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The West and Russia between a regional or an Eurasian power

During the Cold War the West always complained about 5 th columns of Moscow, infiltration of universities, companies, security apparatus, media and political parties and movements by the KGB, Eastern support for the peace movemnent, while the own interference in the Eastern ...

Ostner Ralf
25.12.2019 13:01:54

Western Sanctions and Russian Counter Sanctions: Reasons and Effects

... reasons for the introduction of US sanctions against Russia?- Washington is guided by the interests of a small group of financial and military-industrial lobbyists. It presents these interests, depending on the president, either as protection of "Western freedom and democracy", or as protection of its national" interests. The true aim of them is to preserve, by any means possible, the leadership of the United States in the global competition for the factors of production. Thus, their ...

Кофнер Юрий
31.12.2018 00:06:03

A Bridge that Was Not Built, a Hong Kong that Did Not Prosper: Kaliningrad at the Cross-road of History

Collapse of the USSR was to have become a starlet hour for Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia´s “island” in the “heart” of Europe. Domestic and foreign commentators — excited with seeming end of the Cold War and the East-West confrontation — rushed into calling the oblast (whose geographical location is indeed a promising one) as Russia´s would-be “Baltic Hong Kong”. The reality however did not match the expectations. Bright images turned out to be a part of — ...

Sukhankin Sergey
06.02.2018 19:03:09

The Golden Background of Eurasia. The New Cold War and the Third Rome.

... scientist of Greek origin, may represent a new stage in the study of the Fourth Political Theory.In a book of 114 pages the graduate of Freiburg and Seville universities separates myths from reality regarding the old-new confrontation between Russia and the West. He introduces the German reader to the Eurasian ideology and provides his own unique interpretation on how political theories evolved in both Russia and the West. A special interest (and my personal sympathy) is aroused by his view on the theory ...

Кофнер Юрий
18.08.2017 10:09:32


Is there the way out of the current financial crisis? The answer to this question unequivocally depends on the prices of oil, fueled by the ongoing economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the West and worsening geopolitical situation. According to many western and eastern media, the forecasts about the future of the volatile oil prices are clearly multifarious. The prices of oil at the beginning of the year 2016 fluctuated around $30 per barrel,...

Костарева Майя
25.02.2016 12:54:00

What lessons should politics learn from religion?

Amidst the increasing risks of a military confrontation between Russia and the West, politicians would better to take into account the experience of religious leaders like Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill. By Russia Direct With a great deal of buzz about a global war, involving Russia and other great powers, the recent Munich Security ...

Direct Russia
20.02.2016 21:15:00

The War against Islamic State: Reconstruction of the Geopolitical Balance

Will the war against Islamic State stimulate Russian — Euro-Atlantic Relations? The relations between Russia and the West have worsened due to the confrontation on the Southeast Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Consequent sanctions imposed on Russia by the West could have resulted in the next ‘cold war’. However, In spite of the political ...

Костарева Майя
21.01.2016 14:19:00

BRICS and DEVELOPING NATIONS – I hope we won’t be Subjugated ANYMORE

We in Asia have been oppressed by some of the Western nations for over 500 years. Colonised by force, had our assets stolen and were basically the “Coolies” of these Western nations – primarily some of the EU nations like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Spanish and Portugal....

Arokiasamy Eugene F.R.
09.12.2015 23:11:00

What is right vs. what works

... not given by any government, but inherent through their god or intelligence through evolution. The other option, is what works in the near term, where a polarized world supports authoritarian regimes around the world, who are aligned to the East or West, and effectively brutalize and keep it a cap on their citizens and dissent. This option permits those in wealthier nations to go about their day, play on facebook/linkedin, write elitist opinions on social media, without setting foot in the land ...

Leggett Robert
05.10.2015 11:22:00

Arabian Gulf & Cultural Dimension: As an Influential Force in Determining Interests

... will witness clash of cultures". Based on this we can be explained: how can use of cultural dimension in order to achieve the interests of the major powers in the Gulf? This happens through two-way: 1.The nature of the relationship between the West and Islam. 2. The nature of the relationship between the Islamic currents.A- The nature of the relationship between the West and Islam. There are strategic interests of major countries in the region. And the factors: Economic, Security, Political,...

AL Rabadi Salam
16.07.2015 19:23:00

How the Ukraine-Russia -West Crisis Might Come to the End

... and procedures. Possible only within a limited period of time, the peaceful coexistence scenario hinges on third-arty political actors’ unwillingness to actively seek compromise for the situation in Ukraine. The slow, gradual introduction of the Western sanctions, as well as Russia’s reactive sanctions against the Western nations, is now detrimental to all parties involved, although it does not preclude a dialog and contacts between parties involved in the settlement of the crisis. This ...

Gulina Olga R.
16.09.2014 00:03:00

Moving from a Zero-Sum to a Positive Sum Game: Can Georgia Provide the Blueprint for Regional Cooperation with both the EU and Russia

Russia and the European Union (EU) are currently engaged in a geopolitical struggle for control of the post-Soviet space. While Russia is the current regional hegemon, the European Union and NATO have been trying to gain influence in what Russia refers to as its “near abroad.” Russia has retaliated by influencing the states in its near abroad not to sign cooperation agreements with the EU, and instead cooperate with Russia by joining its Customs Union. Russia has had a mixed record...

Slobodchikoff Michael
22.07.2014 21:30:00

It's Time for a New Helsinki Conference on European Security

... gain recognition of East Germany (DDR) as a state. Finland used this opportunity to not only invite European states, but also invite all states who were responsible for peace and stability in Europe, including the United States and Canada. Although the West was initially hesitant about the Finnish initiative of organizing a conference on European security and stability, the success of Finland's policy of neutrality finally convinced them of the necessity of attending such a conference. The Finns were ...

Slobodchikoff Michael
30.05.2014 15:08:00

Book Review: “Crisis: Russia and the West in the Time of Troubles” by Lilia Shevtsova and David J. Kramer

... ambitions” – a country that is “either preparing for war against an external enemy or pursuing enemies at home”(P.14). Nevertheless, developments since the book’s publication have shed new light on Russia relations with the West. One part of liberal society, former opponents of the current regime, spoke about the “reset of Putin´s policy,” his “new operating (enforcement) strategy“ (Nikolaiy Uskov) and “Putin´s triumph” (Gleb ...

Gulina Olga R.
02.04.2014 17:03:00

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