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The Efficiency of German Contribution in the Afghan Peace Process

... diplomatic relations with almost all of the surrounding countries of Afghanistan; it has influence on all of the gulf countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE, which are supposed to be the major patrons of Taliban. In addition, Germany leads the EU commission and it is the number one economy in Europe and number 4 economy in the world. If it will put in 2% of its GDP to the NATO annual budget, Germany would be the second leverage enjoyer within NATO following the United States of America. So ...

Sohail Ajmal
11.11.2019 15:56:21

World Petroleum Council

... 2019Source: Incisiv national    New International OIL & Gas and Energy Markets New rules, arrangements, players, strategies and alliances New policies and regulations for Energy Security as well as for Energy and Environment Business Intelligence in Europe and all over “ WE DETECT, LOCATE AND CLASSIFY IN REAL TIME DANGERS ALONG THE ENTIRE OIL, GAS AND ENERGY INDUSTRY’S MONITORING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONALLY, preparing for the 2020 WPC Congress and Exhibition in Texas, the USA. After requesting the ...

Dobircianu Sorin
05.11.2019 11:38:27

Africa and Russia: Russia is important to make Africa The Place to be

Africa moves to a top position on the global Agenda Russia can work with Africa in areas which the EU neglects. Germany in 2017 issued an open document "Africa and Europe - A new partnership for development, peace and a better future". The objective was sympathetic, but Germany's concept had a marked lack of focus on what counts for Africa ...

Риис Карстен
24.10.2019 15:56:55

Russia joins the Paris Climate Change Agreement: clear the way for an EU-Russia Eco-Alliance?

In the following a programmatic article by the more Putinbiased Russia expert and Gazprom consultant for the EU Prof. Alexander Rahr, in which he propagates an eco-alliance between Russia and the EU. After that my assessment. "Ecology unites EU and Russia” (September 2019)      The ever-growing ecological movement in Germany, supported by broad sections ...

Ostner Ralf
11.10.2019 10:04:35

Russia in a Eurasian Triple Entente, with excerpts from Vadim Tsymbursky and Halford Mackinder

... claim victory and pick up the spoils. America emerged as the principal beneficiary of that war, while things did not go according to plan for the British, who ever since have been relegated to an irrelevant role as vassals of the US. The USSR won the European war, while the US won the peace that followed in Western Europe. America decisively defeated Japan in the Pacific, while the USSR won back valuable oil rich Eastern lands, previously lost to Japan by a Tsarist Russia weakened by internal stresses ...

Murlidhar Neel
02.10.2019 14:11:03

Is the deadlock being reached NOW?

... ultimately lead to throwing away all the time that London and Brussels used to negotiate all the conditions of Brexit. So, it makes sense for both parties to proceed, if it is possible to proceed from the deadlock… Source: hesun.ie To negotiate with the EU successfully and to reach a deal that would be satisfactory for the UK, you need leverage. You need at least some leverage to pressure the EU as I believe the EU will not make concessions voluntarily but only when they see that they have to do so. ...

Голуб Мария
27.09.2019 17:48:24

What these British are waiting for? I mean Brexit.

... autumn 2018 everyone was on discussing Brexit. In introduction courses in the University, professors have mentioned not once and not twice in what great time we – all the international students – live as we could witness the United Kingdom leaving EU – a truly historical moment.  London as an international hub and a global city is undoubtedly pro-EU for reference, basing on 2016 referendum results and my experience. If I was not sure what to talk about with a person whom I just met, I just asked ...

Голуб Мария
18.09.2019 12:59:52

Open-air Jail: China’s Suppression of Uighurs and the Lack of International Response

... to the methods described in George Orwell's 1984, where the main hero was being persuaded that "two plus two equals five". For a long time, China kept the existence of the camps secret. Once the world's leading media sources such as BBC, Deutsche Welle, France24 and Bloomberg uncovered them, Beijing acknowledged them but presented them as educational centers. Nevertheless, in order to hide the truth from the world community, foreign journalists are still not allowed to visit the camps....

