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Analysis: The King's Visit to Moscow is a Major Turning Point in Middle-East Politics

... reasons Saudi Arabia did not join the Astana initiative is that Iran is a founder. The Saudis does not fear a Russian influence in Syria, but they rather fear an Iranian one. Plus, Russians and Saudis have a lot to discuss and cooperate such as Oil and Gas markets, they have to deal openly at some point. It is in none favour to go into a confrontation in Syria or the Middle-East. As a result, the Saudis had started to view the Russian role in the Middle-East as stability guaranteer. The Saudis also ...

06.11.2017 20:38:25

Can LNG ensure European security of supply?

In May 2014, in the aftermath of Russia-Ukrainian crisis, the European Commission adopted European Energy Security Strategy, establishing two pillars of European security of supply: prevention and mitigation. The main goal was to prevent gas supply disruptions by implementing “gas stress tests” (modelled by ENTSOG) and to foster solidarity (Regulation 994/2010) between European member states regarding redistribution of storage capacity under Emergency plan. According to CEER,...

09.10.2016 21:21:00

EU Eastern Enlargement and its consequences for EU-Russia Energy Relations

... energy relations between Russia and the EU. There are arguably two main factors relating to our analysis that separate the CEE countries from the older Western European states: the first factor is the difference in development of the energy sectors and gas pipeline grid interconnectedness, and second, the perception of Russia as an energy supplier. The latter factor is the one that pertains most to our analysis and has emerged as the most troubling issue in maintaining the interdependency in gas trade....

04.07.2016 12:07:00

Legislative framework of Russian APG flaring

... seen from space.” Thus, the legitimacy and relevance of the matter is currently framed by the international community (i.e. is mostly top-town), however in future it is likely to depend on the relationship established between the State, oil and gas industry, and Gazprom. Environmental risk management platform of Equatorial Principles calls for international banks to finance only those projects that have well-established CSR and concern for environment. There is only one Russian bank, Otkritie,...

07.06.2016 16:45:00

To flare or not to flare? Russian APG case.

Historically, APG (associated petroleum gas) was considered to be a waste byproduct rather than a valuable fuel what entailed a wide-spread practice of venting and gas flaring popular with most gas producing countries. While venting usually presupposes a “direct release of natural gas ...

07.06.2016 16:30:00

Against the odds: The USSR and East-West Germany energy relations

... Germany relations with the USSR. Despite the uneasy political circumstances during the Cold War and political sensitivity concerning the issue of cooperation between the two German states, the USSR and West Germany managed to establish the base of the gas interdependence model, which was to become a backbone of the contemporary EU energy security. In a time of severe political crisis the two adversaries managed to build a long-lasting cooperation based on a sensible economic model that benefited both ...

06.06.2016 12:08:00

Germany and Russia Intensify Gas Cooperation Despite Political Tension

... long-existed under the mutual awareness of interdependence. This perceived paradigm has led to further deepening of the complexity of the relationship through swap deals and favorable transactions, which encompass the entire value-chain of the natural gas sector. The pinnacle of recent collaboration has been the initiation of the Nord Stream-2 project, which has the potential to completely substitute Ukrainian transit routes. On top of that, in 2015 Gazprom has delivered to Germany a record quantity ...

27.05.2016 12:32:00

The asymmetry of EU member states natural gas dependencies

There goes a saying: A chain is as strong as its weakest link. This may very well be the case with the EU vis-à-vis its member state dependency on Russian natural gas. While analyzing the European gas market, too much attention has been focused on the EU-28 average gas consumption index and very little scrutiny was given to individual member states. Analysts were fixated with the EU Commission official stance on ...

04.05.2016 11:10:00

The EU needs more gas

Much has been written about Europe’s falling dependency on natural gas and how detrimental this seemed to be for Russia, being the biggest supplier of natural gas to the old continent. Falling demand, falling prices and eventually falling revenues for Russia’s state budget – Russophobes were quick to celebrate ...

29.04.2016 13:05:00

Turkey’s price arbitrage with Gazprom over Turkish Stream

... its anti-monopoly laws. The original plan for landfall in the EU (Bulgaria) will now occur in Turkey, while the distribution hub for Europe will be located at the border of Turkey and Greece. Being a strategically important transit point for Russian gas going to Europe and bypassing Ukraine, Turkey tries to increase its bargaining power and engages into price arbitrage with Gazprom: 10.25% discount offered by Gazprom is deemed insufficient and Turkey does not want to receive anything less than15%....

07.04.2016 22:33:00

PUSH and PULL, the double-faced strategy dividing the EU from Russia

... by Joe Biden. Not to mention that the conditions of the economy in European area were already worrying to begin with, even without the “independent decisions” of the EU authorities, just to re-quote Ms. Mogherini's intervention. Gas at All Costs Another crucial aspect, which the EU is failing to address, concerns its energy policy, considering that no alternatives have been found to the partnership with Russia, especially on the delicate point of natural gas. To be fair, other ...

