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Politics at the time of the evaporation of the function of the Name of the Father

..., Communism." Defeated Nazism, liberalism and communism have tried to interpret the subordinative logic and in this sense the function of the Name of the Father, trying to define it in a different, conflictive way. However, in the period of the Cold War, they managed to find a balance. At the end of the cold war, with the SS-20 missiles crisis gone, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the free world found itself freed from the cap of communism, going towards a direction that arouses many perplexities ...

Bonelli Francesca
23.03.2022 16:31:18

Forcing the Correct Choice: Deterring Right-Wing Radicals and Preventing Threats to Nuclear Facilities in Ukraine

... Russia, trying to understand why the United States continues blanket support for the Kiev regime with no critical eye whatsoever might have a legacy in history. There have been documented old ties between the CIA and Ukrainian ultranationalists since the Cold War. Declassified CIA files revealed that US intelligence officials went to great lengths to protect a Ukrainian fascist leader and suspected Nazi collaborator from prosecution after World War II and set him up in a New York office to wage covert ...

Пашенцев Евгений
09.03.2022 13:55:56

The Continuing Obsession with Russia

... followed, leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis when, in exchange for withdrawing Soviet missiles from Cuba, America had to withdraw missiles from Turkey. Following the euphoria over the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the alleged heralding of the end of the Cold War, promises were made to Moscow about not expanding eastwards. The German foreign minister, Genscher, for example called on NATO to declare unequivocally that ‘whatever happens in the Warsaw Pact, there will be no expansion of NATO territory ...

Маллинсон Уильям
11.02.2022 14:33:26

The New Cold War’s Evolving Strategic Dynamics in South Asia

The New Cold War will inevitably creep into South Asia, which all regional stakeholders need to be prepared for. This analysis will briefly cover the top strategic dynamics at play. The most critical challenges affecting peace and stability in South Asia are ...

Korybko Andrew
08.02.2022 15:45:02

The Revival of the Georgian Armaments and Defense Industry

In the competitive arms and defense sector, Georgia, a country of four million located in the South Caucasus, is rarely mentioned. This may seem paradoxical as Tbilisi was known and recognized for the quality of its military industry during the Cold War, notably due to the production of the Sukhoi Su-25 aircrafts, which are still in use in many conflicts, including in Syria.Source: wikipedia.org Despite the Georgian expertise in this respect, the Georgian arms industry still faces financial ...

Ламберт Майкл
08.11.2021 18:33:20

The U.S. Wants To Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia

... and its allies would strategically benefit from this outcome since it would enable them to more effectively divide and rule Africa in a way that could reduce the influence of Russia, China, and other multipolar countries there across the ongoing New Cold War. In other words, Ethiopia isn't just defending its own sovereignty by pushing back against America's Hybrid War, but also all of Africa's. The US feels threatened not only by PM Abiy's pragmatic attempts to balance between it, China, Russia, ...

Korybko Andrew
18.10.2021 19:21:46

Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... Poland, and the Baltic states, who are America’s anti-Russian fifth column cheerleaders in the EU. Their main objective has been to prevent any serious form of EU supranational military co-operation, in order to keep NATO going, and to continue the Cold War. Fifteen years ago, I visited the British ambassador to Greece, former colleague Simon Gass. When I mentioned an idea for a solution to the Cyprus problem his immediate reaction, almost automatically spastic, was: ‘But what would the Americans ...

Mallinson William
28.07.2021 17:34:33

The Road to Peace and Cooperation in Europe and the World

UN reform talks deadlocked primarily because the U.S. and the developing nations disagreed about the fundamental problem which had to be corrected. In the early post-Cold War era, when most Americans saw their country as the key “decision-maker,” Bill Clinton only reversed George Bush Sr. and agreed to discuss a UN reform in order to reduce America’s UN dues.Source: uniogbis.unmissions.orgWhat he hoped to do ...

Freeman Benjamin
23.06.2021 15:40:55

Optimistic about the meeting between Russian and American Foreign Ministers

... Sergey Lavrov and the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was held on 19 May 2021. It was the first high-level interaction between the U.S. and Russia since President Joe Biden took office, which comes amidst heightened tensions between the former Cold War adversaries. The geopolitics was worsening rapidly, and the danger of a third World War has increased tremendously.Source: TASS The situation in the Middle East, the Iran-U.S. tensions, the China-U.S. rivalry, India-China border disputes, tensions ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
04.06.2021 15:41:10

Political Strategies in a Multi-Polar World. Where is European Union in All This Story?

... and the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, this turmoil and dissensions offer opportunities for the great powers to consolidate their positions in international relations and to dispute the notion of rivalry more than hegemony.Reuters The end of the Cold War meant not only the transition to another structure of the international system (from bipolarity to unipolarity to multipolarity) but also the end of the hegemonic rivalry between the U.S., as a hegemon, and the USSR, as a competitor. Now, international ...

