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Women and International Relations: Evolution of a Concealed Binomial

... paved the way for the relaunch of the feminist discourse, and this time the central issue was specifically that of suffrage. In 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing all American women the right to vote, passed. It was however Russia the first country to grant, in 1917, the right to vote to women. Equal rights for men and women in all spheres of public life were thus proclaimed. In 1919, Lenin wrote: "In the years of Soviet power, much more has been done in one of the ...

Bonelli Francesca
04.05.2022 18:31:07

China in a Dilemma over its Support to Russia?

Although Beijing has extended firm diplomatic support to Russia during the Ukraine conflict, it appears unwilling to back Moscow in a whole-hearted manner to avert Western sanctions due to the fear of secondary sanctions. In an effort to stem growing suspicions over its ties with the Kremlin, China was sending ...

Fabbri Valerio
29.04.2022 16:02:47

Is Imran Khan Anti-American Or Pro-Pakistani?

... described his removal from office in early April through the opposition’s successful no-confidence motion against him as being a U.S.-orchestrated regime change that was carried out to punish him for his independent foreign policy, especially its Russian dimension, while the new authorities insist that it was a purely constitutional and therefore legal process.Source: Reuters The former premier has since inspired some of the largest rallies in Pakistan’s history as he launched what he’s now ...

Korybko Andrew
22.04.2022 18:34:19

Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

Over the course of the last decade, Turkey has distanced itself from the West, both through its domestic politics and foreign policy. At the same time, however, Turkey has managed to avoid coming into Russia’s orbit, maintaining its essential ties to the West. Under Erdogan, we see an interesting phenomenon where Turkey has managed to strike a balance between East and West, distancing itself enough from both to avoid falling entirely into their orbit....

Breeding Nathan
20.04.2022 13:02:51

Politics at the time of the evaporation of the function of the Name of the Father

..., logic (logos) generates civilization. And logos is the Master Signifier of the Western word.Source: Bénigne Gagneraux, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm Within the internalist framework, I place the cause of the contemporary conflict between the West and Russia. There is a conflict between the liberalist Western world and Putin’s Russia - both are part of the same logic (subordinative logic), of the same civilization, Greek-Jewish-Roman, but they interpret the function of the Name of the Father differently....

Bonelli Francesca
23.03.2022 16:31:18

Imran Becomes ‘Joker’ in Putin’s Operation in Ukraine

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, used Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, as a temporary scapegoat to deflect attention as he was about to launch what the Kremlin calls a “special operation” in Ukraine. The long-planned, two-day visit to Moscow ...

Fabbri Valerio
21.03.2022 19:16:22

Peacekeeping in Nagorno-Karabakh: Perceptions and Impacts on Russia’s Bilateral Relations

The final ceasefire agreement in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war was accompanied by the stipulation that 2,000 Russian peacekeepers would be deployed to the region. The impact of the deployment of the peacekeeping force is international, going beyond a mere enforcement of the ceasefire. The move to deploy peacekeeping forces places Russia in a precarious position,...

Breeding Nathan
15.03.2022 19:33:55

Dragon Out in the Cold: A Creeping Securitization of Sino-Danish Scientific Exchanges

... Affairs (Nor. Utenrikspolitisk Institutt, NUPI) in 2020 in the five Nordic countries, investments from the EU nations are unsurprisingly perceived—in all the countries except for Iceland—with greater enthusiasm than similar economic overtures from Russia and China, although there is a slightly more negative attitude towards Russian investments than towards those from China.Source: Reuters Still, the survey suggests that the disapproval of Chinese investment is particularly high in sectors such ...

Белухин Никита
10.03.2022 13:18:01

Forcing the Correct Choice: Deterring Right-Wing Radicals and Preventing Threats to Nuclear Facilities in Ukraine

According to official statements by the Russian Federation, its army’s special military operation in Ukraine aims to both “demilitarize” and “denazify” the country. This operation is being carried out in a large state with a developed nuclear power industry, fairly powerful army (the ...