20.10.2014 23:25:00

European Union and the Vexed Question of Russian Gas

Winter is approaching and the European Union, following the lead of the U.S.A., is firmly persisting in its policy of sanctions against the Russian Federation. Yet the prospect of closing down of Gazprom's pipelines, which cover about 30% of the gas requirements of the European area, seems now to be worrying the political establishment of Brussels. Whether or not those fears are rational is a subject of this article, which will explore the possible scenarios and developments, as well as the geopolitical ...

01.10.2014 17:37:00

European Commission candidates’s foreign policies: Schulz softer, Verhofstadt harder on Ukraine

... the energy issue and the economic partnership with Russia, vital for his country and many others like Italy, currently lead by democratic prime minister and Schulz-backing Matteo Renzi. “Tough sanctions mean we should tell our citizens: higher gas prices, higher energy prices, and no investments of european companies in Russia. But we should also look for diplomatic solutions which always start with one thing, to look at the shared and common interests” he said. Germany is indeed the ...

22.05.2014 11:59:00

Energy Outlook 2035 - BP

... explore the outlook in more detail, or browse through IMEMO RAN’s other events and online resources, please follow the links below: - BP Energy Outlook 2035 Material - BP Energy Outlook 2035 Factsheet - BP Energy Outlook 2035 Russia - Oil and Gas Dialogue (RUS) BP’s Pure & Fresh Approach: The most evident sign of BP carrying out a recalibration of its outlook lays on the fact that timeframes have been altered with now the base year of 2012 going up to 2035, rather than as in before ...

02.03.2014 19:14:00

The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... confront its challenges singlehandedly. As the conference went on a news emerged that Canada just applied to have its seabed boarders extentended into the Arctic seafloor by about 1.7 million sq km, where an estimated 30% of world's untapped gas and 15% of oil is preserved (Daily Mail, 2013). A similar claim was made by Russia in 2001, when it filed the UN's CLCS for an extension by arguing that the underwater Lomonosov Ridge was an extension of its territory which amounted to 1.2 ...

11.12.2013 06:16:00

Euro League: EU vs Russia

... metaphorically a 'Geopolitical Football Championship'. Though, in all fairness, it is hard to see it as a unified team. As it appears more like a political trophy for two major sides. On one side, the EU aims to win Ukraine to make sure its gas is supposedly more secured and to continue its enlargement policy for both rational and questionable reasons. On the other, Russia aims to make sure it achieves its goal of restoring 80% of the defunct USSR’s market for likewise a myriad of ...

25.10.2013 20:32:00

A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... recall in 2005 CNOOC tried to buy USA’s Unocal, but it failed spectacularly, as liberal mottos proved not as free as they sounds. Yergin (2011: 204-205) described the attempt well by saying that it was like – throwing a lit match into a gas filled room on top of Capitol Hill, as it instantly flamed a debate over energy security. So to put it crudely China is not allowed to buy firms so that it can import high-end technologies to better its domestic production (even if a firm like Unocal ...

08.10.2013 14:58:00

Who Governs Global Oil Prices?

... Point’, my first few paragraphs will be a personal note and gratitude to those that assisted me in developing these ideas. In this post, I will be using some of the standpoints highlighted at this year’s IMEMO RAN event; the “Oil & Gas Dialogue” (26/04/13). As usual, I will offer additional links to expand our discussion. It is almost a cliché, but once again this topic is contested in academic literature, so I am sure we will not all agree on a same route, but even ...

13.09.2013 16:47:00

Note to Russia: Ukraine Would Be Better Off Going It Alone

... Ukrainians as pseudo-Europeans, who wish to join the European Union out of spite, that is to distance themselves further away from Russia. But this has not always been so. In the 1990s and early 2000s, despite notable disagreements over Sevastopol and gas transfers, Ukraine had been receiving substantial political and economic support from Russia. Not only did Moscow provide president Leonid Kuchma with political advisers during elections, the Kremlin frequently made a number of economic concessions ...

26.08.2013 16:00:00

Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... which is impressive considering that he steers such a large oil company. One of the more recent books Alekperov authored is the "Oil of Russia: Past, Present & Future" (Link to Full Book). LUKoil Report Link: "Global trends in oil & gas markets to 2025" Oil Prices are Up, Up, and Away! From today till 2025, the globe is set for an average annual liquid hydrocarbon consumption growth of 1.2% and by LUKoil’s estimate it will reach 105 mb/d. Even though this is a substantial ...

25.07.2013 04:02:00


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