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Friends in Need: Whither the Russia-India Strategic Partnership?

This paper explores the latest developments in key spheres of the Russia-India relationship in order to identify the state of bilateral ties at a time when South Asia has turned into an area of geopolitical contest of both global and regional powers.Source: Kremlin.ru While preserving some elements of “old friendship”, current Russia-India cooperation lacks any significant engagement in trade and economy, scientific and cultural exchanges, while their political outlook toward the regional processes...

22.10.2019 13:25:56

Can Trump Playbook Help Bolsonaro Make Brazil Great?

... the Esplanade (the power center in Brazil, like "the Kremlin";) gossip columnists that Brazil is considering moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (like neighbor Paraguay has done) and that Brazil will let its participation in the BRICS fade away without formally announcing a withdrawl from the group, which, after all, was created by a senior official of Goldman-Sachs, who are major players in the buying and selling of U.S. Treasury securities.UPDATE 10 Oct  Brazil media is reporting that ...

Эрманн Эрик
07.09.2018 01:45:40

JULY 2018: That Was

It has been a hectic summer with the month of July full of events keeping reporters busy in covering the FIFA extravaganza in Russia, first-ever full scale Helsinki summit between the US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, BRICS summit in Johannesburg in South Africa and scores of political developments in major capitals, which directly or indirectly, had to some degree an impact on India and its public opinion about Russia. Source Now the rush of events is over and it ...

Шукла Винай
31.07.2018 09:58:40

Amidst Global Uncertainty Over Trade, An Opportunity for BRICS

From 25-27 July, the heads of state of Russia, Brazil, China, South Africa, and India will gather in Johannesburg, South Africa for the 2018 edition of the annual BRICS Conference to discuss cooperation in the areas of economics, security, and politics. As Vladimir Putin, Michel Temer, Narendra Modi, Xi Jingping, and Cyril Ramaphosa sit down together to discuss this year’s agenda, there is likely to be one major ...

Berger Anna
25.07.2018 14:49:56

Did Wikileaks Sound the Death Knell of Western Tech Dominance?

Exactly three years after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 on March 7 2014 (17:19 UTC time), the international whistleblowing site Wikileaks dropped a bombshell on how the US Central Intelligence Agency could weaponize just about every “smart device” on the planet. According to WikiLeaks: “‘Year Zero’” introduces the scope and direction of the CIA’s global covert hacking program, its malware arsenal and dozens of ‘zero day’...

Maavak Mathew
12.04.2017 13:37:40

Bilateral deals could trump BRICS game

... financial institutions so that they fully respect the institution of social inclusion as an entitlement as it was proffered by the UN Development Program and certain NGOs. Beijing in 2010 plays "the China card"... South Africa joins "BRICS" Historically underreported by western media, open sources indicate that China has been a longtime behind the scenes power player in the South African economy, which is considered by most experts and pundits as the "most developed" ...

Эрманн Эрик
04.12.2016 06:46:00

Regime change diplomacy. Washington and Russian “adventurism” in Brazil

Having never officially observed an election in Brazil former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and the organization he founded to promote ethical democracy have given unequivocal support to president (sic) Michel Temer and his team in their efforts to safeguard Brazil's democratic values. The endorsement, signed by Carter, congratulated prominent electoral law specialist Torquato Jardim on his appointment as Temer's new Transparency Minister. It went on the official government website...

Эрманн Эрик
20.06.2016 09:29:00

Overseas views on NPC & CPPCC: China can be a stabilizer of Asia-Pacific region

Panview: Geo-politics in the Asia-Pacific region continues to face turbulent times. What are your thoughts about the current state of this region? Maavak: Actually, they are not as "turbulent" as the Western media makes them out to be. Verbal spats – common to the Asia Pacific – are not the same as the pandemonium currently afflicting the West, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Is there a single ongoing war in the Asia Pacific? Siblings...

Maavak Mathew
12.03.2016 02:29:00

Overseas views on China's Silk Road future: How Malaysia scholar sees the Belt & Road initiative?

The National People's Congress (NPC), China's top parliamentary body, and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's top advisory body, are scheduled to convene its annual sessions, known as the "two sessions" on March 3-15 2016, which marks a pivotal year as the nation continues on to embark with its reforms and opening up policy, shifting towards a "New Normal" for economic growth rates, starting its 13th Five-Year Plan for social and economic development...

