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EU Policy towards Ukraine: Room for Improvement

With the reform process in Ukraine slowing down and no end to the conflict in the Donbass in sight, how successful has EU policy been in Ukraine?Source: 061.uaUkraine is deep in the integration process with the EU and although there are certainly many prominent voices in Ukraine which are judgemental of the country’s European turn, the people, the government and the ...

Eggerton William
26.08.2021 12:44:08

The Turkey-Russia Relationship: Why “Compartmentalization” and Not Conflict?

... on “compartmentalization” of differences that allows the two to pursue shared goals while clashing on many fronts.Source: rg.ru Turkey is a country primed to advance many Russian goals; it pursues a distinctively different foreign policy than the European Union and has provoked conflict with NATO allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya and Syria. Turkey does, however, clash with Russia over the annexation of Crimea, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, its position in Libya and its political initiatives,...

Boone Carter
05.08.2021 17:37:50

Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

Can it be done? It’s going to be tough, but let’s see. In June 1994, I obtained 21,561 votes in the European Elections in the London West constituency, the largest increase of any Liberal Democrat candidate in the elections. I was then still rather starry-eyed about European co-operation, and considered it important that Britain escape from America’s ...

Mallinson William
28.07.2021 17:34:33

The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

... global missile defense is a factor of insecurity in the world, and a possible arms race is certainly not in the general public’s interest on either side. Therefore, the world must seek to commit the United States to limit its missile defense segment in Europe and the Asia Pacific immediately. Recently, Russia has emerged as a pivotal player in unifying nations and resolving global challenges collectively. Small countries in the region are looking at Russia as a ray of hope and seeking protection against ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
21.07.2021 15:11:01

Renewable Energy in the Russian Arctic and Beyond: Can a Region Dominated by Oil and Gas Contribute to Russia’s Paris Agreement Targets?

... companies lack the technology available in other Arctic states and the incentive of measures such as a carbon tax. The lack of government incentive in the form of a carbon tax may negatively impact Russia in the near future as political entities such as the EU consider future tariffs on CO2 emissions. The lack of urgency in transitioning to renewable energy and the absence of enthusiasm for small-scale, capital intensive solutions in the Arctic will not only adversely affect the livelihood of Arctic communities ...

Boone Carter
05.07.2021 12:37:45

The Road to Peace and Cooperation in Europe and the World

... possibility that President Xi’s successor might become the global decider if the UN is not empowered before China converts its economic power into military power and replaces the U.S. as number one. In that context, the U.S. might go along with the European proposal to empower the UN to keep the peace and achieve other worthwhile objectives. It is within the possibility that the U.S. might accept this or, at least, join China in making a constructive counter-proposal regarding a joint EU/Russian ...

Freeman Benjamin
23.06.2021 15:40:55

A Step in the Right Direction, But Is It Enough?

... renewed commitment to the cause and attempt to abandon hydrocarbons as energy carriers was impacted by a number of developments including U.S. President Biden’s election and immediate action in returning the United States to the Paris Agreement, the EU revising its carbon emissions target from 40% to 55% by 2030, and China’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2060. Additionally, the European Union—which happens to be Russia’s largest trade partner—enacted a similar ban on plastics in April ...

William Mandelbaum
21.06.2021 16:15:50

Moldova: a chance to end the political deadlock

... 2019 political crisis, the parliament and the political situation in Moldova has been at a standstill. The country is stuck in an endless tug of war game between the East and West with the populace equally divided between the pull of Russia and the European Union. Along with this deep-rooted political division which causes road blocks for political advancement, the current situation in Moldova leaves much to be desired. Moldova is facing the worst population decline in Europe with its population ...

Eggerton William
21.06.2021 16:00:50

Part II. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

... using the simple rule of demand and supply, the price of the person and his skills should increase. However, if you attach the skilled man (whose skills are in the deficit in the country) to the land and make him work on the land, which belonged to the feudal, landlord and then to the state in the Soviet times, you will eventually get cheap labor. Those economic relations were unofficially institutionalized into the society for many centuries ahead and arguably their echo may indirectly affect the current ...

Shedov Yaroslav
04.06.2021 15:23:39

A Pragmatic Approach to Peace in Ukraine

In 2013, conflict began to boil when the former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, put off an agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, which was interpreted as choosing Russia over “the West.” Very shortly thereafter, the Euromaidan revolution occurred, with pro-Western Ukrainian nationalist forces overtaking the Ukrainian government. This did not occur without consequence ...

