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The Abraham Accord, Iran, and The Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf

The volatile geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa and its unstable balance of power in the aftermath of the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world and the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal have correspondingly influenced the political relations between Israel and the Arab states around the Persian Gulf to become strategically stronger and diplomatically denser. Serving a political agenda, the Abraham Accords were signed ...

Акбари Араш
06.09.2021 19:11:59

20-year Cooperation Treaty between Iran and Russia: Bilateral Strategic Partnership or Disappointing Agreement

Following the topic of the 25-year Iran-China Cooperation Agreement, there was a discussion on a comprehensive long-term strategic treaty between Tehran and Moscow. This was not good news for the White House and its strategy of maximum pressure.Source: aa.com.tr In a telephone conversation ...

Bijan Aref
22.07.2021 13:24:35

Three Ways Working With Russia Can Make the Middle East Safer

... the wider international community. Such a destabilising actor must be contained for the sake of the safety and stability of the Middle East, and it is high time that the US and Russia recognise that it is in their interests to work together and do so. Iran The US and Russia would also benefit from combining their political influence and working to stop Iran from becoming too powerful in the region. Currently the US views Iran as an enemy and as a state sponsor of terrorism, whereas Russia has cooperated ...

Аунапу Игорь
01.02.2021 16:34:18

What the US-Iran war might look like

With Iran in escalation mood to get n to "Holy War" or "War For Survival of Islam" with Air Striking US and Allied Bases in Iraq which though has hardly given any blow to US Confidence and its Marines deployed there,Iran is going to architect ...

Dwivedi Ratnesh
13.01.2020 11:26:18

The Efficiency of German Contribution in the Afghan Peace Process

... excluded from the process, which opened Pandora’s Box. Moreover, the national interests and apprehensions of the regional countries were not taken serious, which in turn caused destabilization and gloominess in Afghanistan. Consequently, Pakistan and Iran who have been pursuing strategic depth in Afghanistan began to regroup, fund, train and outfit the Afghan government antagonists, which unfortunately incited a proxy war in the country. Source: tribuneindia.com The Second Bonn Conference Germany ...

Sohail Ajmal
11.11.2019 15:56:21

A Win-Win Situation: EAEU Signs Free Trade Deals with Serbia and Iran

... member states, Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Tigran Sargsyan and Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic signed a Free Trade Agreement between Serbia and the EAEU. On October 27, a “temporary” free trade zone was launched between Iran and the EAEU. The rise of Eurasia? Serbia’s decision to conclude a free trade zone agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union was bad news for the European Commission, which had warned Serbia over making that decision several times. There are ...

Кофнер Юрий
29.10.2019 19:53:04

Just How Far to Back Off on Iran?

Over the past few months, tensions between the U.S. and Iran have increased in tit-for-tat escalation. After the U.S. accused Iran of attacking ships in the Gulf of Oman, Iran’s denial has merely followed their alleged second strike in a few months on Gulf shipping. Attacks targeted oil tankers and vessels ...

26.07.2019 17:20:59

The United States of America needs to reiterate its global-police role

... new proactive president in the White House have slowly been eclipsed by a sense of confusion, given United States behavior that shows little consistency and no clear strategic objectives. President Obama, apart from striving for an agreement with Iran, limited his involvement in the Middle East, but was forced to direct new attention to the region due to the Islamic State challenge. In the election campaign, Trump also spoke in favor of limiting United States intervention in various world arenas....

Sohail Ajmal
25.12.2017 17:50:06

Analysis: The King's Visit to Moscow is a Major Turning Point in Middle-East Politics

... the Saudi King. The Syrian conflict has de-escalated dramatically thanks to the Russian participation and diplomacy. Furthermore, Donald Trump came to power promising less US commitment to allies and specifically NATO. Also there is the signature of Iran Nuclear Deal by world powers. As follows, I will discuss each of the above and highlight their direct impact on Russia-Saudi rapprochement and future of Middle-East Politics in general. The Russian direct participation in Syria’s conflict has changed ...

