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China in a Dilemma over its Support to Russia?

... set to spurn Russia after its military operation in Ukraine, and unwilling to face consequent sanctions, new sales opportunities could arise for Beijing. China is currently the world’s fourth-largest military equipment exporter in the world behind USA, Russia and France. Russian defence industry’s growing plight may open door to some countries changing allegiance from Russia to China when they next go about buying military equipment. Prominent Russian Sinologist Alexey Maslov recently stated ...

Fabbri Valerio
29.04.2022 16:02:47

Is Imran Khan Anti-American Or Pro-Pakistani?

... patriotic and religious views is to reform this relationship. To that end, there was no way that former Prime Minister Khan would voluntarily subserviate Pakistan to American demands if it had the chance of pursuing credible alternatives. Regarding his refusal to host U.S. bases in the scenario that such was ever requested, he explained his decision in an op-ed for the Washington Post that was published in late September by describing the counterproductive consequences of his country supporting its ally’s ...

Korybko Andrew
22.04.2022 18:34:19

Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... highlighting joint patrols since the ceasefire agreement, Russia openly accused Turkey of violating the agreements made in Syria when Turkey launched another offensive against Syrian government forces in 2020. At the same time, Turkey makes these same accusations about Russian-backed forces. Thus, the significance of the accommodation reached can be overstated if one does not consider that there are inherent limits to cooperation in this situation, where the states support opposite sides of a conflict....

Breeding Nathan
20.04.2022 13:02:51

Does U.S. Developmental Aid to Nepal Come with Political Strings?

... information warfare narrative alleging otherwise found popular resonance among some in the U.S.-led West. Though the MCC predates President Xi’s visit by two years, it became increasingly contentious after former US President Donald Trump’s public crusade against China that was continued by his successor Joe Biden. Regional trust in the US is very low right now after America abandoned its Afghan allies during its chaotic evacuation from the country last August. The U.S. fake news-driven information ...

Korybko Andrew
14.03.2022 16:34:38

The Continuing Obsession with Russia

... behaviour, both individual and corporate. We shall use history as our template.Source: russia-insider.com NATO Following West Germany’s entry into NATO in 1955, after France’s rejection of the European Defence Community treaty, and NATO’s refusal to countenance the USSR’s membership, Moscow felt constrained to establish the Warsaw Pact, feeling betrayed by the idea of West German rearmament and the latter’s concomitant connexion to the American military-congressional-industrial complex....

Маллинсон Уильям
11.02.2022 14:33:26

Conclusion from round of discussions between Russia and the West: To Prevent War, A New Strategic Architecture is Required

A week of summits scheduled to resolve the deepening tensions over Ukraine between Russia and the United States and NATO did not succeed, based on the initial press briefings and read-outs produced by the participants.  The talks came after two video calls between Presidents Biden and Putin, and were centered on U.S. charges of an impending invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, and the Russian's insistence on receiving written, legally-binding treaties from the U.S. and NATO, agreeing to no further...

Schlanger Harley
19.01.2022 18:12:00

Great powers rivalry in Central Asia: new strategy, old game. Did the Kazakhstan crisis change the regional chessboard?

... tenure, the first diplomatic, political, and economic ties were established. But after almost 30 years, the United States is perceived as a distant power (in international terms), even if it has invested billions, for example, only in the education of thousands of students in the region. As a result, for both Russia and the United States, Central Asia is a sphere of strategic influence from a commercial, economic and political point of view. In this competition both states have common interests such as ...

Adrian Pogacian
18.01.2022 14:36:53

What’s Expected from This Year’s Russia-India Summit?

This year’s annual Russia-India Summit is scheduled for 6 December, during which President Putin, Defense Minister Shoigu and Foreign Minister Lavrov will all travel to the South Asian nation to participate in this major event. The latter two officials will hold the inaugural 2+2 talks with their counterparts that were announced earlier this year. The end result is expected to be that the special and privileged Russian-Indian Strategic Partnership will strengthen and evolve with time. This outcome...

Korybko Andrew
29.11.2021 21:10:51

Greece’s American Naïveté: Beware Americans Bearing Gifts

Early last year, I concluded an article entitled ‘Greece and Russia: back to the ‘Truman Doctrine?’, with the words: ‘Then becomes now, albeit with different colors. Just as with Britain during her heyday, Greece’s relations with Russia today are predicated on the US’s keeping Russia at bay in the Eastern Mediterranean, and therefore from having positive and close relations with Greece, Russia’s natural ally in the Nineteenth Century. It would take a Greek statesman of the calibre of Kapodistrias...

Mallinson William
23.11.2021 23:32:15

Will the U.S. Seize the Moment to Stop the Space Race?

Observers are increasingly concerned that the ongoing space race poses a serious threat to global stability. The U.S., China and Russia are the primary participants in this competition. Unlike during the old Cold War, the new Cold War hasn’t just seen space exploration as the focus, but also the militarization of space. This is occurring through a combination of reportedly deploying (or planning to do so) military forces to that domain and bolstering capabilities to neutralize a competitor’s assets...