Maavak Mathew
06.03.2016 05:41:00

BRICS and DEVELOPING NATIONS – I hope we won’t be Subjugated ANYMORE

... challenges of multinationals – even in courts of other countries, namely the USA. So here we have it again – colonialism? NO it is Neo-colonialism at its finest – the NEW WORLD ORDER! However we have hope – the development of the BRICS coalition and partnership building with developing nations – the introduction of the BRICS Development Bank and the PRC’s AIIB. We are now able to fight back economically, politically and socially. We don’t have to accept the IMF,...

Arokiasamy Eugene F.R.
09.12.2015 23:11:00

Is Greater Eurasia a Self-Sustaining Geoeconomic Ecosystem?

By Mathew Maavak Mathew Maavak is a doctoral researcher in Security Foresight at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Time to reorient our worldview? “Global interconnectedness” and “global governance” are the unchallenged dictums of the day. But is this Eurocentric axiom relevant anymore? This may sound rather disconcerting but the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) or Greater Eurasia – facilitated by Russian geopolitics and Chinese Silk Road initiatives –may...

Maavak Mathew
24.11.2015 16:34:00

TPP VS Belt and Road (B&R): Who really benefits?

The tapestry of ancient Silk Routes The ancient maritime and overland Silk Routes have been revived. Its modern incarnation, driven by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (B&R), stands on the verge of connecting the Eurasian landmass, East Africa and Western Europe into a single trading matrix. Many Asian communities were defined by the ancient Silk routes. The Knanayas of the Malabar Coast, for example, were notable players in the western segment of the Maritime Silk Route. The symbol of...

Maavak Mathew
24.10.2015 17:56:00

Credit Agencies And Objectivity (Or The Lack Thereof)

... ratings organisations from five countries (CPR of Portugal, CARE Rating of India, GCR of South Africa, MARC of Malaysia, and SR Rating of Brazil) merged to launch ARC Ratings, a new global agency that was supposed to become an alternative. Naturally the BRICS nations have also brought up the question of creating a joint venture that will serve as an alternative source of credit ratings. The head of VTB, one of Russia’s leading banks, Andrey Kostin spoke to the Russia News Agency TASS about the ...

Chkoniya Anna-Maria
30.07.2015 21:47:00

A Lesson In Business Mobility For The BRICS - How To Fast Track Bureaucracy

... not only negotiate final agreements and close deals, but to meet new clients, successfully establish and maintain long-term relationships and efficiently transfer technology, leading to greater innovation. Increasing the business mobility within the BRICS is one of the main priorities of the recently founded BRICS Business Council, as stated by Onkar S Kanwar, Chairman, BRICS Business Council, in a recent interview by the Russia&India Report. To "have a special arrangement for grant of long ...

Chkoniya Anna-Maria
21.07.2015 15:12:00

Looking Back On Ufa

With the 7th annual BRICS summit more than a week behind us and yet another declaration signed by the heads of state, it would be only fitting to take a look back at the results of the summit and make predictions on its possible impact on the ever-changing geopolitical landscape....

Chkoniya Anna-Maria
20.07.2015 11:22:00

To “Be a Recognized, Institutionalized and Comprehensive Segment” of a new world order or not to “BRICS”?

A long-awaited event – the 7th annual BRICS Summit held in Ufa – made profound experts elaborate the question of further prospects for the group’s development. Should it be a partnership without any supra-secretariat or an organization with formalized mechanisms of cooperation ...

Дрожащих Евгения
20.07.2015 10:53:00

BRICS And Its Recently Acquired Youth Factor

History was made last week when the first ever BRICS Youth Summit took place in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The event became the gathering place of over 200 young representatives from all five BRICS nations united by the common dream of creating a multipolar world. Throughout ...

Chkoniya Anna-Maria
15.07.2015 09:05:00

BRICS and food security

Good idea, bad timing? It's not clear whether the world's worst drought in over a century provided impetus for the agriculture ministers of the BRICS nations to gather in Brasilia in March and launch a manifesto designed to make the group a key player in the global food security regime. But they did. Now the world is waiting. From a moral and business ethics perspective the effort makes sense ...

Эрманн Эрик
08.05.2015 02:57:00

Iron ore and steel. Strategic, volatile and primed for conflict

Smarter “Smokestack Industries” are essential to the future. Considered to be developing economies in the “global governance” set-up, Russia and the BRICS know that traditional mainstream media and online propaganda vehicles driven by the “PR is the new journalism” mindset dismiss the reality that iron ore and steel are essential to the future. This means the assignment of a low importance ...

Эрманн Эрик
02.03.2015 17:45:00


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