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A Letter to Michael Cohen-Personal Attorney to President Trump

June 26, 2017
Honourable Sir,Its ideed an honour knowing you and getting connected with you on Linkedin.I am Ratnesh Dwivedi,a Journalist,Professor and Teerorism researcher with a keen eye on Islamist Terrorism through my association with Secindef-an counter terrorism out fit comprising persons from Israel and USA agencies. I can not express my happiness to know you and willing to learn a lot from you.I shall be thankful if you can leave your contact details-Skype id,mail id and Mobile number here so I may remain in touch with you to share my studies.Once again its pleasure knowing you.The other day I was having a conversation with top intelligence people and I some how realized that it may also be a fact that US and other international media keeps targeting President Trump while his performance have not been that good in white house. The reason may be that media is controlled by big corporate houses who use media as pressure group to get their work done.In case they find it not working,I mean if government is not playing in hands of these big corporate houses,they start using media as a tool/pressure group to pin point government. Thats exactly what is happening in case of President Trump.I just thought to let you know my opinion.I may be wrong also.As an international journalist based in India who continuously follows U.S. politics and is pursuing a Ph.D. on International Terrorism with emphasis on 9/11 and 26/11(Later being Mumbai Terror Attack) is watching President's flawless,emphatic and effective tenure who has devoted considerable time studying terrorism. I am associated with SECINDEF(Security,Intelligence and Defence) ,a company comprising finest people from Israel,USA and Spanish agencies.I am with TRUMP and with you because I believe that you will be able to save him from US Media and corporate who are planning to impeach him. Media explains all his comments and speeches in its own way only to make a case against President. World order is changing.I am working with companies who are based in UK,USA,India,China and Russia and I know how people think of these countries. You will trust me that there is growing anger (or which has been planted by rivals of President in USA and beyond) against him in political,corporate and civilian circle. In this challenging time when each country is wise enough to be wiser than others America has a great challenge to balance the global powers. In this global fight when USA needs a reliable partner it can trust on India as both are two big democracies but India has its own problems and current government is trying to figure out on which country it can bestow its trust as it has been betrayed by neighbours in past.India can play a decisive role in growth of both nations.The relation will not be same as USA had with one of India's neighbouring country in past but it would be based on sound ground of trust,emotions and ethos of democracy with a space of co existence and progress. And trust me I also like to play a role in deepening and strengthening the relations between the two great nations. President TRUMP believes in GOD and that why he became President sailing out amidst adverse situations and he will keep doing so in future. I wrote 1000 e mails to 43rd and I find myself close to republicans and I also see that you have to play a great role in saving President from political rivals both on domestic and global pitch.You will find me standing with you and President at all intervals as I did stand with 43rd by using mightier pen.When Indian PM is set to meet President Trump I only wish that meeting goes amazingly successful. The two nations need each other in this challenging time when both are fighting terrorism. India is bleeding with home groan,cross border and jehadist terrorism which makes it pretty difficult for 1.25 billion people and government to focus on inclusive growth model of Prime Minister Modi. USA is undobtsdly only remainig super power in existing world but it need a trustworthy friend in South Asia unlike Pakustan which has contineously betrayed USA's help by using funds to grow next generation of terrorists.In this January I visited Chengdu China on invitaion of a private think tank and got a chance to meet a Chinese general who wanted to understand India's stand on One Belt One Road and South China issues. I replied that India is monitoring both issues but China has never explained its plan of action before USA or India or rest of world. This hide and seek pklicy of China creates a suspicious atmosphere and India needs to know why it should open doors for China and not for USA which shares many a common things with India.I do hope that meeting with Modi and TRUMP will open a new chapter in south asian geo politics.TRUMP has improved a lot and it will be very difficult to raise a fingure on him,his works and his point of views.You must be having a tight schedule when whole world is watching the meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald J Trump. First thank you very much for accepting my request on Liked in.Now let me tell you what Trump and Modi meet means to this world. When USA is reversing its role from global leadership or in other world what world call it protectionism policy of President Trump which may lead to an odd and dangerous power distribution in geo politics,I would say that USA must take a stand on global power play when countries like China are imposing One Belt,One Road policy to rest of world. China's hurry in implementing One Belt,One Road was very visible when I talked and met Chinese gov officers this January on invitation of a private think tank in Chengdu,China .Second point of worry from China's side is its stand on Green House gases,carbon emission and its stand in South China sea. I was intentionally asked India's stand on one belt one road and South China Sea,to which I replied that India is concerned as why China does not want to explain its one belt one road policy.USA must take a note that China is in much hurry to emerge as USA's rival in world and subsequently acquire global leadership at a time when USA is reversing globalisation and focusing more on home grown issues.India at this time ,with its home based resources is emerging as one of the fastest economies in world.But the problem of terrorism imposed by one neighbouring country and proxy war on goods and services by another big neighbour reduces India's will to grow in region and use its own resources.India as much as fighting with home grown terrorism ,it is fighting a big war on infiltration, proxy war and cross border terrorism by a neighbour which has imposed four big and small wars on India and continuously trying to bleed India with thousands cut by infiltrating terrorists and war on border.USA must take a note that the fund of billions of dollars it gives to Pakistan to fight against terrorism is used to create a lot of next generation of terrorists to create instability in India and region to the extent that India has to conduct surgical strike to destroy its terrorists camps.I hope these issues must be noted by white house and I do hope that some amazing results will come out when premiers of two largest democracies will sit together this night and India's contribution in its fight against terrorism will be acknowledged .Like whole world I am also watching this much awaited meet.Ratnesh Dwivedi
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