Korybko Andrew
17.11.2021 14:02:42

Will the U.S. Sanction India for S-400s or Grant it Waiver?

The clock is ticking to find out whether the U.S. will sanction India upon receiving Russia’s S-400s sometime in November as planned—like it threatened to do per the “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” (CAATSA)—or if it will grant its new military and strategic partner a waiver like two senators have just requested. The Republican John Cornyn and the Democrat Mark Warner wrote a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden asking him to do so on pragmatic national security grounds, warning...

Korybko Andrew
29.10.2021 16:47:41

The U.S. Wants To Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia

It was earlier feared that the American hybrid war on Ethiopia aims to turn the country into Yugoslavia, which implies its full dissolution along regional lines. Arminka Helić, member of the British House of Lords and served as special adviser to Foreign Secretary William Hague from 2010 to 2014, deceitfully claimed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed risked advancing this scenario through the Ethiopian National Defense Forces’ (ENDF) ongoing anti-terrorist operation in the northern Tigray Region in an...

Korybko Andrew
18.10.2021 19:21:46

Analyzing The American Hybrid War on Ethiopia

... significant. The leader in the Horn of Africa is a very diverse country, whose many people could be pitted against one another through information warfare to provoke another round of civil war that would help the TPLF’s U.S.-backed anti-government crusade. That worst-case scenario has not materialized, though, due to the majority of the population’s commitment to national unity even among some of those who might have misgivings about the present government. This year’s elections saw the Prosperity ...

Korybko Andrew
11.10.2021 18:32:56

The Complex World Order

... between France, the UK, the U.S. and Australia is a demonstration that the world order has changed profoundly again. Brexit. The rise of China. India rising, now surpassing the UK. The fall of Kabul. The large CPTPP trading area created even after the USA quit. Immense, perhaps soon superior, technological capabilities outside the Western world. The establishment of the world’s biggest trading area, the RCEP, with China and ASEAN without either Europe or North America. Iran and Afghanistan moving ...

Риис Карстен
05.10.2021 18:16:18

Comparing The Contours of Russia’s Ummah Pivot in Syria & Afghanistan

The Ummah Pivot Russia’s 21st-century grand strategy can be described as its leadership’s aspiration to make their country the supreme balancing force in Eurasia. To this end, it aims to have equally excellent relations with all the supercontinent’s many parties through a creative combination of outreaches, with a priority focus being on expanding ties with non-traditional partners. Russia cannot become disproportionately dependent on the East (China) or West (EU), hence why it’s recently taken to...

Korybko Andrew
27.09.2021 18:29:24

Post COVID-19 Strategic South Asia

COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on the entire spectrum of life. India and Pakistan are both affected by the coronavirus but will recover eventually. When the pandemic subdues, the strategic issues of contention between India and Pakistan are unlikely to be altered. The contemporary strategic environment in South Asia will not inspire state(s) to change their classical behavior, marked by ideological differences and assorted mutual conflicts. Five major factors shape this environment...

Hassan Imran
15.09.2021 17:05:25

What’s on the Agenda for Prime Minister Modi’s Trip to America?

Indian Prime Minister Modi will soon be traveling to the United States where he’ll meet with U.S. President Joe Biden as well as his fellow Quad leaders from Australia and Japan during their first-ever in-person summit. He will then address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). His trip takes place against the background of the ever more intensifying New Cold War between China and the U.S., the continued COVID-19 pandemic and the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan following the terrorist-designated...

Korybko Andrew
15.09.2021 13:05:37

The Abraham Accord, Iran, and The Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf

The volatile geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa and its unstable balance of power in the aftermath of the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world and the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal have correspondingly influenced the political relations between Israel and the Arab states around the Persian Gulf to become strategically stronger and diplomatically denser. Serving a political agenda, the Abraham Accords were signed to contain Iran’s influence in the region by introducing Israeli counter influences...

Акбари Араш
06.09.2021 19:11:59

What G7 Demands of the Taliban is Unrealistic

The Taliban have declared a general amnesty and announced that no one will be arrested or punished. They have announced to be protecting everyone, including all Afghan nationals, irrespective of their affiliation, race, ethnicity, faction, religion, ideology, etc. Similarly, they have guaranteed the safety of all embassies, UN missions, diplomats, media correspondents, tourists, businessmen, and all foreign nationals.Source: Reuters The Taliban have not only announced this policy but demonstrated...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
06.09.2021 12:02:39

Will US withdraw from Syria as it did from Afghan base?

After the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, Arab countries are wondering whether Syria – which has hundreds of American soldiers – will be the next country to witness a U.S. withdrawal. This was already stated in an analytical article in Foreign Policy magazine.Source: Reuters The piece says that given current U.S. President Joe Biden’s policy toward Afghanistan, which is based on a declaration similar to one by former U.S. President Donald Trump, Arab leaders are likely to prepare for Washington’s...

Джасем Басель Хадж
30.08.2021 17:42:42


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