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Annergret Kramp-Karrenbauer and her revolutionary foreign policy objectives for Germany

... promises to confront former Soviet Union, which was supposed to be the number one geo-political adversary to the NATO. But in our day, the cracks are emerging, while Turkey despite the warnings of the NATO other members, decided to reach a deal with Russia to purchase Russian made S-400 defense system. Furthermore, the country against the will of other NATO members launched offensive in northern Syria. It seems that Turkish president’s cooperation with the NATO’s geo-strategic opponent was more ...

Sohail Ajmal
04.12.2019 12:06:36

30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall-Time for a New East Policy?

... of the Soviet Union worsened and the West feared that Gorbastchov would be overthrown. Perhaps more simply said, than done, in addition, the Soviet Union was in dissolution, so such a contract would then have to be renegotiated under Yeltsin and with Russia and at that time were also the signs of relaxation. Gorbachev has never contracted on provisions for NATO extensions, it was briefly mentioned, but then no longer addressed by the Russian side. Under Yeltsin was then signed the NATO Russia Founding ...

Ostner Ralf
22.11.2019 17:31:27

How to effectively promote Russian interests in the United States?

Since publishing my last column on How a Pro-Russia Lobby in the United States Could Change the Course of History, I’ve received a lot of feedback and enthusiasm about the potential a pro-Russia lobby has to change the course of Russia-U.S. relations. For many, it’s becoming increasingly obvious ...

Кэйвуд Хантер
11.11.2019 18:31:09

UPDATED AS PUBLISHED in Tehran Times: Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Deceive President Trump? Or Is This the Beginning of the End of Israel?

... including the last one provided by the Pakistani military as a gift to help Barack Obama win re-election. We sent men to their death for political theater. I knew immediately that this latest alleged raid was a fake, but chose to start with a headline, “Russia says Baghdadi killing faked by US [& Israel],” credited to Gordon Duff, founding editor of Veterans Today.  Gordon, whom I know personally, has a rich network of contacts on the ground, including Russian military commanders as well as honest ...

Steele Robert David
29.10.2019 16:34:22

Karaganov and Russia´s new mission as supplier of international security

In an interview with the outlet vz.ru, Sergei Karaganov, a former Putin adviser, and dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the Higher Research University, revives a theme from Soviet times that Russia is the bulwark of global peace and the struggle for peace must be the defining idea of Russian foreign policy. When the Soviet Union collapsed, countries that were considered peace-loving went berserk. Russia’s military revival helped restore ...

Ostner Ralf
25.10.2019 10:28:56

Africa and Russia: Russia is important to make Africa The Place to be

Africa moves to a top position on the global Agenda Russia can work with Africa in areas which the EU neglects. Germany in 2017 issued an open document "Africa and Europe - A new partnership for development, peace and a better future". The objective was sympathetic, but Germany's concept had ...

Риис Карстен
24.10.2019 15:56:55

Friends in Need: Whither the Russia-India Strategic Partnership?

This paper explores the latest developments in key spheres of the Russia-India relationship in order to identify the state of bilateral ties at a time when South Asia has turned into an area of geopolitical contest of both global and regional powers.Source: Kremlin.ru While preserving some elements of “old friendship”,...

22.10.2019 13:25:56

Syria after the Turkish invasion

... ordering power for the Middle East and the Greater Middle East. So as a kind of supplier for international security as Karaganovlike to see it..Civilians are pictured fleeing Ras al Ain town, Syria on October 9, 2019. © Reuters / Rodi SaidI guess the Russians are now trying to prevent Turkish and Syrian troops from being involved in direct combat and to find a long-term solution to ensure that the northern Syrian security zone is not permanently occupied by the Turkish. But in this security zone are ...

Ostner Ralf
18.10.2019 16:32:54

What Can We Expect From Trump? Is Pastor Chuck Baldwin Also a Chosen One?

