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The Referendums for Reunification with Russia the geopolitical stakes of a democratic choice

The referendums organised at the request of the two people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (independent since 2014 and recognised by Russia on 21 February 2022) but also in the territories of Zaporizhia and Kherson, have a historical and geopolitical significance on several levels, as it is not only a question of the process of Russian reunification but also of the consolidation of ...

24.03.2023 14:58:32

Europe “The starry heavens above me…”* A plea for awareness and peace

... mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” “Nimmersatt, where the end of the German Empire once lay” In the neighborhood with Russia Who is actually aware today where the border of the former German Empire was once located? Or how far to the northeast the village of Nimmersatt and the nearby coaching inn Immersatt actually lay? Nimmersatt was located at the northern tip of East ...

26.01.2023 17:44:48

Andrew Korybko To Anita Inder Singh: Your Perception of The Ukrainian Conflict Is Flawed

The Wire published a piece by Anita Inder Singh, a Founding Professor of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution in New Delhi, declaring that “India Is Wrong: Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine Has Global, Not Just European Ramifications”. With the fullest of respect for this esteemed expert’s right to express her views about the Ukrainian Conflict, she arguably has a flawed perception about it. My detailed ...

16.01.2023 17:45:10

Ukraine can be the next Denmark: Zelensky Peace Formula and new territorial realities

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky proposed a Peace Formula in 10 points to end the conflict. It was rejected by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, but Russian President Vladimir Putin was more evasive, requiring Kiev to “take into account the new territorial realities”. Source: Reuters Presidents Zelensky and Putin remained voluntarily vague, in order ...

09.01.2023 16:50:24

Five Nations Bicker over Whether the Caspian is Lake or Sea

Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and Turkmenistan met recently to sign the convention on the legal status of the resource-rich Caspian Sea, a document more than two decades in the making. Meeting in the Kazakh coastal town of Aktau in mid-August, the leaders of the ...

19.09.2018 11:31:57

The Tussle Over Syria

Putin’s Syrian intervention was limited to areas around the port of Tartus and the Latakia air base, both heavily upgraded by Russia. His aim was not a full occupation, but a gradual expansion of a strategic corridor from Damascus to Aleppo. He did not fear US repercussions. Obama’s 2013 red line back-step had convinced him the president would be passive in the face of aggression....

07.12.2017 18:17:04

“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un

... Korea. 1. That the president’s coercive diplomacy against North Korea worked temporarily. Since Sept. 15 there has been no launching of North Korean missiles. But we also warned that our foreign foes, particularly the North Koreans, but also the Russians, view our president as in a weakened position. Thus Lincoln’s warning is apropos: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves from within.” So first the ...

29.11.2017 16:38:36

Are Americans Destroying Themselves from Within, as Lincoln Feared?

... website jvlv.net.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves,” wrote Abraham Lincoln. Americans must keep his wisdom in mind. The wheels of two Russiagates – Trump’s and now Hillary’s – are deepening domestic conflicts, and calls for Trump’s impeachment grow. Where is the US headed? Flickr / Elvert Barnes Trump and Putin’s Joint Statement on Syria Among the accomplishments of Donald ...

29.11.2017 16:22:01

El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

UPDATE 27 Jan 2019  Leading print and online journal has st juprovided the general public with a list of the politicians involved in the what is probably the biggest bribery and corruption scandal to hit the Andean nation since the days of security czar Vladimiro Ilich Lenin Montesinos, who some say is still a behind the scenes player. Like the burgeoning Odebrecht scandal in Colombia that continues wreaking havoc with the peace process and governance, little to none of the news surrounding Brazil's...

22.11.2017 01:42:24

Pakistan’s SCO membership: success with liabilities

... would improve bilateral relations after becoming the full members of SCO. “We hope that Pakistan and India will inject new impetus to the development of SCO.”Pakistan must share its counter-terrorism experience with SCO member-states, especially Russia and the Central Asian states, for whom ‘terrorism, extremism and separatism’ have become an imminent threat. Such sharing on part of Pakistan may boost its position in SCO. Undoubtedly, sharing of this experience might be the most refined impetus ...

