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One State Will Remain — for All

The White House has just released a plan for the whole area (by whatever name) between Egypt and Lebanon. Courtesy of D. Trump, and supported by both Israeli PM-pretenders — the proposed map (see figure 1, below) is very interesting. Picture 1: White House Peace Plan for Israel with non-Israeli patches inside As everybody can see, Israel will now de-facto annex the whole area — lock, stock and barrel. This will (as I have previously foreseen) in reality create ONE state with one supreme sovereignty...

Риис Карстен
31.01.2020 20:08:50

Trump Peace Plan – Sheer Genius – Israel Gone by 2022

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), contributes regularly to Tehran Times. President Donald Trump is a genius. The “new” Palestine Peace Plan is a promising first step toward the restoration of Palestine in President Trump’s second term, when he can fulfil his most important promise to all Americans, one subtly made by Q Anon: “Zionists last.” Our President knows ...

Steele Robert David
31.01.2020 14:55:35

What Can We Expect From Trump? Is Pastor Chuck Baldwin Also a Chosen One?

... respect, such a joint visit by these three leaders would recognize the beginning of a new era of Iranian leadership in the region and in the world. My eight-point peace plan as published in Russia remains on the table. Q. You seem very confident that Palestine will be restored to the Palestinians. With a Christian Zionist as Secretary of State and the alleged anti-Christ (Jared Kushner) still in the White House, what is the basis for your confidence in President Trump on this matter? A. As much as ...

Steele Robert David
13.10.2019 17:45:54

Peace in the Middle East: Denuclearizing Israel, Restoring Palestine, and More

... happened here is that Xi, Trump, and Putin agreed over a year ago to take down the Deep State. The denuclearization of Korea, combined with the destruction of old banking order, will be followed by the denuclearization of Israel and the restoration of Palestine. We are at the beginning of a 1,000 year period of peace and prosperity for all. “You Break It, You Own It” Time for US to End Support for Zionist Israel & Arab Dictators Two people I admire very much – Andrey Kortunov from Russia[1] and ...

Steele Robert David
18.05.2018 15:22:40

Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

Sudden, shocking, disturbing, and largely self-propelled trends in America and Europe are doing more damage to Western democracy today than Soviet armies or nuclear missiles ever did during the Cold War By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981), originally published March 17th, 2016, on LinkedIn Pulse Clockwise: Photo/Agencies, Cheryl Evans/The Republic, AP AMMAN — Roughly a quarter-century ago, the world seemed poised for a triumph of democracy and human rights unprecedented...

Frydenborg Brian
17.04.2016 14:28:00

Grading Obama’s Middle East Strategy (Sensibly): Part I

A Sensible Grading of Obama’s Middle East Strategy, As Opposed to Republican Nonsense: Part I: Introduction, Muslim World Reset, Iraq, Israel/Palestine If you can’t understand that Obama’s overall Middle East strategy is starting to work, you don’t know what you’re talking about By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) May 21st, 2015 Originally ...

Frydenborg Brian
07.06.2015 22:25:00

Israel's Election, Netanyahu, Gaza, & the Struggle for Israel's Soul

... years. As for the Gaza Strip, If Netanyahu and his allies have their way and prevail in today's elections, its current setup and relationship with Israel could be a glimpse into the future of the West Bank, the territory with majorities of Palestine's land and people. Israel occupied Gaza in 1967 during the Six-Day War, and a level of hubris emerged within Israel that enabled it to believe it could occupy the West Bank and Gaza with its many Palestinian Arabs, and not just occupy,...

Frydenborg Brian
28.03.2015 19:37:00

The Ferguson Intifada, or Why African-Americans are America’s Palestinians

... Israelis, this might seem incomprehensible. What could African-Americans and Palestinians have in common with each other? Well, despite all the differences, quite a lot actually. America in particular can very much look at the situation in Israel/Palestine as a cautionary tale. And the sad reality of all of this is that this whole incident of young Michael Brown being killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, and its aftermath is but one single brick in a Berlin Wall of America’s ...

Frydenborg Brian
02.02.2015 16:14:00

Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

“Close your eyes and you’re not sure if it’s an Israeli or a Saudi speaking.” That’s what Daniel Levy, Middle East director at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), told The New York Times in an article dated March 31st. The ECFR, which has called for a greater role for Al Qaeda in Algeria to “promote democracy,” is funded mainly by George Soros. The New York Times sourced Levy about the latest attempt by Israel and Saudi Arabia to cooperate...

Эрманн Эрик
22.05.2014 01:04:00

A Two-State Dilemma: Israel, Palestine, and Peace Talks

... Liberation Organization, which does not have much room for maneuver in bargaining with Israel. And third, the uncompromising stance of Right-wing Israelis has made it impossible for the Palestinians to find common ground. In August 2013, Israel and Palestine embarked on talks aimed at resolving a half-century-long stalemate between the two nations over the future of a Palestinian state. With the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners, Israel bolstered Fatah movement’s position among Palestinians,...

Burakov Denis
04.11.2013 09:23:00

Proliferation And The Psychopathology of Prohibition

... who engage in WMD commerce to use it as a bargaining chip for other objectives. In spite of four Nobel Peace Prizes (Bunche, Arafat, Rabin, Peres), one of the big drivers of terrorism continues to be the destruction of the State of Israel. Libya and Palestine are cases where opportunistic leaders have helped drive that issue. While Washington spent around $3 trillion on its decade long war in Iraq the four decade presence of Moammar Gaddafi and Yassir Arafat on the world scene has probably caused ...

Эрманн Эрик
30.10.2013 07:12:00

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