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Annergret Kramp-Karrenbauer and her revolutionary foreign policy objectives for Germany

The end of Second World War followed by the collapse of Nazi Germany, US and its allies began to neutralize fascist elements and pressed on denazification (entzaifizieren) of the German society [to be honest the US and its allies have not done their home work properly to denazify the German society if they really denazified the society, we wouldn’t have had robust fascist elements, right extremists, AFD… in the German society today], the country hasn’t had a preponderate and independent foreign policy...

Sohail Ajmal
04.12.2019 12:06:36

Syria after the Turkish invasion

Interesting how Western media and politicians react to Trump’s decision in northern Syria. In addition to concerns that ISIS might regain strength, a new civil war, waves of refugees, and humanitarian disaster, one main criticism was that it would destroy the reliability and credibility of the US and if Trump made similar fickle decisions in the Baltics, Eastern Europe or Taiwan it could be misinterpreted as an invitation by Putin and Xi and could lead to threatening situations even between the major...

Ostner Ralf
18.10.2019 16:32:54

The Moment of Truth

... are strong. So for a brief few days last week, one might contemplate, whether Trump would start a war for the sake of Israel. But no. President Trump does not want to go to war, not even for Israel. We should all be happy. Be glad, that Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, sits in the White House. Hillary Clinton never refrained from supporting wars, and also when carrying out those wars in practice. Had Hillary Clinton been sitting in the White House, she would be speaking in a much ...

Риис Карстен
22.05.2019 15:24:51

What Assange Will Tell Congress (Good for Russia...)

... Wikileaks.  Seth Rich was consequently targeted for assasination by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and this will be exposed. 2.  Julian Assange will confirm that Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and others had nothing to do with coordinating with him to benefit Donald Trump. 3.  Julian Assange will confirm that he shared with Swiss Bank whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld the Wikileaks cables from Hillary Clinton’s State Department communications from 2009 that contained a “racketeering conspiracy to finance ...

Steele Robert David
15.04.2019 20:29:53

America. A system that doesn't work anymore

... tariffs on Chinese telecom company ZTE. ● On July 6, 2018, the United States imposed 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, in the same vein China also levied tariffs on U.S. products. Again, on July 10, on orders from U.S. President Donald Trump, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Office published a list of $200 billion in Chinese products that could be subject to another 10% tariff. ● Trump has stated that US has been treated unfairly and the tariffs were essential to protect ...

Fatima Samreen
25.03.2019 13:49:45

Is It Trump, or King Jared Who Is Providing Saudi Arabia with Nuclear Capabilities?

... House documents the toxic nature of the presence of Kushner, who works for Israel, and Ivanka Trump, or “First Daughter,” who should not be allowed to use the US Government as her playpen. Cf. Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia, “Understanding Donald Trump and the White House: A few books,” Tehran Times, 13 February 2019. [4] Gordon Duff, “Exclusive/Stunning! Saudi Arabia and the Upcoming Secret Nuclear War,” Veterans Today, 16 February 2019; Gordon Duff, “Saudi Arabia Says It Went ...

Steele Robert David
26.02.2019 00:31:10

Understanding Donald Trump and the White House – A Few Books

... collection, which is free online, has grown. I removed my reviews from Amazon when they started banning books, reviewers, and specific reviews that their Zionist controllers considered “politically incorrect.” Q. Many people in the Middle East consider Donald Trump to be totally subservient to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zionists. You were an early supporter of Donald Trump, and are the author of the Trump Revolution Series. What books have you drawn on to evaluate President Donald Trump and the current ...

Steele Robert David
18.02.2019 15:08:01

Iran, China, Russia Interfering with U.S. Elections. Seriously?

... interfere with – to affect the outcomes of – the US elections in 2020. What do you think of this? A: I thought Jim Clapper and John Brennan and Mike Hayden were a disgrace. It never occurred to me that their successors, ostensibly appointed by President Donald Trump, would turn out to be worse. I will not belabor my qualifications here, other than to observe that I was the opening speaker at Hackers on Planet Earth in 1994; a co-founder of the original Information Warfare conference in 1994; and the ...

Steele Robert David
05.02.2019 13:38:24

Who Is Winning in the USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a Coup Averted? What Is Next?

... author he is also the top reviewer of non-fiction books in the English language, with over 2,500 reviews posted across 98 categories of literature. Today he answers questions about the US Government shut-down, the rumored coup attempt against President Donald Trump by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and his forecast of near term political, legal, and economic changes in the USA. Q. Doyle McMamanus, an established reported for the Los Angeles Times, has just published an article "Nancy Pelosi ...

