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Secretary of State Pompeo’s Middle-East Tour for Crucial Objectives

... and Sudan) trip in the Middle-East. The tour comes at a very critical moment and carries multiple objectives. On the surface, it is to convince the Arab World to recognize Israel. Another mission is to create alliances and support for the U.S. against Russia and China. The third and maybe more important is that the tour is part of Presidential-Campaign of Donald Trump for re-electing in the November elections. The Zionist struggle of the late 19th century led to the Balfour Declaration in 1917, by ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
04.09.2020 14:00:38

Russia's vaccine can help Latin America, but faces obstacles

... Covid hotspots. In the Arab world, where the Gamaleya-developed "Sputnik V" vaccine is being tested in Saudi Arabia, the english language online version of Cairo-based Al Ahram, has given front page coverage to The Lancet article discussing Russia's new vaccine.For background purposes, look at the numbers. As of 30 August, Bolivia's neighbor Argentina has 401,239 cases and 8,353 deaths. Chile has 408,008 cases and 11,181 deaths, Mexico has 571,712 cases and 63,819 deaths, Colombia has 599,...

Эрманн Эрик
31.08.2020 03:15:35

Will Turkey establish a military base in Azerbaijan?

... Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus. The discussion of the Turkish military presence in Azerbaijan is always linked to the coldness or warmth of relations between Moscow and Ankara, especially when the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict flares up.Source: AA Photo Russia is Turkey's biggest competitor in the region. If we take into account Turkey’s membership in NATO, the establishment of a Turkish military base in Azerbaijan to ensure military and political balance would create a counterweight to the Russian ...

Джасем Басель Хадж
21.08.2020 19:25:41

Would S-400 Deployment in Libya be Acceptable for Russia and US?

... general willingness to discuss solutions by refraining from sharp declarations against each other on the Libyan issue – a tactic they neglected to implement for the Syrian civil war. The good relations between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have played a decisive role in overcoming pitfalls in bilateral issues. This amiable relationship has also benefited both sides when interests cross. Meanwhile, according to reports in the international media, the U....

Джасем Басель Хадж
09.07.2020 23:11:51

Why I as a liberal democrat support EU-Russian cooperation

I grew up in the transatlantic liberal democracy of Germany and know about the other historical paths of German history which wanted to make an alliance with Russia, be it the Black Reichswehr, be it Rapallo, be it the Eurasian axis of Sun Yatsen, be it the Hitler-Stalin Pact and the neutral Germany which was wavering between the blocs and never found its place, wanted to find its „place at the sun“ under ...

Ostner Ralf
07.07.2020 21:47:20

How Russia Saved the United States Twice

... equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, the Declaration set an agenda for all democratic state-building in the world for centuries to come. Both Russian and French constitutions have been defined by this narrative. Inspired by the European enlightenment and its philosophers (Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau) as well as supported by the French expeditionary corps, George Washington’s army stood up for ...

Вирясов Алексей
03.07.2020 19:28:16

Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman Empire in the making-what does the West want?

... to Libya and also seeing his claims to gas deposits in the Mediterranean and the latter as his Mare Nostrum, building a second Bosporus channel, refusing NATO ships to pass through the Bosporus to the Black Sea, procuring S 400 rockets from Russia despite all NATO protests, as well as Russian nuclear power plants and, with Putin, sees itself as a new regulatory force in the MENA region, he is now reaching out to Pakistan and Central Asia.       Source: Staff Sgt. Andrew Goedl/ZUMA/TASSThe ...

Ostner Ralf
15.06.2020 14:07:27

The reason for the queues on the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border and potential solutions

... the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border, i.e. that this is some kind of hidden pressure on any of the EAEU member states. Presumably, the most likely reason is the competition between customs services and transport-logistics companies for goods flows going to the Russian Federation.In 2019, the Russian Federation accounted for 83.7 percent of all extra-EAEU imports. This means that large Russian retail chains and business groups are the final customer of the bulk of foreign products, imported into the EAEU and ...

Кофнер Юрий
11.06.2020 15:43:13

Happy Victory Day! A letter from a Russian to an American

... fellow at the Institute for International Studies at MGIMO University, looks back at the history of the two great powers and attempts to explain why they cannot be friends, but mustn’t be enemies. Dear John, My name is Alexei. I am 32. I am from Russia. I want to tell you a story. On a bright June day in 2014, I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, having breakfast. The Charles River, the dark red-brick New England houses clad with creepers, the reflection of Trinity Church in the glass windows of ...

