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Novel attempts to launch sectarian war in Afghanistan

November 25, 2016

Sectarian warfare is not a very new issue in the Islamic world because for decades Saudi-Arabia and Iran wish to dominate the Islamic globe, Iran exports the Shiite Islamic revolution doctrines and Saudi-Arabia the Wahabistic Islamic tenets to the Muslim world, unfortunately, both countries enjoy rich oil reserves and miss-using petrol-bucks to lead the said world.


Iran supports Alawaits in Syria, Houthis in Yemen, Hizbullah in Lebanon Muqtada Alsader in Iraq Hizb-e-wahdat Islamic and Harakat Islamic in Afghanistan in return Saudi-Arabia holds up IS (ISIS, ISIL), ISK and Wahabistic movements to set up counter-balance for Iran in the region and beyond, both sides via numerous means want to undermine each others’ role in the Muslim world they push even deeper for years Iranian regime suppresses the Sunni minority in Iran on the other side Saudi-Arabia represses Shiite minority in the subcontinent.


Furthermore, the history narrates that sectarian feud commenced in the late 70s and all through 80s by the said rival countries during the Soviet Union occupation in Afghanistan; Iran originated Hizb-e-wahdat Islamic-led by Abdul Ali Mazari and Harakat Islamic-led by Shaikh Asif Mohseni and Saudi-Arabia invented Salafi movement guided by Mallawi Jamilulrahmaan and Islamic Center led by Abdullah Ezam, both Iran and Saudi-Arabia pumped hundred millions of dollars to the mentioned militant groups, both countries have continued to dictate Afghanistan even in the aftermath of  Soviet Union, both countries lately thru their Embassies in Kabul propelled several million dollars to different adversary groups they have established Madrasas (religious schools), orphanages, universities, TV channels, radio stations, printing presses, libraries, think-tanks, cultural and business centers and even Mosques to preach their so-called Islamic dogmas, both countries were semi-effective most of the time, sometimes  they have reached their goals while miss-using poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, ethnic and tribal structures of the Afghan societies in the country other times they have  not because for centuries Shiites and Sunnis have lived side by side and rejected the struggles to divide them but recently brand new attempts undertook  by the said countries to instigate sectarian warfare in Afghanistan.


After the political and security unrest in Syria, Iran by the use of its channels in Afghanistan recruited Afghan Shiites and deployed them in Syria side by side of Sepah-e-Pasdaran of Iran to fight rebels and curb Saudi-Arabia endeavors for regime change in Syria, in retaliation Saudi-Arabia concocted Islamic State of Khorasan the IS branch for Afghanistan and Central-Asia. Saudi-Arabia wants to send the hate message thru the Islamic State of Khorasan(ISK) to Afghanistan, central Asian countries and Iran.


The recent suicide attacks claimed by IS(ISK) against the Shiite societies this year ”the suicide attack on Junbesh Roshnaye rally in Kabul which resulted around 100 dead and 100 more injured meantime suicide attack on Shiite pilgrimage in Kart-e-sakhi Kabul killed dozen and wounded scores and the 21 November attack on Shiite gathering at Baqir-e-lulom Mosque and cultural center slaughtered 30 and injured around 50” indicate  that Saudi-Arabia is decisive to dismantle kernels of Shiites in Afghanistan and in the entire region according to some intelligence information Islamic State of Khorasan (ISK) moved from Southern and Eastern of the country to the northern and western Afghanistan to initiate brutal assaults against Shiites in Iran and central Asia.


Subsequently, before it is too late the religious scholars of both Shiite and Sunni Muslim societies of Afghanistan ought to convene a joint body to convey a decree to address that such efforts of both Iran and Saudi-Arabia are irreligious and have no place in Afghan society and the said efforts contradict the core of the national interests and national security of Afghanistan otherwise the country will turn into ashes for the ambitious desires of Iran and Saudi-Arabia.

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