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A Crucial Meeting between President Putin and President Joe Biden

A crucial meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden is scheduled to be held on 16 June 2021, in Geneva, Switzerland. Just recently, President Joe Bidden used a word “Killer” for Russian President Putin, with the Russian President wishing ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
09.06.2021 17:33:27

Can Somaliland Be Alternative for Russia’s Troubled Sudanese Naval Base Plans?

Sudan confirmed on Tuesday that it will review last year’s naval base agreement with Russia following speculation in April that the deal might be shelved. According to Chief of General Staff Muhammad Othman al-Hussein, who made the announcement while speaking to the Blue Nile TV channel, this is supposedly because “some of the document’s ...

Korybko Andrew
09.06.2021 16:27:25

Why Russia-U.S. Cultural and Educational Exchanges Are So Vital

... collapse of the Soviet Union. Richmond cites that the over 50,000 Soviets who visited the United States over a 30-year period broadened the Soviet worldview and paved the way for Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika. The Iron Curtain is no more—but the Russian-American relations are often labeled as being at their lowest point since the Cold War. The level of exchanges also reflects this reality—in 2014, Russia pulled out of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program which provided the opportunity ...

Kalamar Katrina
08.06.2021 18:58:11

The Timely Summit: Exploring Possible Ramifications

... announcement that there would be a summit between Presidents Biden and Putin on June 16th in Geneva, Switzerland. Both the Kremlin and White House press releases announcing the summit suggest that the purpose for the meeting is to focus on the stability of U.S-Russian relations and to launch discussion of an assortment of pressing issues.Source: Kremlin.ru The announcement follows a string of decisions by President Biden in which Republicans feel that the U.S. President is being too amicable and lenient towards ...

William Mandelbaum
07.06.2021 13:32:48

Will U.S. Sanctions Against Ethiopia Provide Russia with Regional Opening?

... dependence on China with another party. Western countries side with the U.S. for obvious reasons, so are clearly excluded from this calculation, while it’s unrealistic to expect the GCC to abandon its support for its fellow Arab partners. This results in Russia being the only practical balancing partner for Ethiopia to engage with if it desires to balance China, especially in a friendly way that will not risk provoking any suspicions about its geostrategic intentions from the People’s Republic since ...

Korybko Andrew
04.06.2021 16:38:56

Optimistic about the meeting between Russian and American Foreign Ministers

A meeting between the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was held on 19 May 2021. It was the first high-level interaction between the U.S. and Russia since President Joe Biden took office, which comes amidst heightened tensions ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
04.06.2021 15:41:10

Part II. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

To read Part I follow the link.Image: 'Soldiers of the Revolution' Vladimir Kholuyev Long-term Path Dependence In the previous part of the article, the “genetic” path dependence and its potential impact on the Russian development trajectory was discussed. Meanwhile, it is also important to analyse another version of the path dependence problem to have a clear understanding of what type of path Russia might have been following. Douglas North, an American economist,...

Shedov Yaroslav
04.06.2021 15:23:39

Political Strategies in a Multi-Polar World. Where is European Union in All This Story?

... let the time answer this question. I believe that the European Union is too young to comprehend this modus vivendi. It seems that the more it expands the weaker it becomes, and the EU remains vulnerable on the eastern flank, under the influence of the Russian Federation and China. The ongoing institutional tensions within the EU, appears like a crucial barrier in order to become a powerful actor in a world full of uncertainty. Instead of conclusions The European Union does not use its capacity to act ...

Adrian Pogacian
24.05.2021 16:00:50

The Turkish Konrul: How Ankara Uses the Turkic Council to Re-Engage in Central Asia

The countries of Central Asia — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan — are divided between the remaining influence of Russia, the heir of the Soviet Union, which plays a considerable cultural and military role (e.g., within the Collective Security Treaty Organization) in the region, and the growing economic influence of China. Nevertheless, this apparent bipolar balance ...