Fors Kristian
17.05.2021 11:25:41

Part I. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

... Austria-Hungary) 3005 Galicia (as part of A-H) 1947 Eastern Hungary (as part of A-H) 1824 Russian Empire 1550 Kingdom of Serbia 1295 Source: 1. Richard Sylla and Gianni Toniolo “Patterns of European Industrialization: The Nineteenth Century”; 2. Stephen Broadberry and Alexander Klein “Aggregate and per capita GDP in Europe, 1870-2000: Continental, Regional and National Data with Changing Boundaries. There is a significant number of pieces ...

Shedov Yaroslav
14.05.2021 15:24:28

North Macedonia: the never-ending road to EU accession

... mainly between ethnic Macedonians and a large Albanian minority, regularly come to a head. Like many countries in the Western Balkans, North Macedonia is riddled with problems arising from corruption, nationalism and little prospects for GDP growth.REUTERS/Marko DjuricaYet despite this, the Macedonia of today demonstrates a real vigour for reform, with a clear contrast between the current left-leaning government under Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the nationalist right-wing government, which was ...

Eggerton William
12.05.2021 11:34:30

Su-57 = Next-gen Eurofighter

Eurasian Air-Power As I have demonstrated on other occasions, the “best” US combat aircraft for export, the F-35, is basically worthless. The decades old F-16 and F-18 in updated configurations are better. F-22 is truly remarkable but is in limited ...

Риис Карстен
27.04.2021 18:44:19

Strategic Relevance of France's Overseas Territories

... exotic as Vancouver in Canada. The same applies to the French who seem to have taken advantage of the potential offered by the remains of the former Empire, which extended from Asia (Indochina) to Latin America (French Guiana) only a few decades ago.REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes In contrast to the United Kingdom, France is usually not particularly keen on promoting what remains of its colonies, with only a few French nationals travelling to French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Mayotte ...

Ламберт Майкл
07.04.2021 14:23:02

Multilateralism Without the USA

Multilateralism can happen without a hegemonic power (the USA) REUTERS/Mike Segar It has already done so for a long time. As I have described earlier: "Nobody waits for Biden" (or the USA). The World is everywhere moving fast around the USA - leaving an ever more bewildered USA behind. US President Biden ...

Риис Карстен
08.02.2021 16:08:01

A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

... crises are causing a widespread feeling of insecurity and powerlessness in light of current events and their complexity. The world and therefore we, humankind, have lost our compass. Beyond the relations, whether cooperative or conflictual, between the European Union (EU), China and Russia, we should question the durability of power – values versus mercantilism, democracy versus dictatorship, capitalism versus communism, and the growing geopolitical clout of transnational players, whose sphere of ...

Banik Katja
03.02.2021 12:10:04

Economic effects of Ukraine-EU DCFTA and of counterfactual integration with the Eurasian Economic Union

... Ukrainian crisis in 2014 was the contradictory views between various groups, both within Ukraine and abroad, regarding the country’s possible future geopolitical and geoeconomics trajectory towards either closer integration with Russia as part of the EurasEC customs union (from 01.01.2015 the Eurasian Economic Union, EAEU) or integration with Europe in the framework an Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the European Union.Effects of the Ukraine – ...

Кофнер Юрий
12.01.2021 14:40:54

Arguments for a MIX of Industrial Ordnungspolitik and Market Elements. What About Skolkovo?

... because of some ingenious individuals in a garage only, but also due to the fact that the Pentagon and the state-sponsored military industrial complex wanted a decentralized communication and control infrastructure in case of a war. And when Germany and Europe made industrial Ordnungspolitik which we just call industry policy Germany and Europe had the AIRBUS and other projects which challenged the US monopoly of Boeing and other industries. Even the nuclear industry in Germany was largely possible because ...

Ostner Ralf
21.12.2020 12:24:02

Back to the future: German industrial Ordnungspolitik

... policy (industrial Ordnungspolitik), whereby a vertical, selective industrial policy may be used only in exceptional cases in order to respond appropriately to a disruptive structural change (e.g. the integration of East German industry as part of German reunification in the 1990s). Under the pretext of counteracting climate change and the Corona crisis, the policymakers in Berlin and Brussels are increasingly deviating from this model of success.Germany must return to the model of horizontal industrial ...

Кофнер Юрий
13.12.2020 10:21:26


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