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Can LNG ensure European security of supply?

... supply disruptions by implementing “gas stress tests” (modelled by ENTSOG) and to foster solidarity (Regulation 994/2010) between European member states regarding redistribution of storage capacity under Emergency plan. According to CEER, LNG could become a key source of European flexibility and diversification. Thus, this article will summarise and explain the role plaid by the LNG in the establishment of the European security of supply. In 2014 EU had already 8 LNG suppliers, however,...

09.10.2016 21:21:00

Russian Gas Projects in the Context of New Paradigm

... what is coupled by its strategy of diversification from Russia in the aftermath of Ukrainian crisis. At the same time, growing demand for gas in post-Fukushima Japan (who shut down its remaining nuclear reactors) has become a target for the American LNG whose price remains competitive given the abundance of gas resulting from the so-called shale revolution. The US government also conceived a number of programs to help finance oil and gas projects in other countries and to provide technical expertise ...

09.10.2016 20:58:00

Circumventing sanctions: Yamal LNG becomes a precedent

The Yamal LNG project has recently demonstrated that Russia’s eastward pivot may in fact provide a solution to the financial constrains, imposed as a result of the Ukraine-related Western sanctions against Russian companies and individuals. Russian, French ...

16.05.2016 10:22:00

American LNG exports: still a good idea?

LNG exports: Mr. Obama’s campaign promise? There is nothing new about the gas export from the United States. Canada, Mexico and Japan have been receiving American gas for almost a century. However, shale revolution came out as a surprise not only ...

01.04.2016 15:34:00

Tatiana Mitrova: Russian LNG: The Long Road to Export

On 1 December 2013 a law on the export liberalization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) came into legal force in Russia. The law allows some categories of companies other than Russia's state gas giant Gazprom and its subsidiary companies to have LNG export rights. This is - without exaggeration - a historic decision for the Russian ...

16.12.2013 18:39:00

The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... 1990s, but its 9 Alaskan fields are now in sharp decline and Norway’s Snovhit Field is not matching the Russian spike in production as it is only producing single digits output vs. 45 million tons extracted by Russia. In fact, Alaska’s Kenal LNG Terminal was closed due to its inability to compete against the new Sakhalin LNG. Moreover, competition in the near future from Russia is set to rise further following the anticipated increase in shipments via the Northern Sea Route. To cite some ...

11.12.2013 06:16:00

A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... 2006 a total of 22,995 oil tanker journeys were recorded via the strait, which is only second to 29,672 container vessels, as we know Asia is a leading producer of low-cost consumer goods. Also, in the last decade the world has recorded an upsurge of LNG tankers with Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar and Australia shipping liquefied gas via Malacca to Japan and Korea. In all, most ship types are growing in demand with Khalid (2009) even underlining that by 2020 Malacca will see traffic of 100,000+ ships ...

08.10.2013 14:58:00

Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... hub as LUKoil points out for the entire area and as policymakers hope, eliminate major differences in prices, but as my older posts stress there are serious problems for certain suppliers in financially breaking-even with such setup. Hot Subzero LNG Over the last 10 years LNG-liquefaction capacities increased by 2.5 times around the world to 360 bcm. Major commissioning occurred in Qatar (see: QatarGas, RasGas) which will amount to 1/5 of the total and we are anticipating a possible export ...

25.07.2013 04:02:00


... Asia’s oil from the current 6% – with China being the main consumer. Further, by 2020-2022 the figure should be around 14-15%. Gas wise, it is amazing that Russia, the energy superpower, sells no pipeline gas to Asia, and only marginally sells LNG from 2009. By 2020-2022 Russia ambitiously aims to reverse this trend by supplying 16-17% of Asia’s gas – with the figure rising to 19-20% by 2030. In all, this shows a positive trend as Russia must diversify its eggs among more than one ...

12.04.2013 00:27:00

Oil and Gas Digest

... was a sizeable figure for China, as it is an emerging player in regards to this fuel type; although it currently adds up to a small portion of its overall energy mix, its growth has been very rapid. China has single-handedly fuelled more demand for LNG and expanded not only in its domestic, but also in international markets, like Africa (See: NYT). I was personally excited about opportunities between Russia and China, as Energy Minister Alexander Novak, issued a statement that both were working ...

02.04.2013 20:07:00

Shale Revolution – Full Steam Ahead!

... fruition. In 2000 shale gas accounted for less than 1% of the US energy mix, but in 2011 this figure has exploded to 34%, or 214 billion cubic meters. Currently, 16 US states have shale operations. As a result, US natural gas imports fell by 45% whereas LNG import decline by 19% since shale inception. Impressively, by 2015 the overall energy figure should increase to 43% and by 2035 to 60% – if correct, making US the leading gas producers in the whole world, although that is a very high target....

15.03.2013 18:00:00

«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

... participate. Finally, perhaps if Russia continuous to do well with its demographic campaign it may offset some of the costs by developing a local economy and demand, thus making exports less expensive. - Liquefied Natural Gas with Asia on Route: LNG demand will increase, particularly in Asia, as developing economies will search for more energy. As a consequence other LNG users will see price rises, for instance Japan will see continuous increases in prices for the next 20 years; especially now ...

18.02.2013 12:29:00

«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

As the world continues to scuffle against the most severe economic crisis, optimism remains thin in the air, conceivably as uncertainty is easier to sell. The IMEMO RAN forum was no different, as industry specialists pleaded for more assistance whilst the government officials naturally attempted to ignite market confidence. At the end, one could not ignore the sense that the both sides were exaggerating for their own vested interests. There will be no immediate Mayan apocalypse as some may have felt...

14.02.2013 17:17:00

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