Daboul Koutaiba
06.11.2017 20:38:25

US Needs Political-Military Strategy to Moderate Iran’s Israel Policy

Although US and Iranian diplomatic strategy compartmentalized the Iran nuclear negotiations in order to reduce the risk of failure on this priority issue, these governments’ regional disputes were inevitably going to return to the fore and threaten the sustainability ...

Buonomo Thomas
20.09.2017 14:26:15

After Mosul: Russia & the ‘Kurdish Question’ in Iraq

... continue to exacerbate the already deep-seated, multifaceted struggle for authority between the KRG and the Iraqi central government. The referendum faces strong opposition from the central government in Baghdad as well as the neighboring states of Iran and Turkey who have expressed concerns that independence could inspire separatist claims from their own Kurdish populations. Opposition to Kurdish independence could further exacerbate tensions between these countries, which have been historically ...

Граевски николь
08.08.2017 15:57:07

I Hate Trump, But He Was Right to Strike Assad Regime of Syria

... two last major strongholds, and in the process of being encircled in its other stronghold in Raqqa, Syria, its “capital;” furthermore, not only does Assad’s government have the active of support of the Shiite Lebanese militia Hezbollah and of Iran’s military on the ground (among other Shiite militias), but it also enjoys the robust military support of Russia and its vaunted air force. And even though Assad’s military has been whittled to down a shell of its former self (even his Syrian ...

Frydenborg Brian
04.06.2017 22:23:04

India-Iran ties: The key challenges

India has numerous foreign policy priorities, with ties with the US, China, Russia and Pakistan understandably receiving more attention. At this point of time, one of the greatest challenges which India faces, however, is its relations with Iran. Post the signing of the P5+1 signed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) commonly known as Iran nuclear deal, New Delhi has sought to strengthen its economic and strategic ties with Tehran. The key conditions of the agreement were; that Iran ...

Singh Maini Tridivesh
02.05.2017 14:22:56

Novel attempts to launch sectarian war in Afghanistan

Sectarian warfare is not a very new issue in the Islamic world because for decades Saudi-Arabia and Iran wish to dominate the Islamic globe, Iran exports the Shiite Islamic revolution doctrines and Saudi-Arabia the Wahabistic Islamic tenets to the Muslim world, unfortunately, both countries enjoy rich oil reserves and miss-using petrol-bucks to lead ...

Sohail Ajmal
25.11.2016 11:17:00

Brexistentialism for useful innocents

The alleged “existential crisis” has been linked to the populist upheaval that drove a simple majority of Britons to vote to leave the EU. The Telegraph, The Guardian, CNN, Money, and social media say that's what we should believe, and that thet “existential crisis” exists among Brexiteers in Great Britain too. Just ask new Tory foreign secretary and super Toff, Boris Johnson, who just last year (born in the USA, BoJo was a dual national) renounced his US citizenship...

Эрманн Эрик
28.07.2016 07:50:00

Disappointment in Tashkent: Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

... While the Tashkent summit was a crucial step closer to membership for India and Pakistan, the summit proved to not be nearly as successful for another regional player. Despite its return to the global stage following the removal of UN sanctions, Iran’s reception at the summit did not live up to its expectations. Iran’s history with the SCO is complicated. The country has observer status with the organization and first applied for membership in 2008. At the time, Iran’s membership ...

Tatara Chris
13.07.2016 14:35:00

War in Yemen: a New Vietnam?

... through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Photo from: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/war/yemen4.htm To continue to the more interesting angles, many other players are involved. For instance, there are recurrent allegations against Iran for providing weapons and training to the Houthis, in an attempt to use Yemen for a proxy war against the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, which are traditionally the champions of the Sunnah. Although, in all fairness the Iranian government firmly ...

Corsaro Anna
15.03.2016 13:01:00


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