... the same time. Iran is totally worthy of such international respect, such a joint visit by these three leaders would recognize the beginning of a new era of Iranian leadership in the region and in the world. My eight-point peace plan as published in Russia remains on the table. Q. You seem very confident that Palestine will be restored to the Palestinians. With a Christian Zionist as Secretary of State and the alleged anti-Christ (Jared Kushner) still in the White House, what is the basis for your ...

Steele Robert David
13.10.2019 17:45:54

Russia joins the Paris Climate Change Agreement: clear the way for an EU-Russia Eco-Alliance?

In the following a programmatic article by the more Putinbiased Russia expert and Gazprom consultant for the EU Prof. Alexander Rahr, in which he propagates an eco-alliance between Russia and the EU. After that my assessment. "Ecology unites EU and Russia” (September 2019)      The ever-growing ecological ...

Ostner Ralf
11.10.2019 10:04:35

Russia’s Militia Groups and their Use at Home and Abroad

What makes the militia milieu so unique and important for understanding today’s Russia is that it finds itself at the intersection of state institutions, patronage mechanisms, criminal structures, and grassroots illiberal activism. Abroad, the Kremlin plays through it one of its major “hybrid warfare” cards, outsourcing activities ...

08.10.2019 13:51:29

Potentials for a cooperation between the EU and Russia

After the Russian Council published ideas about a German-Chinese axis which should be transformed in a Eurasian triangle with Russia, Andrej Kortunow, director of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) gave an interview outlining the potentials for an ...

Ostner Ralf
02.10.2019 10:16:57

Russian re-industrialization dangers – lessons from Japan and USA

Russia’s greatness is in the resilience, endurance and inner strength of her people. They have recovered from many devastating tragedies that have befallen the country, from the Mongol scourge to civil war, and from the fascist invasion of the mid-20th ...

Murlidhar Neel
11.09.2019 16:51:29

“We win, they lose” – Wonderful world of Binary categorisations

... system to its favor, as the UK did after defeating Napoleon and as the US did after winning over Hitler. But, it would be rather an outfoxing Allies than a winning the war. In both of these huge, cross-European, conflicts the main burden was suffered by Russians. Further on, the ultimate victory was decided nowhere else but on the Russian battlefields. What was the return? The generous support, lavish and lasting funds that Atlantic-Central Europe extensively enjoyed in the form of Marshall Aid has ...

11.09.2019 12:00:53

From Arctic to Arabian Sea & West by Southwest: A Concept for Uniting China, India, Iran, & Russia with Open Source Innovation

https://i1.wp.com/ahtribune.com/images/Arctic_67ebc.jpg?resize=525%2C276&ssl=1 American Herald Tribune, 10 September 2019 When I think of Russia, I think of three core facts about Russia: eleven time zones’ worth of real estate loaded with valuable minerals and dominant over the emerging Arctic economic zone; 80% Asian like it or not; and resilient. I feel particularly guilty, as an American,...

Steele Robert David
11.09.2019 00:34:45

An important Russo-American asymmetry

There are many differences between Russia and the US. Some dissimilarities are obvious, while others are more hidden. One such difference is in foreign policy establishments. Relations between nations have enormous ramifications for millions, if not billions of people. Managing these relations ...

Murlidhar Neel
03.09.2019 10:53:20

Trump Re-Election at Risk

... legislatively to crow about. Obama care has been rolled back but it’s still around and it’s not been replaced and a lot of people are starting to loose their coverage. Millions by election time. The North Koreans have given up nothing. We lost to the Russians and Bashir in Syria ISIS has gone from Iraq and Syria but it is popping up in many other places. The Iran deal is gone but Iran is getting more aggressive and they have not collapsed yet. A war with them would be bad. Very bad. They are ten times ...

Steele Robert David
01.09.2019 14:39:51

Potential benefits of cooperation between the EAEU and China’s Belt Road Initiative

What is the EAEU and China’s BRI? Starting from January 2015, Russia and several neighboring Central Asian republics formed an economic union known as the Eurasian Economics Union, (EAEU). The purpose of the EAEU is to create a single economics space. The goals of this union include a single market between neighboring ...

Диаз Натан
12.08.2019 10:53:56


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