Ламберт Майкл
21.05.2021 18:36:04

U.S. Seeking Military Bases in Neighborhood or Close Vicinity of Afghanistan

... American troops will leave Afghanistan, but the American interest will never end in Afghanistan. The fundamental importance of Afghanistan to the U.S. is its strategic location, from where the U.S. can monitor Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia (including Russia), and China. Even though the U.S. cannot sustain itself in Afghanistan, the country wants to keep its interest in Afghanistan in using the neighboring or nearest countries and by keeping military bases from where they could reach Afghanistan conveniently ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
17.05.2021 12:05:59

Part I. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

... throughout history, as it will become clear that most states have been following a certain trend, their own trajectory. As an example, in 1890, Galicia and Eastern Hungary (parts of Austria-Hungary at that time) had slightly higher GDP per capita than Russian Empire (see Table 1). If we rewind the tape forward, we will be astonished at finding out that Russian and Hungarian GDP per capita is still relatively the same (see Figure 2)1. Hungary and Russia are now no longer empires; both countries had ...

Shedov Yaroslav
14.05.2021 15:24:28

The Russian-Indian 2+2 Format Will Synchronize Their Grand Strategies

The recent announcement by Indian Prime Minister Modi that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to establish the 2+2 format of talks between their Defense and Foreign Ministers will synchronize the grand strategies of the two great powers. There have been noticeable concerns from both sides over the past few ...

Korybko Andrew
12.05.2021 16:35:23

Su-57 = Next-gen Eurofighter

... a generic package with avionics, sensor, weapons control & battlespace to put into not one but a range of aircraft platforms (manned and unmanned). The EU has neither. The EU will never reach the finish line even in 2040 UNLESS the EU teams up with Russia. Russia has a big vital part of what is needed: A truly superior aircraft platform, the Su-57. The EU has what it takes to develop the rest and turn that into a true No.1 global leader in combat. Together, the EU and Russia can and will do it. ...

Риис Карстен
27.04.2021 18:44:19

The Implications of Post-Soviet De Facto States in Contemporary World Politics

... either. Abkhazia has more than 200,000 residents, Transnistria more than 400,000, and the conflicted regions in Ukraine have millions of residents. It has been argued that these regions cannot be considered truly independent because of their reliance on Russia’s economy and military. If reliance on other states, however, is indeed a determinant of statehood, many of the states in the United Nations would disappear overnight. For example, it could be argued that the nations that compose the European ...

Fors Kristian
27.04.2021 11:05:41

Securely knotting Indo-Russian ties

The 2021 Indo-Russian Annual Summit could be a memorable occasion for cementing this partnership The year 1971 marked a cornerstone in the relations between India and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrey A. Gromyko, and his Indian counterpart,...

Gironi Camilla
23.04.2021 13:40:11

Russia-Pakistan Relations: The Way Forward

... Syrian war, the fragile peace in Afghanistan, and the mounting tensions in the South China Sea, are significant events which are worth denoting our attention to.The formation of Quad—an alliance between America, Australia, India, and Japan to counter Russia and contain China—and the emergence of an Asian NATO is alarming for all nations who wish to maintain peace. India, a traditional ally of Russia, has joined the American camp and signed a series of defense agreements with the United States, making ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
13.04.2021 12:59:03

Naval forces of great powers

... the foundation for national greatness and power. The pivot of this greatness was a powerful navy. The theory of Navalism reached the US administration later in the 19th century and all other major powers at that time, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Russia.Source: startribune.com As a central postulate of Navalism – large, expensive fleets became the main force which embodied both national prestige and safety for the trade of the nation which possessed them. The era of battleships and cruisers ...

Niemi Seppo
01.04.2021 15:36:53

As Glaciers Thaw, Arctic Becomes a Hot Spot to Geopolitical Interests

... decades, and due to climate change and globalization, world nations have responded with rapid mobilization of resources and efforts. The Arctic’s Key Actors Eight countries currently hold shoreline along the Arctic: the United States (through Alaska), Russia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The Russian Federation holds the longest stretch of border to the Arctic, with 24,140 kilometers of coastline. The region also harbors institutions that help facilitate governance. These include ...

Шиллинг Сэм
04.03.2021 19:23:25

A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

“Politik ist, wenn man Gottes Schritt durch die Weltgeschichte hört, dann zuspringt und versucht, einen Zipfel seines Mantels zu fassen”1 Otto von Bismarck (1815–1898) Source: regnum.ru A very personal view: seeing Prussia without complexes – family roots and core identity Roots, earth and homeland – these are difficult topics for my parents’ and grandparents’ generations, but I and other members of my generation are much more relaxed about our family histories....

Banik Katja
03.02.2021 12:10:04


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