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Will Putin Take Advantage of Conflict With Kim to “Liberate” Belorussia?

... Washington disarray, the natural catastrophe of Harvey, likely Irma, and the warlike scenario emerging in North Korea. He may use the coming Zapad [West] maneuvers to launch a military intervention with his Little Green Men in Belorussia as he did in Crimea and then in eastern Ukraine three years ago. We predicted the invasion of the Crimea a day before it happened, and U.S. intelligence has already learned some of the Little Green Men are among Russian elite forces assembled at the Russian-Belorussian ...

11.09.2017 12:50:22

Wallström-Lavrov meeting: The beginning of a thaw in Russia-Sweden relations?

... minister Margot Wallström travelled to Moscow to meet with her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in their first meeting since the end of 2014 in Basel, amidst their iciest relations since the end of the Cold War. The agenda for the talks ranged from Crimea and the Ukraine crisis, to women’s issues (core to Sweden’s self-described “feminist” foreign policy), to Swedish investments in Russia, to cooperation in the Baltic and Arctic regions, as well as to so-called fake news ...

27.02.2017 15:15:00

The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: How Obama Lost & Putin Won, Ensuring a Trump Victory

The story of how Russia won the (First) Russo-American Cyberwar because American President Barack Obama did not fight back and failed to protect America’s democracy from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s well-orchestrated, wide-ranging cyberassault, part of Russia’s wider war on Western democracy By Brian E. Frydenborg December 7th, 2016 (a condensed, edited version of this article is featured on War Is Boring) Reuters AMMAN — It is fitting that, on the anniversary of...

17.12.2016 22:44:00

EXCLUSIVE: Top Trump Aides’ Deeper & Linked Roles in Putin Agenda Revealed; Russian Mafia Nexus With Trump & Aides Goes Back Years

New threads in the Team Trump/Team Putin tangled web show Manafort and Page linked to each other as part of a Russian plot to control Ukraine and also show a mutual Russian mafia godfather linking them with each other and Trump, providing even deeper and more fertile ground on which to question Trump’s pro-Russia, Pro-Putin positions and their origins. Author's note: this is the most important article I have ever written in my life; please share with as many people as possible as soon...

17.11.2016 16:11:00

Trump, Putin, Russia, DNC/Clinton Hack, & WikiLeaks: “There's Something Going on” with Election 2016 & It's Cyberwarfare & Maybe Worse: UPDATED 8/15

... (Trump's people have distinctly avoided going into detailed or adequate explanations for this decision). Trump also just recently said at a press conference that he is considering lifting sanctions on Russia and recognizing its annexation of Crimea. Trump also doesn’t think that there is enough evidence to blame Russia for the downing of MH17. Trump defended Putin against accusations that he was behind the murders of numerous Russian journalists critical of Putin. Most recently,...

16.08.2016 17:46:00

Vitaly Naumkin: Who Tramples on Human Rights in Crimea?

Author: Vitaly Naumkin, Academic Director of the RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, RAS Corresponding Member. What is happening in Crimea now can only be referred to as a massive violation of human rights. Human rights are being trampled on by those who tend to teach others how to honor these rights – the United States and other western countries. Crimean citizens are stripped ...

08.06.2016 11:24:00

NATO Black Sea Flotilla. A reef in the Turkish Straits

... security cooperation on the regional stage against the Russian hegemon. Obviously, this naval task force would be designed to offset Russia’s military footprint in the Black Sea region, which has dramatically increased following the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing fortification of the peninsula[2]. The Russian Black Sea Fleet has been slated for modernization since late 2000s, with the induction of new surface and submarine platforms, some of which being already dispatched (2 diesel SSK equipped ...

27.04.2016 12:26:00

"Russkiy Mir" Revival of Russian/Soviet imperialism?

Comment on Brian Whitmore's RFE/RL podcast, “The Daily Vertical: Return Of The Russian World> http://www.rferl.org/content/daily-vertical-return-of-russian-world/27340254.html Not much understanding of Russkiy Mir or its role in Russian foreign policy in this podcast. Russkiy Mir is often represented as some new, strange, perhaps threatening concept cooked up in the Russian Foreign Ministry as part of a new Russian imperial project. Not so! Russkiy Mir existed long before even...

03.11.2015 18:34:00


... private space taxis are not expected to take place until at least 2017. Now Nasa says it has been forced to extend its contract with Roscosmos at a cost of $490m – despite the tense political relationship between the two nations - the invasion of Crimea in 2014 led to a ban on Nasa/Roscosmos collaborations. Nasa administrator Charles Bolden has written a letter to US Congress saying it had been forced into this position because of "continued reductions in the president's funding requests"....