Токарев Алексей
31.05.2020 16:00:07

Covid-19 Sports Diplomacy. Soft power vs. populism

... athletics—spectator sports—to create the sense of a "new normal." The costs of doing this are likely to be more social, than political. After all, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are well known sports fans. Joe Biden is not. TASS reports that the Russian Premier League football championship will resume play late next month. Germany's vaunted Bundesliga has already started playing in empty stadiums with some modified rules and players and venues under strict medical control. Online advertising ...

Эрманн Эрик
23.05.2020 01:09:05

Nepal-Russia Relations: Strengthening the Cooperation

Author: Rajib Neupane, Research Trainee at AIDIA.The diplomatic relations between Nepal and Russia was established on 20 July 1956. However, the economic and technical cooperation between them started since 1959. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) granted assistance while installing many projects in Nepal. For example, Panauti Hydro-electric ...

20.05.2020 14:18:25

The Dangers Of Parachute Journalism

A little learning is a dang’rous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring. (Pope)Hot on the heels of an article by a Henry Foy, entitled ‘Russia’s death toll likely to be far above official tally’, published in Nikkei Inc.’s The Financial Times (once known for its balance and seriousness) on 13 May, comes another new Cold War ‘report’ – devoid of analysis – in the same newspaper,...

Маллинсон Уильям
20.05.2020 11:04:54

EU-Russian ecological cooperation needed despite and because of the Covid crisis

Authors: Ralf Ostner (Global Review), Frithjof Finkbeiner (Member Club of Rome, Desert Tech, Plant for the Planet)Many thought that due to the Covid crisis ecology and the ecological movement was dead and the idea of an EU-Russian ecological cooperation. Greta is back and still alive despite Covid. However Fridays for Future and the ecological movement is much more than Greta. The Youth had a symbolic poster demonstration in front of the German parliament and Merkel declared ...

Ostner Ralf
18.05.2020 18:06:17

Flynn Revelations Prove Russiagate Was a Regime Change Coup

... Trump was inaugurated.  The planning included instructions to put him at ease, by not advising him he could have an attorney present; by not informing him he was a target of investigation; and by not revealing they had a transcript of his call with Russian Ambassador Kisylak, which they used in shaping the questions designed to catch him in a lie.  The documents also reveal that the initial 302 Report filed after the meeting disappeared, and was replaced by a version doctored by both Strzok and ...

Schlanger Harley
11.05.2020 17:59:43

Putin's Proposal for Constitutional Update

In his State of the Union address on January 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined his proposals for overhauling the Russian constitution. Western media has unanimously reported that Putin’s proposals present an opportunity for Putin to retain his grip on power, but the aim of this article ...

Маслов Олег
30.04.2020 17:37:31

How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

... Revolutionary Guards warn US ships to cross their area and The USA warns Iran and also criticizes the start of an Iranian military satellite. The EU is now starting its more symbolic navy mission Irini for Libya while the proxy war there between France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, the Gulf States, Saudiarabia and Qatar is escalating at the moment. The Islamists are starting attacks and offensives in Libya and Africa despite or because of Covid. There are now enough powers who want to make use of the Covid crisis ...

Ostner Ralf
29.04.2020 11:45:57

Corona between populism, conspiracy and the media

Everyone knew that at the beginning of the epidemic, China tried to keep everything confidential and not tell anyone what was happening. Now, after realizing the actual scale, they changed their behaviour. Today, Russia, America and the rest of the world do not reduce the severity of the virus. Authorities restrict communication between countries and quarantine those who have been in contact with infected people. Companies have reduced or stopped travel, people ...

Джасем Басель Хадж
02.04.2020 16:28:41

Negative effects for Russia of the US-China Phase-One-Deal

... (IfW Kiel), the purchase commitments can result in significant trade diversion effects and market share shifts for China’s trading partners. As a result, Brazil (-19 percent), the EU (-17 percent) – including above all Germany (-7 percent), and Russia (-10 percent) would have to expect the greatest export losses.Accordingly, Russian exports to China could be 10 percent lower by 2021, which is equivalent to a loss of USD 3.1 billion. Russian energy exports hit hardest US presidents have always ...

Кофнер Юрий
19.03.2020 12:59:09

Tensions between Russia and Turkey in Syria; effort for peace or Total War

... attacks targeted more than 30 Turkish troops, two Syrian military aircraft. About 19 Syrian soldiers, some Liwa Zainebiyoun, Fatemiyoun and Hezbollah forces were also killed In the Turkish UAV attacks. In the meantime, the reasons for this tension and Russia-Turkey-Iran competition in Syria should be examined. Although Russia and Turkey negotiated three rounds, they still failed to lead to a Cease Fire in Syria. On the one hand, Bashar al-Assad's government is dissatisfied with Turkey's non-compliance ...

Bijan Aref
17.03.2020 11:43:48


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