Пашенцев Евгений
09.03.2022 13:55:56

The East-Med Pipeline and the European-Turkish Relations

Twenty-five years after the Barcelona Declaration, the Mediterranean regional states have come across several security, economic, and political challenges in which places the stability agenda of this declaration under direct threats. Furthermore, the recent Russian military operation in Ukraine and instabilities risen in the Balkan also poses newly emerging security, resource, and economic threats to all the European and Mediterranean regional states. Given that more than forty six percent of the European ...

Акбари Араш
01.03.2022 14:00:30

The Continuing Obsession with Russia

... ‘struggle for mastery in Europe’, not simply from within, but without, with an increasingly unwieldy EU; and an oft ignored factor, namely atavism and human behaviour, both individual and corporate. We shall use history as our template.Source: russia-insider.com NATO Following West Germany’s entry into NATO in 1955, after France’s rejection of the European Defence Community treaty, and NATO’s refusal to countenance the USSR’s membership, Moscow felt constrained to establish the Warsaw ...

Маллинсон Уильям
11.02.2022 14:33:26

The New Cold War’s Evolving Strategic Dynamics in South Asia

... the top strategic dynamics at play. The most critical challenges affecting peace and stability in South Asia are the spread of the US-Chinese New Cold War’s competitive dynamics to the region, India’s attempt to multi-align between its traditional Russian partner and its new American one, and Afghanistan’s impending humanitarian crisis following the US’ withdrawal from the country a few months ago. China’s CPEC in Pakistan is an apolitical project that inadvertently triggered a security dilemma ...

Korybko Andrew
08.02.2022 15:45:02

The Twists & Turns Of Russian-Indian Ties Over The Past Few Years

... strategies with a view towards eventually assembling a new Non-Aligned Movement (“Neo-NAM”). This came about as a result of two parallel processes: the 18-month-long sequence of complications in Indian-American relations and the gradual improvement of Russian-Indian relations after the past few years of twists and turns. The present piece covers the second-mentioned development, which is integral to understand in order to appreciate the importance of Putin’s trip.Source: Kremlin.ru Russian-Indian ...

Korybko Andrew
01.02.2022 16:23:02

Conclusion from round of discussions between Russia and the West: To Prevent War, A New Strategic Architecture is Required

A week of summits scheduled to resolve the deepening tensions over Ukraine between Russia and the United States and NATO did not succeed, based on the initial press briefings and read-outs produced by the participants.  The talks came after two video calls between Presidents Biden and Putin, and were centered on U.S. charges of an ...

Schlanger Harley
19.01.2022 18:12:00

Great powers rivalry in Central Asia: new strategy, old game. Did the Kazakhstan crisis change the regional chessboard?

... internal progress. (Brandon, 2013)Source: Reuters Rivalry in the international system does not mean a sudden change of the dominant state (hegemon) and does not (always) lead to war. The fact that there were no direct armed conflicts between the USSR / Russia and the US and, more recently, China, indicates that the nations cooperated on time and had common global goals, such as fighting against terrorism, drug trafficking or the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, the bilateral relations between these great ...

Adrian Pogacian
18.01.2022 14:36:53

Undercurrents in Russia-China Bonhomie

The relations between Russia and China find many convergences, yet their bilateral ties are pragmatic rather than ideological.Source: tamilguardian.com In fact, the relations between Moscow and Beijing in the international arena do not appear competitive as such, since both ...

Fabbri Valerio
17.12.2021 18:37:16

What’s Expected from This Year’s Russia-India Summit?

This year’s annual Russia-India Summit is scheduled for 6 December, during which President Putin, Defense Minister Shoigu and Foreign Minister Lavrov will all travel to the South Asian nation to participate in this major event. The latter two officials will hold the inaugural ...

Korybko Andrew
29.11.2021 21:10:51

Greece’s American Naïveté: Beware Americans Bearing Gifts

Early last year, I concluded an article entitled ‘Greece and Russia: back to the ‘Truman Doctrine?’, with the words: ‘Then becomes now, albeit with different colors. Just as with Britain during her heyday, Greece’s relations with Russia today are predicated on the US’s keeping Russia at bay in the Eastern ...

Mallinson William
23.11.2021 23:32:15


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