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Eugene is the CEO, AOC-Razon & President, A Book for A Friend Society Malaysia (NGO/NPO). This Blog is on Promoting Bilateral Cooperation between Malaysia and Russia from a socio-economic, cultural and political perspective. Malaysia is a Newly Industrialised Country (NIC) and will become the Chair of ASEAN in 2015. Russia, then the Soviet Union, established diplomatic relations with Malaysia on April 3, 1967, and the Trade Agreement was signed. In November 1967 the Soviet Trade Representation was established. In 1970 the first group of Soviet students came to study Malay at the University of Malaya, among them Tatiana Dorofeeva, Tamara Reshetova, Victor Pogadaev, Anatoly Voronkov. On 4 October 1972 the Agreement on Economic and Technology Cooperation was signed. Russia has an Embassy in Kuala Lumpur (from April 1968), and Malaysia has an embassy in Moscow (from November 1968).

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December 9, 2015

We in Asia have been oppressed by some of the Western nations for over 500 years. Colonised by force, had our assets stolen and were basically the “Coolies” of these Western nations – primarily some of the EU nations like United Kingdom…

September 22, 2015

We humans have migrated for millions of years, from Africa Homo Sapiens led the way, meeting with Homo Neanderthals of Eurasia. The Human Tribe may have been founded as a collaboration effort or integration effort or a conquering effort by the Homo…

January 29, 2015

Most often, Youth Development is seen as the responsibility of only the Government. The definition of ‘Youth-at-Risk’ is very broad, and acceptance of this categorization of this term differs in all countries around the world. But to redress…

December 25, 2014

As we go into the period of holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Year, how many people live in fear, sadness and hopelessness?  I read about Ukraine and the human suffering caused by the coup, the incited civil war supported by…

December 1, 2014

Why do YOU LET Bangladesh be Robbed and Humiliated by Foreign Aid Expatriates? People who behave like “Lords of Poverty”. And many who don’t even pay their taxes from the side business they do? Over the last 2 and a half years I…

July 24, 2014

As a Malaysian and global citizen, when I watched TV on the morning after that MH17 crashed, I was shocked, horrified and deeply upset - so many innocent people dead, and two Malaysian Airlines planes gone in 4 month. Why was this happening? Malaysian…

July 10, 2014

I am currently visiting Bangladesh for meetings with the Private Sector and Government Officials on sustainable economic development. Russia will be supplying Bangladesh with Nuclear technology for Energy production purposes. Bangladesh is a country that…

May 27, 2014

What is Pedagogy? It is the science and art of education. Its aims range from the full development of the human being to skills acquisition. How can Business promote holistic Pedagogy which in the long-term helps Economic Development? I feel that…

April 29, 2014

Following on from my fist article in the RIAC blog page – “A Step forward in Cooperation between Malaysia and Russia” dated 4 March 2014, I am happy to inform all readers of the RIAC blog page and friends of the RIAC that the Malaysian…

March 4, 2014

Malaysia is a Newly Industrialised Country (NIC) and will become the Chair of ASEAN in 2015. Russia, then the Soviet Union, established diplomatic relations with Malaysia on April 3, 1967, and the Trade Agreement was signed. In…

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