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Pragmatic Proposals to Optimize Russia’s Pledged Rehabilitation of Ethiopia

... of the US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia that was waged to punish the country for its balanced foreign policy between the US and China. It’s here where Russia can rely on its recent experiences in helping to rehabilitate Syria and the Central African Republic (CAR) in order to optimize its pledged rehabilitation of Ethiopian. Those two countries are much more war-torn than Ethiopia is, the latter of which only saw fighting in its northern regions instead of the entirety of its territory like ...

Korybko Andrew
12.01.2022 16:56:43

The U.S. Wants To Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia

... in the northern Tigray Region in an article that she published at Politico in August titled “In Ethiopia, Echoes Of Yugoslavia”. In reality, it is those U.S.-backed foreign forces, including corrupt UN officials, that are meddling in the Horn of Africa country who are the ones pushing this outcome. PM Abiy is, in fact, counteracting their efforts to advance the Yugoslav scenario in Ethiopia.Source: Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia Her article was rebutted by Ethiopia’s Ambassador to ...

Korybko Andrew
18.10.2021 19:21:46

Analyzing The American Hybrid War on Ethiopia

... that result in advancing its federal vision throughout the rest of the country. The U.S. could exploit the broad autonomy that these regions might receive in order to individually pressure them to distance themselves from China. Ethiopia is, after all, Africa’s second most populous country and used to have one of the world’s fastest rates of economic growth before the COVID-19 pandemic. From a continental standpoint, the U.S. might believe that turning Ethiopia against China could eventually become ...

Korybko Andrew
11.10.2021 18:32:56

Will U.S. Sanctions Against Ethiopia Provide Russia with Regional Opening?

... decentralization of Ethiopia’s federal system but then reversed course as a result of fears that his unprecedented “glasnost- and perestroika-like” rhetoric was inadvertently provoking “Balkanization” in this extremely cosmopolitan country that is also Africa’s second most populous.Photo: Tiksa Negeri/REUTERSIn short, the TPLF fled to its native Tigray Province and launched an insurgency against the same government that it ironically used to lead. This prompted the central authorities to commence ...

Korybko Andrew
04.06.2021 16:38:56

Strategic Relevance of France's Overseas Territories

... (the United States and the USSR) demands. For decades, the French used military power to maintain their empire and to counter autonomist movements. French soldiers withdrew from French Indochina in the aftermath of the Geneva Agreement of 1954, from African and Maghreb countries in the 1950s and 1960s, and Algeria after a war that claimed half a million to two million lives. The territories Paris has managed to preserve to this day are often the result of combined military and economic pressures,...

Ламберт Майкл
07.04.2021 14:23:02

Global Water Situation – Paradox

Global Water Situation One of the Millennium Development Goals drawn up by the WHO (World health Organization) is to halve the percentage of people without access to drinkable water. Since the end of 2011, 89% of the world population uses safe source of drinkable water, while 55% has water directly into their home. Despite this important result: The lack of safe water sources causes tens of thousands of deaths every day, especially children. 768 million people (source: UNICEF) are still without access...

Benecchi Andrea
19.04.2017 15:56:56

Sports Diplomacy. Can Sepp Blatter bring unity to a fractious FIFA?

After being told by Henry Kissinger that it was time to “modernize” FIFA president Sepp Blatter has turned football into a money machine that is expanding in Africa the Middle East and Asia, and maintaining a profitable scenario for marketing partners in a troubled global economy. Reflecting on how football has become a global force during his long tenure as FIFA president, Blatter tweeted on March 23rd ...

Эрманн Эрик
04.04.2015 18:30:00

Diplomacy and hegemony in the “Horn of Africa

... assistance to reduce hunger and boost democracy building living standards Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank and Ban Ki Moon, secretary general of the United Nations, have launched a plan that expands the strategically significant “Horn of Africa” to encompass 18 percent of the total continent. Their recent trip to Addis Ababa and Mogadishu to buzz up the project was reported with optimism by major western media and assets. Another iffy “start up” from the UN and the ...

Эрманн Эрик
17.11.2014 10:54:00

The ISIS Crisis and the faiblesse of global governance

... speech is that it’s not over. German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble has voiced major concerns over the future of the Euro. Open season for George Soros and his hedge fund and arbitrage friends. A three front war. Ukraine. ISIS-Middle East. Africa. Beyond the focus of the Obama speech, the entire continent of Africa remains a region of escalating conflict. The World Bank estimates that there are 3 million refugees displaced by wars. The United Nations has just authorized a shoot to kill ...

Эрманн Эрик
11.09.2014 10:13:00

Africa: the Potential Arms-sell Competition among the EU, Russia and China?

... European Union (France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy) take the 66 percent of international arms transfer in the period of 2009~2013 (Siemon T. Wezeman, 2014). Compared with the 2004~2008, the percentage of arms importers of major weapon regional, Africa increase from 7% to 9% in the same period (see the below). As recipient, the poorly limited defense budget in African continent, will acting as the main obstacle against arms import to the predictable. For the reason of energy supply, geostrategic ...

Wang Peiran
24.04.2014 14:00:00

Nuclear geopolitics. Shifting sands along Africa’s Uranium Road

... production of uranium comes from mines located in Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia. Even with French president Francoise Hollande sitting at 18 percent popularity in the polls France has conducted interventions in its former colonies; the Central African Republic, Mali and Niger all of which contain uranium deposits. China has become the new player in the club and its presence is being felt along Africa’s Uranium Road, the meridian that stretches from the Western Sahara to Sudan, where ...

Эрманн Эрик
19.02.2014 18:44:00

The Janus face of Pan-Africanism

... and traditions. It’s month is represented by January and we are getting close to it now. Frantz Fanon, ideologue of the Algerian war of independence, called for violent revolution. Nelson Mandela, a descendent of the noble Tembu tribe in South Africa decided it could be achieved peacefuly. Mandela has just been enshrined in the pantheon of democracy. Fanon, whose strategy opened the door for him, is a forgotten martyr. It’s an ironic coincidence that Nelson Mandela died last week on December ...

Эрманн Эрик
11.12.2013 05:07:00

D.R. Congo - Land of Many Perils

... unquestionably a nuclear bomb, but if we look at the real weapons of mass destruction it is in fact small arms, these cause more desolation then any explosion. I am sure, there are some who expect me to tell a story about AK-47 wielding maniacs from South Africa, who travelled to Congo in a bid to secure riches of this vast realm and at the end even save a damsel in distress. Sure, ZA mercenaries can be found throughout Africa, and Congo is by no means an exception, nor is the fear these mercenaries instil ...

Ossipov Igor
29.08.2013 00:02:00

Will the Central African Republic Become Another Mali?

On 24 March, in the aftermath of a conflict beginning in December 2012, the Central African Republic (CAR) suffered a coup. Its president, François Bozizé, was overthrown, and power was seized by a group of rebels headed by Michel Djotodia. We discussed the prospects for the new government and the potential escalation of ...

РСМД Эксперты
15.04.2013 17:54:00

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