible player. However, despite this apparent collaboration, many analysts see these Chinese advancements ...

Fabbri Valerio
17.12.2021 18:37:16

Renewable Energy in the Russian Arctic and Beyond: Can a Region Dominated by Oil and Gas Contribute to Russia’s Paris Agreement Targets?

..., one of the world’s largest producers of fossil fuels and the 4th largest GHG emitter, is also being forced to reevaluate. Russia’s Paris Agreement climate targets include cutting emissions by 30% below 1990 levels by the year 2030. The Russian Arctic figures to be a major factor in reaching these targets. The Russian government is eager to reap the benefits of climate change in the Arctic. Increased accessibility to natural resources and the Northern Sea Route will offer new economic opportunities ...

Boone Carter
05.07.2021 12:37:45

As Glaciers Thaw, Arctic Becomes a Hot Spot to Geopolitical Interests

Located in the Earth’s northernmost region, the Arctic is characterized by its frigid temperatures, expansive sea ice sheets, and barren tundra settings. The Arctic remains largely uninhabitable, apart from a collection of indigenous individuals sparsely scattered throughout the region. U.S. policy ...

Шиллинг Сэм
04.03.2021 19:23:25

EU-Russian ecological cooperation needed despite and because of the Covid crisis

... of artificial meat is feasible and in the interest of both sides.Waste and sewage management The Russian waste management including the recycling idea is still very underdeveloped in Russia. This could be the next field for a cooperation. Save the Arctic The geopolitical struggle about the Arctic has just started. Climate change leads to the new situation that shipping routes become ice-free, oil, gas and mineral resources, fishing and maritime resources could be exploited on a greater scale. The ...

Ostner Ralf
18.05.2020 18:06:17

Appeasing Norway

... intensifying confrontation between the US and Russia. Norway's role in improving the prospect of a successful US nuclear first strike received a fierce response from the Russian Ambassador to Norway, Ramishvili, who predicted there ‘will be no peaceful Arctic anymore’ and Norway would ‘have to face head-on Russia and Russian military might’. A similar warning was issued in November 2011, when President Medvedev announced that to prevent nuclear war, Russia may have to launch a limited military ...

Diesen Glenn
15.10.2017 01:44:08

Arctic Shipping: Creating Good Governance Based on Facts, not Myth

Authors: Vladimir Mednikov is adviser to the director general of Sovcomflot and serves as president of the Russian International Maritime Law Association. Henry P. Huntington is a senior officer and science director for Arctic Ocean projects at The Pew Charitable Trusts. The retreat of sea ice each Arctic summer gets more and more attention every year. Many stories in industry publications, scientific journals, and the popular press are not just about the ice but also ...

РСМД Эксперты
02.08.2016 18:53:00

Canada, Russia and the Arctic

As global warming shrinks the polar ice caps and leaves Arctic waters open for longer stretches, the world is intensifying its focus on opportunities in the Arctic. The open waters are attracting the development of raw materials, tourism, fishing etc, thus establishing new ship traffic and creating additional ...

Dobircianu Sorin
25.10.2015 13:05:00


The US space agency has forked out $490m for six seats for its astronauts to get to the ISS on board one of the Russian Federal Space Agency's (Roscosmos) Soyuz spacecraft. Nasa's space shuttles were stopped in 2011 as the organisation set about sending its astronauts to the ISS on board privately developed spacecrafts like SpaceX. However, a shortfall in funding from the US Congress has meant the space agency is down about a billion dollars on what it requested since 2011. As a result, the first...

Dobircianu Sorin
08.08.2015 10:48:00

Militarisation of the Arctic: (3) Canada

... largesse for the military it should be noted that a stronger military already constituted a top priority for the previous Liberal government under Paul Martin, and Harper’s focus on the military is therefore perhaps part of a larger trend[2]. The Arctic is of particular concern to Harper, who described it as the “heart of our Canadian identity” in the policy platform for his 2011 federal election campaign[3]. Especially as the Canadian Arctic becomes more viable as a commercial transport ...

блог Арктический
22.04.2015 12:31:00

Militarisation of the Arctic: (2) The Nordic Countries

II. Nordic Countries Shared history and, to a certain extent, culture bind the five smallest and least populous countries of the Arctic Council together. The Nordic countries enjoy close political and cultural ties, as demonstrated by their own inter-parliamentary forum, the Nordic Council. Five years before the First Treaty of Rome created a common European labour market and granted ...

блог Арктический
01.04.2015 16:18:00

Russia and China relations in the Arctic: a win-win partnership?

The Ukrainian crisis has undermined Russia’s relations with its Western partners in almost all spheres of cooperation, including in the Arctic region. As a result, Russia reinforced its relations and established new partnerships with other emerging countries, notably East Asian countries such as China. In the Russian Foreign Policy Concept of 2013, further cooperation with China is expressed ...

блог Арктический
31.03.2015 17:15:00

Militarisation of the Arctic: Introduction

Nearly three years ago, Department Director at IMEMO and RIAC member Andrei Zagorsky went against the grain. He did not believe, as many did, that the Arctic has been witnessing a new period of militarisation due to increased tension over the region’s wealth of resources and newly accessible transport routes. He pointed out in an article published on RIAC's website that the region was ...

блог Арктический
25.03.2015 16:57:00

Russia and Canada in the Arctic: rivals or allies?

Russia and Canada are the two largest Arctic countries. Three-quarters of the Arctic Ocean’s coastlines belong to Russia and Canada. Russia, with an Arctic coastline stretching over 20,000 km2, is the biggest Arctic state. The population of the Russian Arctic consists of approximately ...

блог Арктический
18.03.2015 11:50:00

On Canadian-Russian Relations

... In approaching the Russian community in this manner, it will not close the door on the Conservative Party for future endeavors. The second major concern within Canada is about Russia and its potential for a claim on what Canada sees as its sovereign Arctic region. This could be addressed through the lobbying of a peaceful existence free from the Sanctions which would allow Canada to retain is sovereignty over the region. The basis of the discussion being that both countries can jointly develop their ...

Dobircianu Sorin
12.03.2015 21:58:00

Militarisation of the Arctic: (1) Russia

Russia and its Arctic Neighbours: After Crimea Russia’s internationally condemned annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula changed not only international perceptions of Russia’s ambitions, but those in the country itself as well. With supporters ...

блог Арктический
12.03.2015 15:39:00

Norway’s mini-NATO initiative in the Arctic

The purpose of this article is to examine Norway’s initiative of creating a Nordic Defense Alliance in the Arctic and the consequences it may have for Russia and Arctic cooperation. Author: Elodie Testa, Research Intern at RIAC, graduate student at MGIMO-University It is a well-established fact that the Arctic region is undergoing significant environmental ...

блог Арктический
11.03.2015 17:01:00

Getting ready for Arctic oil

A few weeks ago President Putin announced the first shipment of Arctic oil extracted from the Prirazlomnaya platform. What are the potential benefits and risks of the much debated Arctic oil? Are we ready to handle the impacts of Arctic energy? Enthusiasm and scepticism Some weeks ago, President Putin announced ...

Milazzo Eleonora
29.05.2014 10:28:00


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