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Advantages of CSTO Partnership: Should Serbia Strive to a Full Membership in the Organization?

... of the founders of the Non-Aligned Movement. Yugoslavia was actually an opponent of the Western Bloc that formed The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is well known that the country’s secret service organized many covert operations in Western Europe during those decades under the rule of the Communist Party. Yugoslavia was a federation composed of six member states. Serbia was by far the biggest member and the leader of the federal country. It was seen as such by the West and the Western politicians ...

Bojan Nenezić
18.05.2022 14:11:16

Women and International Relations: Evolution of a Concealed Binomial

... grant, in 1917, the right to vote to women. Equal rights for men and women in all spheres of public life were thus proclaimed. In 1919, Lenin wrote: "In the years of Soviet power, much more has been done in one of the most backward countries of Europe for the emancipation of women than has been done in 130 years in all the 'democratic' republics of the world." (Lenin, Soviet Power and the Status of Women (1919)). Discourse over an equality in the working field was already a thematic presented ...

Bonelli Francesca
04.05.2022 18:31:07

Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... Russia and/or the West: Syria, arms sales, the South Caucasus, and Ukraine. This balance is of the utmost importance for Turkey, both to establish itself as a major independent regional player and to maintain its essential trade ties with Russia, the EU, and the U.S. The ongoing confrontation in Ukraine is perhaps the biggest test of this balance yet, but Turkey seems to have the capacity to maintain it so far. First, it must be understood that Turkey’s balance has a certain uniqueness in that despite ...

Breeding Nathan
20.04.2022 13:02:51

Algeria: Europe’s New Energy Supplier and Russia’s Long-Time Arms Buyer

Since Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, Europe has sought to wean itself of the dependence on Russian energy, looking for alternatives to Russian-sourced oil and gas. Although Germany has proven hesitant to follow suite, Spain, Italy, Greece, and France have begun diversifying their options ...

Куинн Кэролан Роберт
19.04.2022 15:36:19

Politics at the time of the evaporation of the function of the Name of the Father

... conditioned by something intimate and deep, which is the logic that sustains them. Thus, according to an internalist approach, logic (logos) generates civilization. And logos is the Master Signifier of the Western word.Source: Bénigne Gagneraux, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm Within the internalist framework, I place the cause of the contemporary conflict between the West and Russia. There is a conflict between the liberalist Western world and Putin’s Russia - both are part of the same logic (subordinative ...

Bonelli Francesca
23.03.2022 16:31:18

Forcing the Correct Choice: Deterring Right-Wing Radicals and Preventing Threats to Nuclear Facilities in Ukraine

... Federation, its army’s special military operation in Ukraine aims to both “demilitarize” and “denazify” the country. This operation is being carried out in a large state with a developed nuclear power industry, fairly powerful army (the largest in Europe outside of Russia and Turkey) and high firepower (22nd place in the world according to 2022 Military Strength Ranking (Global Firepower, 2022)). One of the primary objectives of the operation is to ensure the safety of Ukrainian atomic facilities ...

Пашенцев Евгений
09.03.2022 13:55:56

The East-Med Pipeline and the European-Turkish Relations

... which places the stability agenda of this declaration under direct threats. Furthermore, the recent Russian military operation in Ukraine and instabilities risen in the Balkan also poses newly emerging security, resource, and economic threats to all the European and Mediterranean regional states. Given that more than forty six percent of the European demand of natural gas is supplied by the Russian Federation, the future of the energy security procedures remains unclear in this region. The reliance of ...

Акбари Араш
01.03.2022 14:00:30

The Continuing Obsession with Russia

... has there been such an ‘infodemic’ as we are currently witnessing. The media sensationalism about war, and even a nuclear one, is astounding to many calm thinkers. It is fuelled by intemperate and irresponsible statements by various American and European politicians.1 Even government-supported think tanks, such as ELIAMEP in Greece, come out with sensationalist epithets such as ‘A War Waiting to Happen’ and ‘Finger on the Trigger’.2 Let us look behind the hysteria to better grasp what ...

Маллинсон Уильям
11.02.2022 14:33:26

Great powers rivalry in Central Asia: new strategy, old game. Did the Kazakhstan crisis change the regional chessboard?

... progress only to deny a gain of the rival state. There is no public good in a rivalry. The only good during a rivalry is to hinder the progress of the rival despite the negative consequences of these efforts on internal progress. (Brandon, 2013)Source: Reuters Rivalry in the international system does not mean a sudden change of the dominant state (hegemon) and does not (always) lead to war. The fact that there were no direct armed conflicts between the USSR / Russia and the US and, more recently, China,...

