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The Chance for Perezagruzka: Why do the Baltic States and the EU Need Russian Participation in Rail Baltica?

1. Two Sides of The Same Coin: From Russian to Chinese Dependence As it has been discussed in my previous article on Rail Baltica, one of the primary aims of this project is to ensure that the Baltic States will become less dependent on Russia. Will this task be so trouble-free? Will the ...

Shedov Yaroslav
22.09.2021 13:47:09

Without roots, no future. Germans and Russians – Decoupling ideologies

Krieg ist das Ergebnis einer falschen Politik und sein Erbe Not und Elend.1 (From Gestrüpp meines Lebens, a diary kept by my grandfather, Helmuth Banik)Source: Wikipedia ...next – Prussia, family roots and identity of heart Cultural diversity or universal uniformity? Peaceful co-existence of nation-states or institutional global governance with international organizations and their sphere of influence gaining more and more ground,...

Banik Katja
27.08.2021 13:14:54

EU Policy towards Ukraine: Room for Improvement

... actors (Mylovanov et al. 2016). In terms of overall trade, 40% of Ukraine’s trade is now with the EU, which has made Ukraine less reliant on previous actors for international trade (European External Action Service, 2021). Since 2014, the presence of Russia in the external trade of Ukraine has dramatically decreased, and Russia is no longer Ukraine’s main trading partner. By 2019, the bilateral trade almost shrank by five times relative to what it was in 2011 while the share of Russia in the external ...

Eggerton William
26.08.2021 12:44:08

Russia & The Taliban: From Narrative Challenges To Opportunities

The Taliban’s lightning-fast takeover of Afghanistan was a “black-swan” event that completely changed the geostrategic situation in Central and South Asia. It also resulted in Russia’s pragmatic ties with the Taliban coming to the forefront of global attention after its officials’ generally positive assessments of the group, which their government still officially designates as terrorists. The Kremlin began intensifying ...

Korybko Andrew
25.08.2021 16:10:57

Taliban in Kabul after two decades

... aimed to spoil Afghan peace and sabotage the stability in Afghanistan. The countries around Afghanistan suffered a lot due to war in Afghanistan and were struggling to bering peace and stability in Afghanistan. The U.S.—in an attempt to harm China and Russia—may continue spoiling peace in Afghanistan. After the staged drama “9/11” incident, American and their allied forces began an invasion of Afghanistan called Operation Enduring Freedom, to push the Taliban from Afghanistan. On December 7, ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
17.08.2021 18:08:22

Russia & India Have Promising Potential to Cooperate on Maritime Security

... resources; and encouraging responsible maritime connectivity. Each of these is in line with India’s Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR) policy, which forms the basis of its maritime strategy. They also fully conform with international law. Russian President Vladimir Putin also addressed the meeting and immediately began by praising Prime Minister Modi for his constructive initiative. Of particular importance are the Russian leader’s words about his country’s role in fighting piracy ...

Korybko Andrew
12.08.2021 14:09:24

Crypto-Mining and Regional Security in Abkhazia

... combined with improved security features associated to blockchain technology by contrast to currencies such as the U.S. dollar. On the European continent, Abkhazia, which is considered a separatist by Western governments and a full-fledged country by Russia, has also moved towards a more flexible crypto-mining policy. Like in El Salvador, the positive signs in favor of crypto-mining have already had an unexpected impact on Abkhazia’s foreign policy, with electricity shortages that have led to stronger ...

Ламберт Майкл
11.08.2021 17:49:18

Digital Multipolarity and the Geopolitics of Cyberspace

... cryptocurrency. The aforementioned 2021 attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS netted the perpetrators approximately $5 million and $11 million respectively, some of which were supposedly recovered by U.S. agencies. The Biden Administration has repeatedly accused Russia of bearing responsibility for cyberattacks against U.S. companies and government agencies. Cooperation in tackling cybercrime was featured front and center at the reconciliatory Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, though concrete next steps remain elusive....

Fisher Julian
09.08.2021 14:48:36

The U.S. Intensifies its Asia Diplomacy

..., the border, territorial, and ethnic problems with Myanmar are significant differences. India is isolated in the region. While India is a close ally with the U.S., it must look after American interests and protect its strategic goals. It is against Russian interests. Naturally, the gap between India and Russia may widen further. It also creates doubts about the Indian presence in the SCO, which China and Russia lead. Maybe, India is sharing the confidential issues discussed in the SCO with the U....