14.11.2017 08:42:10

The Eurasian Economic Union is already becoming an important pole in Greater Eurasia

... "Greater Eurasia: Challenges and Prospects" was held. The event was organized by the Eurasian Sector, CCEIS, Higher School of Economics. The moderator of the discussion was the head of the sector Yuri Kofner.Representatives from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Thailand and Germany took part in the event (either physically or by video bridge); as well as from such universities as: HSE, MGIMO, Moscow State University, Ludwig-Maximilian University (Munich), KFU and Orenburg ...

22.10.2017 00:23:34

Appeasing Norway

... military bloc. Northern Europe’s status as a harbour of stability has recently begun to unravel partly due to Norway’s new military posture, while NATO’s flirtation with Sweden and Finland threatens to dramatically expand the northern flank against Russia. These issues are interlinked as Russia’s efforts to convince its Scandinavian neighbours to remain outside the military bloc are undermined by simultaneously appeasing Norway. An increasingly assertive NorwayIn contrast to its image as a benign ...

15.10.2017 01:44:08

Andrey Gubin: Russia and India - common security agenda

... mitigation of conflicts with China and Pakistan in 1962 and 1965 respectively. However, India used to be one of inspirers and advocates of non-alignment movement – the informal third power during the Cold War, thus they not always and obligatory supported Russian political position. Frankly speaking, the Golden Age for bilateral partnership was in 1960-70s when China appeared to be a rival for the USSR because of ideological discrepancy. Even in early 2000s when Moscow simultaneously proclaimed course ...

06.10.2017 03:38:29

The National Identity of Russia in the 21st Century

_ Yuri Kofner, Chairman of the Eurasian Movement of the Russian Federation. Theses of a speech given at a private meeting. Munich, June 24, 2017. 1. Russia has four cultural and historical origins They manifested themselves in the following chronological order: 1. North (Rus') 2. South (Byzantium) 3. East ...

13.09.2017 11:56:59

Indo-U.S. Axis and Major Powers

... national interests, new alliances are emerging and the global order is in a flux. Indian so-called strategic partnership with the U.S is an example in which New Delhi has latched on to Washington’s weakness to contain a rising China and resurgent Russia. In order to gain balance in Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. has formed an axis with India and has sidelined its traditional nuclear non-proliferation goals as a quid pro quo to appease New Delhi. Instead of taking seasoned counsel of the likes of ...

21.08.2017 09:53:10

The Golden Background of Eurasia. The New Cold War and the Third Rome.

... political scientist of Greek origin, may represent a new stage in the study of the Fourth Political Theory.In a book of 114 pages the graduate of Freiburg and Seville universities separates myths from reality regarding the old-new confrontation between Russia and the West. He introduces the German reader to the Eurasian ideology and provides his own unique interpretation on how political theories evolved in both Russia and the West. A special interest (and my personal sympathy) is aroused by his view ...

18.08.2017 10:09:32

Russiagate: Another Watergate?

Executive summary: Just as occurred during the Watergate crisis of 1973-74, America – the world’s indispensable power – is again facing a constitutional crisis, with a paralyzed president writhing beneath the Damoclean sword of Russiagate.  New evidence sheds fresh light on the origins and making of both “gates,” as does a closer exploration of the Nixon-Brezhnev and Trump-Putin bromances. Russian leaders have always closely followed US presidential elections, yet they ...

17.08.2017 14:23:22

After Mosul: Russia & the ‘Kurdish Question’ in Iraq

... further exacerbate tensions between these countries, which have been historically at odds on regional issues. Within this context, Moscow assumes a privileged position due to its relations with not only Erbil and Baghdad but also Tehran and Ankara. For Russia, leading negotiations as a constructive mediator between Iraqi Kurdistan and the central government in Iraq represents the best approach to the issue. Furthermore, resolving Iraq’s ‘Kurdish question’ could shed light on future developments ...

08.08.2017 15:57:07


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