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Annergret Kramp-Karrenbauer and her revolutionary foreign policy objectives for Germany

The end of Second World War followed by the collapse of Nazi Germany, US and its allies began to neutralize fascist elements and pressed on denazification (entzaifizieren) of the German society [to be honest the US and its allies have not done their home work properly to denazify the German society if they really denazified the society, we wouldn’t have had robust fascist elements, right extremists, AFD… in the German society today], the country hasn’t had a preponderate and independent foreign policy...

Sohail Ajmal
04.12.2019 12:06:36

30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall-Time for a New East Policy?

On November 9th was the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Time to reflect on the development of the last 30 years and why we are on the verge of a new Cold War today. Perhaps Gorbachev made the mistake of not securing his own design for a New Europe at the time. The United States and the United Kingdom got Germany´s NATO membership, France the euro, Gorbachev $ 13 billion for the withdrawal of troops and $ 1.5 billion food aid as the supply situation of the Soviet Union worsened and...

Ostner Ralf
22.11.2019 17:31:27

Lecture on Reality - 50 Books, 2000 Books, SPY IMPROV

Part I: Top 50 books (cosmic mind-altering books) Part II: The other 2,000 books in 26 clusters (a national conversation) Part III: SPY IMPROV – Questions & Answers To view in full screen click on "Vimeo" word in lower left of the screen below. Robert David Steele - Full Transitions Talk from John Petersen on Vimeo. Online Graphics and Text for the Above Lecture Robert David Steele

Steele Robert David
14.11.2019 21:59:00

How to effectively promote Russian interests in the United States?

... start making its way into the heart of America’s political discourse. In the United States, politics is both sport and entertainment. It’s for that reason, all across the United States, there are political forums and conferences that attract thousands of people year in and year out. Among such people are America’s foremost policymakers, thought leaders, and average Joes who follow politics like they follow their favorite football team. These people are politically-engaged and the most open ...

Кэйвуд Хантер
11.11.2019 18:31:09

War with China: TX Hammes, CSBA, RAND and CSIS–Thinking through the Unthinkable and rethinking Armaggedon

... Controll (OC) strategy which propagates a maritime blockade of China comparable to the US blockade of Imperial Japan in the Second World War. Both concepts and strategies claim that such a sinoamerican war wouldn´t escalate to a nuclear war and that the USA could win such a war.Source: omments.ua In an interview TX Hammes explained Global Review the strategy of Offshore Controll: Global Review : Could you give the German audience a description what OC is? And what are the differences to ASB/JOAC? TX ...

Ostner Ralf
05.11.2019 15:25:18

Disinformation 2020 – US elections, AI, deepfakes, manipulation

An Oxford study of the 2018 US elections showed most of social media fake news and election interference came from domestic US sources. Regardless, as 2020 US election frenzy begins, prepare for an ever louder cacophony of howls on Russian meddling.Source: life.shared.com Almost everything we experience, beyond what we directly encounter in our immediate surroundings, is a narrative – we have to rely on someone else to provide inputs and updates. And that opens the door to manipulation and disinformation...

Murlidhar Neel
25.10.2019 11:06:48

Karaganov and Russia´s new mission as supplier of international security

... it can manage Ukraine, Syria or Venezuela, support General Haftar,but more of this would erode its weak economic base. Therefore Karaganov´s main idea is mutual international nuclear deterenece and the balance of the relations between Russia , the USA and China in a way that a war should not be possible. That´s the most concrete idea he has and he also says that China is not and won´t become an ally and the USA is the strategic competitor. I think this multilateral deterrence is important as ...

Ostner Ralf
25.10.2019 10:28:56

Syria after the Turkish invasion

Interesting how Western media and politicians react to Trump’s decision in northern Syria. In addition to concerns that ISIS might regain strength, a new civil war, waves of refugees, and humanitarian disaster, one main criticism was that it would destroy the reliability and credibility of the US and if Trump made similar fickle decisions in the Baltics, Eastern Europe or Taiwan it could be misinterpreted as an invitation by Putin and Xi and could lead to threatening situations even between the major...

Ostner Ralf
18.10.2019 16:32:54

Russia in a Eurasian Triple Entente, with excerpts from Vadim Tsymbursky and Halford Mackinder

... end of the Great Patriotic War, an inept President Truman, with no knowledge of foreign affairs, conceded all foreign policy to his political mentor James Byrnes – who promptly set in motion his own agenda and steered the US into an anti-communist crusade against the USSR – laying the basis for a protracted, expensive and miserable cold war, all within the short two years while Byrnes was in charge, before he and Truman had a falling apart. While needing to tread very carefully because of this ...

Murlidhar Neel
02.10.2019 14:11:03

Bridges to India

... It is said the Bulganin tree started growing at a slant right away and toppled over a few years later (to be replanted discreetly in a less prominent space). Apparently, a few years after that, the Khrushchev tree also toppled over. Source: liders.rusarchives.ru (http://liders.rusarchives.ru/) It was as though the two countries had become so close by the 1970s, that even the trees in Bangalore knew about the inner workings of the Sovet Ministrov! But from this peak, there has been a steady and gradual ...