Awan Zamir Ahmed
05.08.2021 17:45:07

Andrey Gubin: Parade never ends - geopolitical context of Russian Day of the Navy ceremony

Every last Sunday of July for the last 82 years Russia celebrated the Day of the Navy. Initially it was established by a Soviet People’s Commissar for the Navy Nikolay Kuznetsov – the founding father of the Blue Ocean Navy built in the USSR during the Cold War up to 1970s. However in 2021 Russian ...

ДВФУ Эксперты
02.08.2021 04:43:24

Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... Edward Heath, the last of the British Gaullist Mohicans, are long gone. The EU has expanded into an unmanageable plethora of states, with the Franco-German axis under permanent threat from Britain, Poland, and the Baltic states, who are America’s anti-Russian fifth column cheerleaders in the EU. Their main objective has been to prevent any serious form of EU supranational military co-operation, in order to keep NATO going, and to continue the Cold War. Fifteen years ago, I visited the British ambassador ...

Mallinson William
28.07.2021 17:34:33

Andrey Gubin: Too Northern territories. Is there still a chance for Russian – Japanese territorial issue resolution?

During a press briefing at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum on 5 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed his readiness to discuss a peace treaty with Japan. He highlighted that both Moscow and Tokyo share strategic interests and recent amendments to Russia’s constitution would not impede cooperation. Actually Putin ...

ДВФУ Эксперты
23.07.2021 09:47:41

20-year Cooperation Treaty between Iran and Russia: Bilateral Strategic Partnership or Disappointing Agreement

... agreed to review the 20-year cooperation agreement. The question is why such a contract has been concluded at the present time. Some critics believe that before concluding such an agreement with China and negotiating a 20-year contract extension with Russia, Iran was cooperating with these two countries in a balanced way, and it was logical that if a contract was needed, it should have been concluded for two or three years. However, the regional and international situation has become very difficult ...

Bijan Aref
22.07.2021 13:24:35

The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

On 22–24 June, 2021, the IX Moscow Conference on International Security was held in Moscow, Russia. High-level delegations from more than eighty countries attended it. The agenda of the conference included the most urgent problems and trends in the field on international military policy, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, security cooperation,...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
21.07.2021 15:11:01

Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Grand Strategy is Multi-Alignment at Its Finest

... Beijing and Moscow’s incipient ties with the Taliban. Upon these multipolar great powers establishing pragmatic political relations with the group, they were then able to seriously countenance the viability of trans-Afghan connectivity corridors. Russia is interested in reaching the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) through PAKAFUZ (which can also unofficially be conceptualized as N-CPEC+), while China is pioneering the so-called “Persian Corridor” to Iran via Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The U.S.,...

Korybko Andrew
20.07.2021 17:12:39

Extending the Russia-China Friendship Treaty: To What Extent Will Isolation and Great Power Rivalry Push China and Russia Closer Together

The Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship On June 28, 2021, President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping announced the extension of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship, first ratified in 2001 by President Putin and Jiang Zemin, the then President ...

Boone Carter
15.07.2021 19:23:12

Dynamics of Vaccine Diplomacy

... infrastructure of the country and raised questions about the wisdom of vaccine diplomacy. With a sharp rise in the number of cases and deaths, India struggles to vaccinate its people. As a result, the countries that relied on India for vaccine supplies turned to Russia and China. This change is expected to strengthen China’s foothold in the region. China sent doses to more than 80 countries, and more than 50 countries got vaccines for free. These countries include developing and low-income countries as well ...

Zaka Wafa
13.07.2021 12:55:50

These are Russia’s Three Strategic Goals in Afghanistan

... Air Base, the largest in Afghanistan, shows how committed it is to abiding by President Joe Biden’s pledge to leave the country by September 11th. It also prompted questions about the interests of regional nations in a post-withdrawal Afghanistan. Russia has recently emerged as a diplomatic force in the conflict after pragmatically hosting the Taliban (banned by Moscow as a terrorist group) on a couple of occasions in order to facilitate the peace process. It also has security interests in Central ...

Korybko Andrew
12.07.2021 19:28:01


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