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Education in Russia

... with history and well educated. However, today, interpreting a famous saying of Aristotle, it is difficult to “show somebody the man” by “giving them a child before the age of seven.” Since the Soviet times, the one-time intense education system (later adopted by China) has been constantly deteriorating. And even though the statistics shows relatively high levels of higher education in Russia, the output divulges the following trend: while the number of people with education ...

23.07.2016 09:28:00

How the West Lost the Hearts and Minds of the People, of the People of the Middle East

Russia has now officially entered into its first overseas war, since its former days of the Soviet Union and its foray into Afghanistan in December 1979 to February 1989. Insurgent groups ("the Mujahedeen") who received aid from several Western countries and several Muslim countries, fought against the Soviet Army and allied Afghan forces. Therefore, this became, to a large extent, a “proxy war,” of America v’s the Soviet Union. It was a long, bloody and drawn-out battle...

06.11.2015 14:14:00

The "Brain Drain" in Ukraine, which no one is Talking About

... within say the next five to ten years. And, when it does eventually hit - it is going to hit those buffers very hard, indeed. As an English language teacher, who offers on-line ESL lessons and assists with people wishing to enter into the UK's higher educational establishments, I have noticed an up-tick in prospective new clients, who are coming to me from Ukraine - from both sides of the East/West Ukrainian divide. They are coming to me, moreover, with the express purpose of taking the Cambridge ...

23.10.2015 14:06:00

Global Education Magazine: International Youth Day

Download here Global Education Magazine: International Youth Day “A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present?” Confucius . Sustainable Development Goals for 2030: The Land Beyond Borders for our Planetary ...

11.08.2015 14:24:00

Global Education Magazine: World Water Day

... Tercer Mundo,Olenka Ochoa Berreteaga How to Eliminate the War in our Planet, Fernando Alcoforado Protection Challenges Facing Rwandan Refugees in South Africa, Callixte Kavuro A Volunteer Experience in Ghana, Alex Medlicott - 2nd) Global Citizenship Education Section: A Brazilian View on Global Citizenship Education, Madza Ednir Human Consciousness & Values for Solving Global Problems, Surendra Pathak Educación para una Ciudadanía Global: Gloables Lernen, Enrique Zaragoza Mulas . 3rd) ...

22.03.2015 16:52:00

Global Education Magazine: International Day of Peace

... publication - Free publishing . Astrobiological Foundations of Humanity: The Origin of the Cosmodern Consciousness Los Fundamentos Astrobiológicos de la Humanidad: el Origen de la Consciencia Cosmoderna Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Global Education Magazine . ESPECIAL:A Reflection on War and Peace for International Peace Day, Greg Simons . De nuevo, la seguridad y no la paz,Federico Mayor Zaragoza . Interview with Dr. Katherine Müller-Marin, Representative of UNESCO to VietNam . Interview ...

06.10.2014 18:57:00

Business and Education ~ Malaysia-Russia and Russia-Malaysia

What is Pedagogy? It is the science and art of education. Its aims range from the full development of the human being to skills acquisition. How can Business promote holistic Pedagogy which in the long-term helps Economic Development? I feel that experiential learning or empirical learning is a crucial ...

27.05.2014 18:13:00

Global Education Magazine: Human Rights Day

... of the dichotomies of war and peace, violence and non-violence, racism and human dignity, oppression and repression and liberty and human rights, poverty and freedom from want. Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Address (10 December 1993) AMANDLA! Global Education Magazine is based on a new awareness focused on ethics, solidarity and cooperation as essential values for the common future of humanity. A humanity which has a complex pluriculturalism, which is inherited from the same genetic code: cosmic-biological ...

10.12.2013 21:46:00

Interview with “Mama” Hawa Aden Mohamed, 2012 Nansen Refugee Award

Interview with “Mama” Hawa Aden Mohamed, 2012 Nansen Refugee Award_Global Education Magazine from Global Education Magazine on Vimeo. Published in: http://www.globaleducationmagazine.com/interview-mama-hawa-aden-mohamed-2012-nansen-refugee-award/ Javier Collado interviews Hawa Aden Mohamed with special occasion of World Refugee ...

16.10.2013 08:05:00

The Planetary Cybernetic Intelligence: A Transhumanist and Transcultural Democratic Territory

...! The word democracy comes from Greek “demos”, it means people and those who hold sovereign power. Thus, democracy is closely interrelated to metacognition of feelings and fundamental principles of others. For this reason, current global educational policies must support the civic imperative to educate in neurobiology of love and solidarity: through an isomorphic ontology which recognizes the 60,000 daily deaths due to hunger and homelessness as our own ndugu (“brothers” in ...

16.10.2013 07:19:00

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