Murlidhar Neel
16.09.2019 13:14:19

Russian re-industrialization dangers – lessons from Japan and USA

Russia’s greatness is in the resilience, endurance and inner strength of her people. They have recovered from many devastating tragedies that have befallen the country, from the Mongol scourge to civil war, and from the fascist invasion of the mid-20th century to the tragic decade that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because of that terrible decade, Russia finds itself once again having to regroup and rebuild, to get back to the position of technological superiority that had reached its...

Murlidhar Neel
11.09.2019 16:51:29

“We win, they lose” – Wonderful world of Binary categorisations

Is the new Containment and its Cold War on our doorstep? Who does it need now and why? To answer that question is to grasp how the previous one ceased. The end of the Cold War came abruptly, overnight.  Many in the West dreamt about it, but nobody really saw it coming. The Warsaw Pact, Red Army in DDR, Berlin Wall, DDR itself, Soviet Union – one after the other, vanished rapidly, unexpectedly. To the outside world, there was no ceasefire, no peace conference, no formal treaty and guaranties, no expression...

Bajrektarevic Anis H.
11.09.2019 12:00:53

From Arctic to Arabian Sea & West by Southwest: A Concept for Uniting China, India, Iran, & Russia with Open Source Innovation

... from predatory Western economic incursion that ignores the true cost of the Western approaches to business. While free energy may be disclosed and popularized soon, the time for a treaty with Canada, Denmark, and Alaska – which may one day leave the USA to become its own Republic – is now. Greenland is not for sale, but Greenland could be the perfect base for a post-Western economic model to gestate, one based on my concept of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). The Nunavut, Northwest Territories,...

Steele Robert David
11.09.2019 00:34:45

25 Life-Changing Transformative Books Out of 2000+ Books Reviewed or Noted

... VICE–Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency (https://phibetaiota.net/2007/01/vice-dick-cheney-and-the-hijacking-of-the-american-presidency-7/) Bottom line: Dick Cheney, not the amiable dolt we elected President, was the real ruler over the USA, committing no fewer than twenty-three documented impeachable acts led by the enabling of the Zionist false flag attack known as 9/11, and taking us  to war with Iraq and Afghanistan on the basis of 935 lies.   https://i1.wp.com/phibetaiota.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Cover-project-human-extinction....

Steele Robert David
09.09.2019 15:38:46

An important Russo-American asymmetry

There are many differences between Russia and the US. Some dissimilarities are obvious, while others are more hidden. One such difference is in foreign policy establishments. Relations between nations have enormous ramifications for millions, if not billions of people. Managing these relations has to be among the most important tasks given to the very best intellects that a nation can produce. In this regard, the Russian Federation faces an unusual asymmetry in its dealings with the US. American...

Murlidhar Neel
03.09.2019 10:53:20

Neo-Kennan Paranoia and the Hope for Russia’s Downfall

For more than two decades I have written about missed opportunities and egregious missteps on the part of America (sometimes accidental, sometimes seemingly deliberate) when it comes to establishing a new relationship dynamic with Russia that could be positive strategic if not necessarily truly friendly. For about that same amount of time I have traveled all across my native country of America, openly inviting and challenging any and all comers to respectfully but critically debate the issues and...

Crosston Matthew
06.08.2019 11:17:42

Robert Steele: Full Disclosure: Extraterrestials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State?

... continuing to poison us all, but on balance, we are at the beginning of 1,000 years of peace and prosperity and the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly are going to be put down. The bottom line is that no one – not Israel, or Saudi Arabia or the USA or Iran or Russia – no one – can start a nuclear war. Q. It is very difficult for most people to grasp the concept of stellar civilizations being present on Earth, and governments interacting with them secretly. Is there a “bridge concept” ...

Steele Robert David
20.07.2019 01:06:28

U.S Democratic Presidential Debates: What did the Candidates say about Foreign Policy and Russia?

On June 26th and 27th of 2019, 20 presidential hopefuls of the Democratic party, in two groups of 10, debated each other on a variety of issues impacting the United States of America, from climate change to immigration to health care. Unsurprisingly, foreign policy was also mentioned in parts of the debate, as the new president would serve as commander-in-chief of the United States military. While it is still uncertain which party, let alone candidate, will win the presidency in 2020, Russia remains...

Kim Sean
10.07.2019 15:04:20

Review: A Politics of Love by Marianne Williamson with Additional Links

... this emergency and created the Joint Labor-Defense solution, “Building a Post Cold War Workforce for the 21st Century: Our Manpower Peace Deficit”. See also ON THE RECORD: Our Jobs Proposal, Centered on Veterans.  We have two emergencies in the USA, the first centers on the need for holistic fulsome education of children who also have solid family networks, and the second centers on veterans who do not want to be thanked for their service to predatory empire, they want meaningful jobs and an ...

Steele Robert David
03.07.2019 18:08:07


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