Adrian Pogacian
18.01.2022 14:36:53

Energy Sector in Spain: Current State and Future Prospects

Introduction Europe’s energy transition is under scrutiny following the region’s soaring electricity prices and the scarcity of fossil fuels. The inadequacy of renewable energies to efficiently respond to these problems has become apparent. Is it necessary to ...

Yaniz Gonzalez Jesus
18.10.2021 19:48:27

Understanding the Debate about Cryptocurrencies in Central Asia

In February 2020, the World Bank Group released a report entitled “FinTech in Europe and Central Asia: Maximizing Benefits and Managing Risks” highlighting the opportunities associated with the development of FinTech in countries torn between a desire for more regulation and a growing need to catch up in this sector, currently ...

Ламберт Майкл
30.09.2021 13:10:23

EU Policy towards Ukraine: Room for Improvement

With the reform process in Ukraine slowing down and no end to the conflict in the Donbass in sight, how successful has EU policy been in Ukraine?Source: 061.uaUkraine is deep in the integration process with the EU and although there are certainly many prominent voices in Ukraine which are judgemental of the country’s European turn, the people, the government and the ...

Eggerton William
26.08.2021 12:44:08

The Turkey-Russia Relationship: Why “Compartmentalization” and Not Conflict?

... on “compartmentalization” of differences that allows the two to pursue shared goals while clashing on many fronts.Source: rg.ru Turkey is a country primed to advance many Russian goals; it pursues a distinctively different foreign policy than the European Union and has provoked conflict with NATO allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya and Syria. Turkey does, however, clash with Russia over the annexation of Crimea, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, its position in Libya and its political initiatives,...

Boone Carter
05.08.2021 17:37:50

Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

Can it be done? It’s going to be tough, but let’s see. In June 1994, I obtained 21,561 votes in the European Elections in the London West constituency, the largest increase of any Liberal Democrat candidate in the elections. I was then still rather starry-eyed about European co-operation, and considered it important that Britain escape from America’s ...

Mallinson William
28.07.2021 17:34:33

The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

... global missile defense is a factor of insecurity in the world, and a possible arms race is certainly not in the general public’s interest on either side. Therefore, the world must seek to commit the United States to limit its missile defense segment in Europe and the Asia Pacific immediately. Recently, Russia has emerged as a pivotal player in unifying nations and resolving global challenges collectively. Small countries in the region are looking at Russia as a ray of hope and seeking protection against ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
21.07.2021 15:11:01

Renewable Energy in the Russian Arctic and Beyond: Can a Region Dominated by Oil and Gas Contribute to Russia’s Paris Agreement Targets?

... companies lack the technology available in other Arctic states and the incentive of measures such as a carbon tax. The lack of government incentive in the form of a carbon tax may negatively impact Russia in the near future as political entities such as the EU consider future tariffs on CO2 emissions. The lack of urgency in transitioning to renewable energy and the absence of enthusiasm for small-scale, capital intensive solutions in the Arctic will not only adversely affect the livelihood of Arctic communities ...

Boone Carter
05.07.2021 12:37:45

The Road to Peace and Cooperation in Europe and the World

... possibility that President Xi’s successor might become the global decider if the UN is not empowered before China converts its economic power into military power and replaces the U.S. as number one. In that context, the U.S. might go along with the European proposal to empower the UN to keep the peace and achieve other worthwhile objectives. It is within the possibility that the U.S. might accept this or, at least, join China in making a constructive counter-proposal regarding a joint EU/Russian ...

Freeman Benjamin
23.06.2021 15:40:55

A Step in the Right Direction, But Is It Enough?

... renewed commitment to the cause and attempt to abandon hydrocarbons as energy carriers was impacted by a number of developments including U.S. President Biden’s election and immediate action in returning the United States to the Paris Agreement, the EU revising its carbon emissions target from 40% to 55% by 2030, and China’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2060. Additionally, the European Union—which happens to be Russia’s largest trade partner—enacted a similar ban on plastics in April ...

William Mandelbaum
21.06.2021 16:15:50

Moldova: a chance to end the political deadlock

... 2019 political crisis, the parliament and the political situation in Moldova has been at a standstill. The country is stuck in an endless tug of war game between the East and West with the populace equally divided between the pull of Russia and the European Union. Along with this deep-rooted political division which causes road blocks for political advancement, the current situation in Moldova leaves much to be desired. Moldova is facing the worst population decline in Europe with its population ...

Eggerton William
21.06.2021 16:00:50


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