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Short notice: Green Russia and the Green EU-chance for an ecological cooperation?

I read the State of the Union address of Putin. praised him that he is member of the Paris agreement, different to Trump or Bolsanaro and even Karaganov is discovering a green Russia, ecology and Siberia and the dachas. Therefore the idea is not dead. But there should be a clear signal from Russia. And as the EU has decided to become a Green Europe in 2050 and the Greens will be the decisive power in the next German goverment this supports this idea. Sasha Rahr, EU adviser to Gazprom, Russia expert...

Ostner Ralf
04.02.2020 12:41:52

What is going through Vladimir Putin's mind? "Maximum power seeking with less internal opposition"

It was very sudden. Even the ministers of the Russian government appear to have been surprised at the news of the government's resignation. Maybe it's because of the New Year - old ones go and new ones? But it was clear that Vladimir Putin had made another decision. It is four years away from leaving power, and it has been twenty years in power. It was as if he intended to plan for the future. Mikhail Mishustin is a technocrat who managed to make the hated Russian tax system ...

Bijan Aref
30.01.2020 12:10:55

The West and Russia between a regional or an Eurasian power

During the Cold War the West always complained about 5 th columns of Moscow, infiltration of universities, companies, security apparatus, media and political parties and movements by the KGB, Eastern support for the peace movemnent, while the own interference in the Eastern bloc via the CIA for the Solidarnosc, Charta 77, the East German churches and opposition , mudjahedin, Muslimbrotherhood and Islamists and anticommunist movements and groups were kept secret. While the Cold war ended in a peaceful...

Ostner Ralf
25.12.2019 13:01:54

Karaganov and Russia´s new mission as supplier of international security

In an interview with the outlet vz.ru, Sergei Karaganov, a former Putin adviser, and dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the Higher Research University, revives a theme from Soviet times that Russia is the bulwark of global peace and the struggle for peace must be the defining idea of Russian foreign policy. When the Soviet Union collapsed, countries that were considered peace-loving went berserk. Russia’s military revival helped restore stability and balance although...

Ostner Ralf
25.10.2019 10:28:56

Friends in Need: Whither the Russia-India Strategic Partnership?

This paper explores the latest developments in key spheres of the Russia-India relationship in order to identify the state of bilateral ties at a time when South Asia has turned into an area of geopolitical contest of both global and regional powers.Source: Kremlin.ru While preserving some elements of “old friendship”, current Russia-India cooperation lacks any significant engagement in trade and economy, scientific and cultural exchanges, while their political outlook toward the regional processes...

22.10.2019 13:25:56

Who is Mr. Putin?

To slice through the ice sharp argumentation of the information campaign against Mr. Putin, is to reach for a ray of light. The truth, veritas, in its uncompromising way is the most important asset today. The role of President Putin and the elected government of the Russian democratic state is paramount for the world.Source: news.webalta.ruPresident Putin arises as a mediator between how the “international community” wants Russia to be and to behave, and the will of the Russian society. While Russia...

Leenders Anna
26.02.2019 15:57:12

The Future Can Be Shaped with Evidence-Based Dialog

... the incapacity of the United Nations “system,” the importance of national sovereignty as a building block for peace, and the lack of any sustainable foundation for global management. What he does not do, perhaps deliberately given that President Vladimir Putin is now and will always be the senior intelligence officer in Russia, is address the fundamental fact that it is the failure of intelligence in the USA and Russia particularly, in China and Iran with confidence, and in Western Europe with ...

Steele Robert David
10.01.2019 11:58:54

Trump-Putin-Xi: Reflections on What Is Not Visible…

I always appreciate the thoughts of Andrey Kortunov and read “Trump-Putin Meetings: Do Elephants Need Celibacy”[1] with great interest. While I agree with most of what my colleague has written, I want to make a few points that should be encouraging to all. I especially want to note that our two Presidents met on the 11th despite no meeting being scheduled – I dare to hope it focused on stopping any NATO plans for starting World War III.[2]IMAGE CREDIT: Washington Times 01 Xi is the largest elephant...

Steele Robert David
20.11.2018 10:12:08

While Moscow Talks About Treaties, the Deep State is Starting World War III – Now – This Month!

... of TRIDENT JUNCTURE. I am deeply worried that TRIDENT JUNCTURE includes the distribution of nuclear artillery munitions to US forces now deployed. It is my personal view, given the most delicate matters before all of us at this time, that President Vladimir Putin should express directly to President Donald Trump his concern when they meet in Paris on Sunday 11 November, the anniversary date of the end of World War I, which was itself started by a false flag event. Although a formal meeting is not ...

Steele Robert David
09.11.2018 13:44:55

JULY 2018: That Was

It has been a hectic summer with the month of July full of events keeping reporters busy in covering the FIFA extravaganza in Russia, first-ever full scale Helsinki summit between the US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, BRICS summit in Johannesburg in South Africa and scores of political developments in major capitals, which directly or indirectly, had to some degree an impact on India and its public opinion about Russia. Source Now the rush of events ...

