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The Russian-Indian 2+2 Format Will Synchronize Their Grand Strategies

The recent announcement by Indian Prime Minister Modi that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to establish the 2+2 format of talks between their Defense and Foreign Ministers will synchronize the grand strategies of the two great powers. There have been noticeable concerns from both sides over the past few ...

Korybko Andrew
12.05.2021 16:35:23

North Korea Reloaded: Women’s Empowerment, Cyber-Warfare and Strategic Investment in Cryptocurrencies

Disclaimer: The content of this article has been gathered using open-source intelligence (OSINT), no human intelligence (HUMINT) has been involved in the process. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the author at michael.lambert@insead.edu.ReutersThe Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ...

Ламберт Майкл
18.03.2021 16:28:45

NATO Troops to Stay in Afghanistan Beyond the May Deadline

... will change the trading pattern completely. New trading partners will have emerged, and Gwadar will become the hub of the whole region's commercial activities. Lack of Peace and Stability was a major hurdle in the region's development and the root cause of poverty. There is a strong will in the regional nations to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan to improve the region's connectivity, resulting in more economic activities and bringing prosperity for all in the area. There is complete consensus ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
05.02.2021 16:46:31

Three Ways Working With Russia Can Make the Middle East Safer

... state of affairs in the Middle East deteriorates, the bigger the likelihood that major terrorist incidents will happen in our domestic societiesREUTERS/Fawaz SalmanThe situation in the Middle East is changing. Every year, the quagmire that has been caused by revolutions, civil wars and external intervention only seems to thicken. Vultures are circling around the ruined carcass of Syria, with regional powers waiting for the opportunity to exploit the situation to their advantage. Proxy conflicts in ...

Аунапу Игорь
01.02.2021 16:34:18

What is going through Vladimir Putin's mind? "Maximum power seeking with less internal opposition"

It was very sudden. Even the ministers of the Russian government appear to have been surprised at the news of the government's resignation. Maybe it's because of the New Year - old ones go and new ones? But it was clear that Vladimir Putin had made another decision. It is four years away from leaving ...

Bijan Aref
30.01.2020 12:10:55

Disinformation 2020 – US elections, AI, deepfakes, manipulation

An Oxford study of the 2018 US elections showed most of social media fake news and election interference came from domestic US sources. Regardless, as 2020 US election frenzy begins, prepare for an ever louder cacophony of howls on Russian meddling.Source: life.shared.com Almost ...

Murlidhar Neel
25.10.2019 11:06:48

Is ISRO’s Chandrayan Mission a Success?

NASA has lauded Chandrayaan-2, saying India's moon mission has "inspired" the US space agency which is keen to jointly explore the solar system with ISRO, a day after the lunar expedition suffered a snag while attempting a historic landing on the uncharted South Pole of the Moon.  The Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) ...

Dwivedi Ratnesh
10.09.2019 13:40:31

The Many Roadblocks of Russian-South Korean Economic Integration

Northeast Asia is comprised of 6 countries: Russia, China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea), the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Japan, and the United States. For both experts and casual followers of international news alike, reading through the list of countries ...

Heck Angela
29.07.2019 11:50:44

Just How Far to Back Off on Iran?

Over the past few months, tensions between the U.S. and Iran have increased in tit-for-tat escalation. After the U.S. accused Iran of attacking ships in the Gulf of Oman, Iran’s denial has merely followed their alleged second strike in a few months on Gulf shipping. Attacks targeted oil tankers and vessels belonging to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Norway ...

26.07.2019 17:20:59

The Firing Squad, Neurons and Justice

Aleksandr Tsekalo’s “The Method” is a new popular Russian TV show depicting Rodion Meglin, a lone police investigator who tracks down serial killers, all while grappling with both his torn psyche and that of the perpetrators. Though the psychological thriller genre is familiar to Western audiences—popularised ...

Tseitlin Misha
01.08.2018 11:04:06

US sanction policy can end dollar supremacy: Case study of Iran’s charitable organization, EIKO

... Imam Khomeini's Order (EIKO). After the 1979 revolution in Iran, many of the officials or associates of the former regime escaped from the ruling and took refuge abroad. Under the new constitution, Setad spawned to manage the abandoned properties and use them at the service of the poor and people in need. EIKO (also known as Setad) is one of the largest service organizations in Iran and can be seen as a major National Charity. Setad has been active in a wide range of public service activities from ...

Noroozi Ahmad
19.07.2018 16:07:19

Does Russia still have a “Kurdish card” to play in Syria?

Longstanding relations between Moscow and the Kurds has provided Russia with a “Kurdish card”, that is, the ability to modulate its support to various Kurdish national ambitions throughout the Middle East, depending on what the Kremlin was seeking to obtain from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. The current ...

Delanoe Igor
15.09.2016 10:44:00

NATO Black Sea Flotilla. A reef in the Turkish Straits

Strategic goals and objectives Last January, Romania initiated a proposal to create a permanent NATO naval task force in the Black Sea and Bucharest intends to discuss its project during the summit of the Alliance in Warsaw in July. It is noticeably the first concrete Romanian initiative in terms of maritime security in the Black Sea, a naval theater which has been depicted extensively as a Russian-Turkish security ...

Delanoe Igor
27.04.2016 12:26:00

Ukraine’s tragedy is everyone’s tragedy

In Eastern Ukraine, we are seeing an ingenious Russian plot unfold — for the second time. Russian servicemen, wearing no insignia, infiltrate into the area and, capitalising on marginal grassroots separatism, spark unrest. They establish control in a professional manner, quickly, and largely ...

Radnoti Andras
17.04.2014 16:14:00

There will be no Cold War

... have been his most important ever —, Putin hit a markedly anti-Western tone. Partially rewriting history, he bemoaned the West’s hypocrisy, double standards, and mingling in foreign countries; this time, ‘crossing a line’, in Russia’s sphere of interest. We have a Russia-West situation; we have hostility. Yes, it looks like a new ‘Cold War’. But it won’t get to that. It can’t get to that, because there is a huge disparity in power. Russia is ...

Radnoti Andras
19.03.2014 15:05:00

Theorising on the Causes of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

... more of the five main determinants of a state’s decision to acquire nuclear weapons that have been identified in the relevant literature: security, domestic politics, norms, technology and economics. While recognising the complexity of multi-causality, I would argue that a careful analysis of existing cases leads to sufficient explanations about the general causes of proliferation, which can potentially be used to formulate predictions and policy recommendations, even if no one-fit-all theory ...

Machairas Dimitrios
19.10.2013 23:17:00

Too good to be true: on the deal on Syria’s chemical disarmament

The deal on Syria’s chemical disarmament, announced by John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov today in Geneva, is well short of a victory for America and the West. Lacking any concrete threat of force for non-compliance, it could be used by Syria’s bloody dictator, Bashar al-Assad, to deceive the global community and hold on to his gases nonetheless. When Russian officials announced their plan for the Syrian government to hand over its chemical weapons stockpiles to the UN ...

Radnoti Andras
14.09.2013 21:04:00

The Oxymoronic Déjà Vu of Humanitarian Bombing in Syria

In light of the recent developments in Syria and the apparently imminent US military intervention, the blog will take a short break from its relatively academic style and its thematic focus in order to brainstorm and share some thoughts on the broader picture of what is happening in the geopolitical arena of the region. Dangerous ...

Machairas Dimitrios
07.09.2013 14:04:00

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