08.08.2015 10:48:00

Keeping Russia the Enemy: Congressional Attitudes and Biased Expertise

America seems reluctant in accepting the fairly benign fact that countries do not like to be dictated to and thus misses opportunities for creating new dialogues. This is especially prominent in explaining the poor relationship at the moment with Russia. There seems to be an element of purposeful animosity in the way Russia is viewed, analyzed, and engaged, especially at the so-called expert level and most prominently within the now Republican-controlled United States Congress. Perhaps one of the...

07.02.2015 00:55:00

Ukraine crisis: Need for a new order in Europe and Eurasia

... peoples who have been linked to Russia for centuries. It is also obvious that the entire geographic area of the former USSR is a sphere of vital interest to us." http://www.nato.int/docu/review/1993/9301-1.htm Yet, excepting the special case of Crimea, there has never been any indication that Russia has been interested in annexing Ukraine, even eastern Ukraine or, for that matter, any of the former Soviet republics. Why should it? Moscow does regard a hostile Ukraine as unacceptable, but this ...

30.01.2015 17:55:00

Crimea, a Strategic Bastion on Russia’s Southern Flank

The Ukrainian crisis gave to Moscow a unique opportunity to annex Crimea, the independence of which had never been fully accepted by Russia after 1991. The regime change occurred in Kiev in February 2014, after Viktor Yanukovich’s running away during the night of February 21-22, brought to power a ruling elite ...

18.12.2014 19:20:00

Russia and the West: The Treaty That Never Was

... the mistaken belief that the only reason they have not been solved is because of Russia’s alleged propensity to make trouble. Some of these unresolved, and poorly-resolved issues are at the roots of the current crisis in Ukraine. The fate of Crimea, for example, was a highly complex matter. It should have been carefully examined and negotiated, instead of being left to Yeltsin’s whim. A decision affecting the fate of 2 million people was made without even being seriously discussed. ...

19.09.2014 23:28:00

NATO: A Mighty Wind, Signifying Nothing

... are just empty gestures, more cruelty to Ukraine than deterrent to Russia. Does anyone in their right mind think Russia worries more about microphone asides from the American President compared to official French and German policy? I have a bridge to Crimea to sell you if you believe that. Which is an interesting segue come to think of it! In the West one of the more powerful arguments ‘proving’ so-called Russian aggression is the fact that Russia wants to secure areas in Eastern Ukraine ...

09.09.2014 18:04:00

Geopolitics, Revisionism and the Black Sea

Latent tensions have loomed before civil strife actually irrupted in Ukraine amid deep-rooted political uncertainties. That claims upon the Crimean peninsula would be eventually raised by Putin’s Russia, concentrating troops at the borders and effecting what appeared to be a military invasion, followed by a political validation (i.e. the referendums in the Eastern provinces), were not ...

21.08.2014 16:37:00

Russia’s Plans for Crimea: the Black Sea Fleet

Part Two: What are the consequences for the buildup of the Black Sea Fleet? Having examined the plans for the economic development of Crimea and the construction of infrastructures in the peninsula in our previous paper, we now raise issues related to the impact of Russia’s seizure of Crimea for the modernization of the Black Sea Fleet. The buildup of the Black Sea Fleet ‘1....

23.07.2014 13:54:00

Russia’s Plans for Crimea : the Economic Development

Part One: Economic Development: First Steps, First Challenges Russia’s annexation of Crimea on March 18, 2014 has raised issues related to the economic impact of such a move for Moscow. The takeover of the peninsula as well as Moscow’s involvement in the Ukrainian crisis have sparked economic sanctions from the Euro-Atlantic community....

19.07.2014 18:15:00

Ukrainian National Unity: An Opportunity Lost

The “Heavenly Hundred” who fell during the Euromaidan protests and the soldiers who resisted the Russian invasion of Crimea had the potential to contribute to a unifying national narrative in Ukraine. This opportunity was quickly lost, with fighting and rising casualties in Luhansk and Donetsk cementing regional divisions. The failure of President Poroshenko to quickly ...

04.07.2014 14:14:00

The Fast and The Furious in Gas Geopolitics

... rendered the real payment by Ukraine to Russia for gas delivery at 286 USD per 1000 cubic meters. The first discount was immediately connected to the bilateral agreement Russia and Ukraine had signed earlier about the presence of the Russian Navy in Crimea. That agreement was already in place and allowed the Russian Navy to be housed in Crimea for 96 million dollars per year until 2017. The first gas discount negotiated between the two countries was to be applied at the conclusion of the Russian ...

19.06.2014 17:56:00


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