Гасанов Камран
19.08.2019 16:38:19

Boris gearing up for General Elections in Fall of 2019

... continue, he will simply be forced to write out – and win – general elections in the Fall of 2019. No promise of Brexit-Nirvana will be too big or too ill-founded to achieve that. Boris stands Zero chance of changing May’s Brexit deal with the EU Boris also stands Zero chance of getting the current Parliament to give him any majority for crashing out of the EU without a deal, which is what Boris by all means wants. Moreover, Parliamentary majority recently voted that Parliament will stay continuously ...

Риис Карстен
30.07.2019 11:58:07

Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

... that anti-American forces will gain the upper hand in Germany and push it into the arms of Russia and China, Wolfgang Ischinger said in an interview. The chairman of the Munich Security Conference and former ambassador to Washington was speaking to Reuters days before the publication of his book "World in Danger", in which he urges Germans not to giving up on the United States because of Trump, while also pressing them to accept more global responsibility. The longer Trump remains in office,...

Sohail Ajmal
23.07.2019 13:17:31

Nordstream and Turkstream can help improve relations between Russia and its neighbors

Purpose of Turkstream and Nord Stream: Russia has two major natural gas pipelines either finished or still under construction that will provide a substantial amount of energy for its customers in Europe. The Turkstream pipeline stretches 680 miles from near Anapa, Russia to Kiyikoy, Turkey. This pipeline will pump 31.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually when operational in December 2019. The Nord Stream pipeline currently holds the record ...

Диаз Натан
24.06.2019 17:25:51

Scotland's Independence - the Irish Border ... and the US

It is great foot-work of Scotland to communicate the message of Independence to the EU Resistance to Scottish Independence will come – and perhaps even also from a corner not in England, but across the pond. The UK is a key US ally. Scotland has a strategic location for UK sea-air control of the northern entrance to the North-Sea, ...

Риис Карстен
17.06.2019 13:25:44

Moldova received EAEU observer status. What next?

_ Yuri Kofner, head, Eurasian Sector, CCEIS, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, analyst of the OECD – HSE Research Centre. The views of the author may not necessarily reflect the official position of the HSE. Moscow, 3 June 2018.On May 14, 2018,...

Кофнер Юрий
03.06.2018 19:12:27

A Russian Flag at Prague Castle?

The significance of an upcoming, run-off, presidential election in Czech Republic is largely underestimated in Washington. But its prevalent view of it as a not too significant event in a small European country is dead wrong! Contenders include the sitting president, outspoken, and politically incorrect Milos Zeman, who garnered 39% of the vote in the first of a two-phase election. His rival is chemist Jiri Drahos, the correct, low key, former ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
22.01.2018 17:53:33

EU - EAEU: the perspective from Berlin

_ Yuri Kofner, head, Eurasian sector, Higher School of Economics. Moscow, 4 September 2017. On April 7th, 2017, a working group of representatives from leading German companies signed the 10-point “Berlin Memorandum” containing proposals for the next steps towards ...

Кофнер Юрий
04.09.2017 10:09:43

EAEU - EU common space: pro et contra

On 16 May 2017, Jurij Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies, research fellow, IIASA (Vienna, Austria) gave a presentation at the young experts school "International Cooperation of the Eurasian Economic Union" that took place from 15 to 19 May 2017 at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus ...

Кофнер Юрий
21.08.2017 09:15:31

Moldova - EAEU: prospects for cooperation

_ Yuri Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies, research fellow, IIASA. Moscow, 14 August 2017.IntroductionOn April 3rd, 2017 the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan and the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon signed in Chisinau a ...

Кофнер Юрий
14.08.2017 17:54:58

The European project and Russia : the necessity to identify common geopolitical interests to overcome the current crisis

Introduction: the absence of geopolitical reflexion at EU level The current geopolitical situation is a pivotal moment when the objective of unity in the European project is not working anymore. Liberal and Human rights normative ideologies as the basis of the project are more and more contested by national-realists ...

Thomann Pierre-Emmanuel
21.04.2017 15:44:44

New Age Globalization: Lessons for South Asia

... years. India is Asia’s second important most economy and market after China; militarily India having intern-continental strategic access, in space technology its mission to Mars has placed it fifth among the outer space nations after USA, Russia, EU, and China. Besides, being strategically closer to USA and Russia both at the same time, India has emerged as an alternative to China, if not counter to it, in the politics of world balance of power. The economic growth rate, development pace, and ...

Shah Zulfiqar
13.04.2017 16:59:40


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