Steele Robert David
24.01.2019 16:59:33

The Second American Revolution – Abbreviated Reflections

... Clinton, as I stated in my open letter to then Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is the ultimate manifestation in one person of treason, pedophilia, electoral fraud, and charity fraud. She is not hanging from a tree today because Donald Trump is extremely clever, and understands that Dick Cheney must hang first (for 9/11), to eliminate any possible criticism of partisan bias. The odds of Donald Trump winning the election were 200-1 at worst, 20-1 at best. He did not want to win,...

Steele Robert David
26.11.2018 10:57:41

Trump-Putin-Xi: Reflections on What Is Not Visible…

... Blog, 11 October 2018. [9] Although the BRICS have been working on a new economic ecology including alternatives to the World Bank, SWIFT, and other elements of the Deep State financial network, only recently has it been realized that the election of Donald Trump activated a US counter-part to the Chinese-Russian plan, in full collaboration. A few people are writing about this, see for instance Wayne Jett, “Trump in Context: White Hats vs. Ruling Elite,” Classical Capital, 23 October 2018. Completely ...

Steele Robert David
20.11.2018 10:12:08

While Moscow Talks About Treaties, the Deep State is Starting World War III – Now – This Month!

... 15 of them) this past year – each easily repurposed for firing banned ground-based cruise missiles. We have three rogues at NATO, the third being Kay Bailey Hutchison, a woman who may have inadvertently revealed that the Deep State (not President Donald Trump and probably not Secretary of Defense James Mattis either) is planning a first-strike on Russia this year, before Russia completes its modernization program in 2020-2022.[vi] I am an old spy, and I ran a false flag operations for the Central ...

Steele Robert David
09.11.2018 13:44:55

JULY 2018: That Was

It has been a hectic summer with the month of July full of events keeping reporters busy in covering the FIFA extravaganza in Russia, first-ever full scale Helsinki summit between the US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, BRICS summit in Johannesburg in South Africa and scores of political developments in major capitals, which directly or indirectly, had to some degree an impact on India and its public opinion about Russia....

Шукла Винай
31.07.2018 09:58:40

A Roadmap for US-Russia Relations – An American View

... “A Roadmap for Russia-U.S. Relations” provides a methodical Russian perspective of great value.[1] Here I will provide a practical American perspective, with the hope that it might help President Vladimir Putin and his senior aides help President Donald Trump, who is all alone.Let’s start with the fact that the US Government (USG) is in grid-lock, deeply incapacitated by a pathologically dysfunctional secret intelligence community that is – at the highest levels – in constant betrayal of ...

Steele Robert David
25.07.2018 12:31:20

Afghanistan from Obama to Trump

It is although conspicuous, (that) there is no crystal clear difference between, the Obama and Trump strategies in Afghanistan. The strategies based on, to dismantle the momentum of the Al-Qaida and its affiliates and to attain the strategic interests of the America worldwide. What differ, are the approaches of Obama and Trump in relation to Afghanistan. Thus, it makes sense to briefly touch the issues, pertaining both Obama and Trump approaches for Afghanistan. REUTERS Obama’s approach In the event...

Sohail Ajmal
31.05.2018 00:27:25

Koreas Unite, Denuclearize

Middle East Next – after a Global Financial Re-Set – Ideas for IranKorea Unification & Denuclearization as Proof of President Donald Trump’s Serious Intent When I reported in the American Herald Tribune on 4 March 2018 (in the aftermath of my February meeting with Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamaru) that the Koreas were going to unite, the North would denuclearize, and the South ...

Steele Robert David
02.05.2018 22:14:49

The Princess and the Spy: A Conversation about the Unification of the Koreas

Could General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump Earn the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019?       As I have previously reported, when I was in Japan in February meeting with Benjamin Fulford, he introduced me to a number of most interesting people, among them Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, Chair ...

Steele Robert David
31.03.2018 17:16:20

Xi, Putin, & Trump For Life – A Few Thoughts

What If We Could Bury the Deep State & Create Peace & Prosperity for All? As I contemplate the possibilities of Xi Jinping as General Secretary for the People’s Republic of China, and both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump as Presidents of their respective countries, the Russian Federation and the United States of America (USA), all serving together far into the future,[1] I am quite certain that the prospects for long-term peace and prosperity for all have ...

Steele Robert David
26.03.2018 01:45:37

Trump Should Aid Czech President Zeman in Fighting the “Munich Attitude”

In a December 6, 2016 telephone conversation, then President-Elect Donald Trump and Czech President Milos Zeman agreed to meet in April 2017 – but the visit appears to have been indefinitely postponed. This is unwise. Zeman, like Trump, is a staunch supporter of Israel, opposes Europe’s “Munich attitude” of appeasement,...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
26.12.2017 00:28:03


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