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Analysis: The King's Visit to Moscow is a Major Turning Point in Middle-East Politics

The Saudi-Russian recent rapprochement is definitely not a coincidence and the decision to reset those relations had been made three years ago. It all started with King Salman taking power in Saudi Arabia in January of 2015. The newly assigned, aged and experienced King has been known for his reformist vision and thought. Therefore the world has sensed a new Saudi strategy in the past three years, whether in local, regional or global affairs....

06.11.2017 20:38:25

The Baneful Apocalyptic Triad of USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Sputnik Opinion Piece published on May 22, 2017 For someone who vowed to “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism” from the face of the earth on inauguration day, Flipper-in-Chief Donald J. Trump’s first trip abroad as US president was to Saudi Arabia where, he peddled arms worth $350 billion over a decade. Trump effectively blessed Saudi Arabia as a pillar of moderate Islam as part of his “Muslim reset”. One Arab writer even hailed Saudi-US ties as one that “shaped the wider world” ...

24.05.2017 11:29:23

Kissinger’s Mystery

... Communist takeover in 1949 United States had refused to acknowledge the new government openly demonstrating the sympathy for the Taiwan exiles.Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger met on 10th of May. Less than a fortnight later President Trump left for Saudi Arabia seeking to restore relations with America’s chief Muslim ally which were seriously damaged by the controversial immigration ban affected citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries. In the highly anticipated speech Trump praised ...

22.05.2017 19:36:01

India-Iran ties: The key challenges

... States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach," Alliance of GCC and Israel It is not just the US policy which India has to contend with it is the alliance between GCC countries and Israel. While Saudi Arabia has remained at loggerheads with Israel, recently both are part of the Anti-Iran alliance. Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia along with its GCC partners countries demanded at the Munich Security Conference, that Tehran is punished for propping ...

02.05.2017 14:22:56

Donald Trump: The 'Unreliable Flip-Flop Loser' President Who 'Lacks Stamina'

Within three days of a bizarre chemical gas poisoning incident in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, the United States ratcheted up its global judge, jury and executioner role by firing a salvo of Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase that was used to combat Daesh terrorists.  No due process or investigation was sought; not even a declaration of war that can only be sanctioned by Congress – something President Donald J. Trump had reminded his predecessor Barack Obama over the latter’s policy of unilateral military...

12.04.2017 16:27:48

Sinister Twilight in the Desert: The Coming End of ‘Wahhabism’ and its Aftermath

... The Wahhabi and his ilk stand in the way of a reinvigorated US global outreach. The obscurantists need to go. Redacted portions of the official 9/11 report must be released to implicate the Saudis; legislation allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia must be allowed to gain momentum; and former ally Pakistan needs to be declared as a terrorist state. Obstacles and presidential vetoes notwithstanding! The Economics of Betrayal US taxpayers can no longer support Gulf Arab security or ...

27.09.2016 07:55:00

War in Yemen: a New Vietnam?

... clear-cut even from the beginning. Understandably, all the regional powers were keeping a close look on the events even before the first shots had been fired. That was almost a given when considering the strategic position of Yemen at the border with Saudi Arabia and the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, a crucial passage for the maritime oil trade through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Photo from: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/war/yemen4.htm To continue to the more interesting angles,...

15.03.2016 13:01:00

Crowdfunding with the enemy

... characteristics of crowdfunding schemes that change on a daily basis, much like markets that post profits and losses. Welcome to crowdfunding with the enemy. Here'show it works. Reuters and CNN buzzed up a tenuous agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to freeze oil output at current “maximum” production levels( no reduction in production). But this initiative can't move forward without the approval of Iran, who want to increase production and earn hard currency. What ...

16.02.2016 22:23:00

The smog of war

President Barack Obama, seeking to shape his legacy, said that COP 21 makes the United States, which did not ratify the earlier Kyoto Protocol, “the world leader in fighting climate change.” But Obama will not be around to lead the COP 21 fight, which is not scheduled to start until 2020. By that time another U.S. president will be campaigning for reelection. Adding drama to the conversation, U.S. secretary of state John Kerry calls climate change “an existential threat...a...

23.01.2016 03:25:00

There Is No Logical Argument Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

... not initiated one single invasion since this regime took power. Yes, it has used terrorism and non-state militia actors to further its interests, but so has pretty much every Middle Eastern country (including American allies like Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia) as well as the United States in recent decades. Iran has also cooperated with the U.S. against the Talbian, al-Qaeda, and, most recently, against ISIS. And Iran’s foreign policy record has been less the unpredictable, dangerous type ...

29.05.2015 19:32:00

Is Oil Low Price Going to Sustain the Economic Recovery?