Adrian Pogacian
24.05.2021 16:00:50

As Glaciers Thaw, Arctic Becomes a Hot Spot to Geopolitical Interests

... under the Belt and Road Initiative” report, stressing the need for law enforcement for maritime activities. Therefore, China’s military expansion is inevitable, given the country’s sovereignty to pursue further maritime activity in the Arctic. New Cold War or Cooperation? The majority of recent reports on the Arctic focus on the possibility of a “New Cold War.” In the past decade, the upsurge of military forces as well as the Arctic’ growing geopolitical dimensions raise historical notions ...

Шиллинг Сэм
04.03.2021 19:23:25

Covid-19 Sports Diplomacy. Soft power vs. populism

... power" sports diplomacy, before the concept of "hard power" was even "branded." It was the era when the calculations to develop nuclear power—and nuclear weapons—were made with slide rules, not supercomputers. During the same Cold War period, during the global polio epidemic (it was not called a pandemic), the Kremlin allowed millions of Soviet citizens to be tested with the polio vaccine developed by the American doctor, Albert Sabin. This was an amazing diplomatic and humanitarian ...

Эрманн Эрик
23.05.2020 01:09:05

30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall-Time for a New East Policy?

On November 9th was the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Time to reflect on the development of the last 30 years and why we are on the verge of a new Cold War today. Perhaps Gorbachev made the mistake of not securing his own design for a New Europe at the time. The United States and the United Kingdom got Germany´s NATO membership, France the euro, Gorbachev $ 13 billion for the withdrawal of troops ...

Ostner Ralf
22.11.2019 17:31:27

“We win, they lose” – Wonderful world of Binary categorisations

Is the new Containment and its Cold War on our doorstep? Who does it need now and why? To answer that question is to grasp how the previous one ceased. The end of the Cold War came abruptly, overnight.  Many in the West dreamt about it, but nobody really saw it coming. The Warsaw ...

Bajrektarevic Anis H.
11.09.2019 12:00:53

Hollywood banks on Cold War and "McCarthyism"

... Hollywood "Russian Spy" movie "Red Sparrow" ( which has earned more than $153.5 million in gross revenue including home rentals) high marks for authenticity.  Philippe Thyraude de Vosjoli was a famous french spymaster during the Cold War era with intimate knowledge of the Cuban missile "crisis" that Hollywood used to produce the 1969 Alfred Hitchcock film "Topaz".  Today, 40 years later, Hollywood continues to churn out films that encourage and benefit ...

Эрманн Эрик
07.08.2018 15:14:20

Cold War Memories. A diplomat's daughter looks back

... article to find the reference.)  The obit offers some excellent insights for those who follow efforts to characterize the current political-psychological situation between White House and the Kremlin as "the new McCarthyism" and "the new Cold War."  UPDATE  4 SEPT  It is often overlooked that GFK played an important role in crafting US policy during World War 2, to wit that Washington would negotiate with the Salazar regime in Portugal to gain concessions of facilities in ...

Эрманн Эрик
01.05.2018 08:04:10

The Golden Background of Eurasia. The New Cold War and the Third Rome.

_ Jurij Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies. Moscow, 18 August 2017.The essay “The Golden Background of Eurasia. The New Cold War and the Third Rome”(Goldgrund Eurasien. Der Neue Kalte Krieg und das Dritte Rom) published in early 2015 in Leipzig by Dimitrios Kisoudis, a German political scientist of Greek origin, may represent a new stage in the study of the Fourth Political ...

Кофнер Юрий
18.08.2017 10:09:32

Walk the Line: Russia as the New Chair of the UN Security Council

October 1st began what could be one of the more interesting Chairships of the United Nations Security Council, with Russia taking over and being charged with a rather delicate balancing act: between conducting the numerous affairs expected to be covered by any standard Chair of the UNSC and deftly handling the ‘special’ relationship with the United States that has recently become woefully deficient. Even more intriguing, some of the most vivid recent examples of that degrading relationship...

Кросстон Мэттью
26.10.2016 17:14:00

NATO, Russia, and Empathy: Modern Lessons from a Cold War Military Exercise

In November 1983 the Soviet Union began to increase the combat readiness of its forces in Eastern Europe, including the air force forward-deployed in East Germany, in preparation to meet an expected pre-emptive strike by the United States and its allies. The cause of this anxiety was the 1983 Able Archer NATO military exercise, an unusually large affair that focused on concentrating major formations of allied units in Western Europe in order to fight a combined arms operation, inclusive of tactical...

РСМД Эксперты
29.08.2016 18:05:00

The Donkey and the Elephant: American Presidential Politics, Russia, and 'None of the Above'

..., the renowned scholar at King’s College London, has openly decried that too many of the figures currently surrounding Hillary are old school members of the military, foreign policy, and security establishment that chronically view Russia with Cold War attitudes, regardless of evidence.[6] • During the Crimea crisis in 2014, Hillary tried to make a connection between Putin policy on the secession/annexation issue with policies pursued by Adolph Hitler in the 1930s. Given that over 20 million ...

Кросстон Мэттью
30.06.2016 20:53:00


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