Шукла Винай
31.07.2018 09:58:40

Xi, Putin, & Trump For Life – A Few Thoughts

What If We Could Bury the Deep State & Create Peace & Prosperity for All? As I contemplate the possibilities of Xi Jinping as General Secretary for the People’s Republic of China, and both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump as Presidents of their respective countries, the Russian Federation and the United States of America (USA), all serving together far into the future,[1] I am quite certain that the prospects for long-term peace and prosperity ...

Steele Robert David
26.03.2018 01:45:37

The Tussle Over Syria

Putin’s Syrian intervention was limited to areas around the port of Tartus and the Latakia air base, both heavily upgraded by Russia. His aim was not a full occupation, but a gradual expansion of a strategic corridor from Damascus to Aleppo. He did not fear US repercussions. Obama’s 2013 red line back-step had convinced him the president would be passive in the face of aggression. One hour before the intervention began, Obama was haughtily advised to clear the air spaces. Putin did not attempt to...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
07.12.2017 18:17:04

“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un

“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un surely believes we are doing what Abe most feared! So does Vladimir Putin. In an article written two weeks ago but published only yesterday by the BESA Center for Strategic Studies and Linkedin, we made two points about North Korea. 1. That the president’s coercive diplomacy against North Korea worked temporarily....

Valenta Jiri and Leni
29.11.2017 16:38:36

Are Americans Destroying Themselves from Within, as Lincoln Feared?

... Trump’s impeachment grow. Where is the US headed? Flickr / Elvert Barnes Trump and Putin’s Joint Statement on Syria Among the accomplishments of Donald Trump’s just completed Far East tour was a joint statement on November 11 with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria. (Their planned Danang summit was canceled, however. As prominent advisor to the Russian foreign affairs ministry Andrey Kortunov explained, “Putin is presently toxic for Trump;” i.e., any contact with him harms Trump at home....

РСМД Дайджест
29.11.2017 16:22:01

Russiagate: Another Watergate?

Executive summary: Just as occurred during the Watergate crisis of 1973-74, America – the world’s indispensable power – is again facing a constitutional crisis, with a paralyzed president writhing beneath the Damoclean sword of Russiagate.  New evidence sheds fresh light on the origins and making of both “gates,” as does a closer exploration of the Nixon-Brezhnev and Trump-Putin bromances. Russian leaders have always closely followed US presidential elections, yet they have only twice attempted...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
17.08.2017 14:23:22

Washington and Moscow: Confrontation or Cooperation?

... open. Seeking answers requires a fundamental reexamination of Washington’s 21st century Middle East wars, where at every turn Russian-American relations formed the hidden context. The story began in 2001-2002, when new presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin formed a successful partnership during the post 9/11 war against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan – only to see it unravel over the course of the two superpowers’ interventions in the Middle East and Russia’s interference in Georgia ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
26.06.2017 10:26:33


... the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.  If NSA General H.R. McMaster and Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, already told you this, you should have listened. Finally, you should not be afraid of being critical of Russia’s authoritarian leader, Vladimir Putin when he deserves it, although he is one leader with whom you should meet. But be sure if you meet him that you are really well briefed! You cannot wing it. You are a very energetic leader with great business experience. But in your heart ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
02.05.2017 21:54:35


Does anyone know if Putin or others in Russian elite understand the importance of the Battle of Brandywine as it pertains to today's times? The same question in regards to the Battle was asked to previous American administration, none have yet answered correctly. Current administration has yet to be asked. This was the question given to Reagan by top assessment personnel to counter all those who preferred to keep the Cold War going and was the catalyst for Reagan to have the courage to go against...

Shields Scott
02.05.2017 11:09:03

Is Vladimir Putin a dictator or not?

... real dictatorships, thousands or even tens of thousands disappear, and are tortured or killed. Criticism of the regime can be picked up by the secret police and can lead to the worst of consequences. This bears no relationship to the regime over which Vladimir Putin presides in Russia. In addition to the aspects of life Daniil mentions, there are other features that distinguish Putin’s Russia from real dictatorships. Daniil doesn’t have to have the slightest worry about making critical ...

Eidlin Fred
25.09.2016 03:39:00

Will Erdogan resort to regional nuclear blackmail?

... normalize relations with fellow NATO member Turkey at the earliest opportune moment. This will assuredly happen after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan determines the extent of Russian geopolitical concession, if any, during an Aug 9 meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Everyone is playing a game of waiting, or more specifically, a “game of chicken” which incidentally was a Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) scenario developed during the Cold War. Hardly any mainstream Western writer or ...

Maavak Mathew
02.08.2016 15:11:00


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