... interests on their national debt that the net loss from selling less product would be unbearable in the short run, even if it may yield better returns in the long term. Some others would instead benefit, but deliberately chose not do so, most notably Saudi Arabia. Countries belonging to this group may be employing this strategy to gain a competitive advantage over a broader time horizon. If you are interested in an in-depth analysis I refer you to my previous article A Chess Match for the Control ...

17.02.2015 14:11:00

In Time, Expect Big Changes in America's Middle East Relationships

... since WWI, what will America do now? Going forward, here’s what we can expect: 1.) America will try very hard to distance itself from the Gulf. It’s amazing that it’s taken us so long to realize how much our money going into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf states comes back to haunt us: though Joe Biden recently got in trouble for saying so, support for ISIS and other Islamic extremists and terrorists from very wealthy individuals motivated by the Saudi state-sponsored ...

19.01.2015 17:46:00

A Chess Match for the Control of Oil

... into the excess of offer, which inevitably led the price to decline and eventually drop dramatically, since the onset of the crisis around June 2014. One key aspect is that producing countries, and notably OPEC's highly influential member Saudi Arabia, refrained to cut their output, which has inevitably aggravated the situation. There are currently two theories trying to make sense of the position of Saudi Arabia, that I will analyze in a moment. Both of them are reasonable, and non ...

30.12.2014 21:27:00

Diplomacy and hegemony in the “Horn of Africa”

In what is being branded as an effort to provide palliative assistance to reduce hunger and boost democracy building living standards Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank and Ban Ki Moon, secretary general of the United Nations, have launched a plan that expands the strategically significant “Horn of Africa” to encompass 18 percent of the total continent. Their recent trip to Addis Ababa and Mogadishu to buzz up the project was reported with optimism by major western media and...

17.11.2014 10:54:00

The ISIS Crisis and the faiblesse of global governance

... Henry Kissinger, who commended RIAC members during discussions a few months ago, recently posited that Iran is a bigger threat than ISIS because, as a political and religious institution, it has been around longer, and has long held the goal of removing Saudi Arabia as the center of world Islam. Days before that statement, in a Wall Street Journal teaser article promoting his new book, Kissinger warned that the current world order is collapsing. He used the word “governance” several times ...

11.09.2014 10:13:00

How ISIL is financing its war machine – Terror 2.0

... gets ransoms from kidnappings. But that’s not enough to maintain its men and buy arms.” With ISIL’s growing independence, comes a shrinking ability to control the organization from the outside. This new development actually prompted Saudi Arabia to adopt a stronger stance against the terror group, even though it was keen a few months ago to use its men against President Bashar Al Assad in Syria. In a rather ironic turn of event, the very warnings which President Al Assad issued ...

04.07.2014 19:38:00

Sowing religious tensions in Bahrain as a defence strategy – a King’s tale

Amid yet more reports of grave human rights violations against Bahrain Shia community, a rather worrying development has come to light in the kingdom island as King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa is attempting to sow discord amid the Christian and Shia Muslim community, intent on pitting two friendly and traditionally peaceful communities against each other, to serve his own personal political gain. Earlier this month local media in Bahrain confirmed that King Hamad had decided to grant the Roman Catholic...

26.05.2014 21:17:00

Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

... Times in an article dated March 31st. The ECFR, which has called for a greater role for Al Qaeda in Algeria to “promote democracy,” is funded mainly by George Soros. The New York Times sourced Levy about the latest attempt by Israel and Saudi Arabia to cooperate on a casus belli project involving their common enemy, Iran. This budding activity has “mission creep” written all over it. Tel Aviv and Riyadh are frustrated by the codependency that’s a consequence of longstanding ...

22.05.2014 01:04:00

FIFA, sports diplomacy and the Bout connection

... Ukraine and Syria dominating media coverage, billions of dollars are moving around to influence the outcomes in those crises. Much of that money comes from sources who have a stake in the outcome of the FIFA investigation; Qatar and their arch rival Saudi Arabia, the United States which has pivoted to a Cold War-style posturing and Russia, which western media sets up as the “bad actor” in the Ukraine situation. Add Edward Snowden and Victor Bout to the mix and Octoberfest becomes Propgandafest....

31.03.2014 22:05:00

Nuclear geopolitics. Shifting sands along Africa’s Uranium Road

A groundswell of popular articles and academic monographs are appearing that discuss nuclear guided missile warfare, modernizing delivery platforms, warheads and sophisticated guidance systems. On the power curve one sees a major realignment of diplomatic relationships among major powers that seek to control threats but provide opportunities for new situations to develop. Refugees and fundamentalist agitators have become pawns in the game. The trend is reinforced by news and expert analysis about...

19.02.2014 18:44:00


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