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Caught up in dumping spat

In January 2017, the European Union (EU) imposed anti-dumping (AD) duties on Chinese steel imports. Two months later, the United States accused the EU of dumping steel on the American market. As karma catches up with Europe, the EU fears receiving the same kind of response ...

03.07.2017 17:30:43

The EU-Russia Strategic Partnership was destined to fail from the start

The establishment of the Strategic Partnership between Russia and the EU back in 1994 was perceived as a huge step in their bilateral relationship. In the early 2000s it even seemed to move forward: in 2003 four EU-Russia ‘common spaces’ were formulated at a summit in Saint Petersburg as Moscow and Brussels agreed to cooperate on the economic issues, freedom, security and justice, external security as well as research and education. However, today, more than twenty years after the initiation of the...

23.04.2017 23:07:50

‘Brexit’ and ‘Belgradentry’: Serbia’s Accession to the EU after Brexit

As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker admitted in his annual speech to Members of the European Parliament, the European Union is going through an internal existential crisis, caused by the accumulation of several problems, with Brexit being the straw that broke the camel’s back. This situation leaves the Western Balkan states who want to join the EU, particularly ...

20.10.2016 23:45:00

Can LNG ensure European security of supply?

In May 2014, in the aftermath of Russia-Ukrainian crisis, the European Commission adopted European Energy Security Strategy, establishing two pillars of European security of supply: prevention and mitigation. The main goal was to prevent gas supply disruptions by implementing “gas stress tests” (modelled by ENTSOG) and to foster solidarity (Regulation 994/2010) between European member states regarding redistribution of storage capacity under Emergency plan. According to CEER, LNG could...

09.10.2016 21:21:00

Russian Gas Projects in the Context of New Paradigm

Today, Russia remains the second largest gas producer after the US. However, its leverage ability is being challenged by the slowdown of world economy (stemming from 2008 crisis and decreasing growth of the Chinese economy,in particular), political turmoil (Ukrainian crisis) “appearance of illegal and cheap oil” on the market (eg. ISIS’ expansion), as well as the overall strive to develop new energy sources in the view of global warming. That being said, a plummeted oil price (going...

09.10.2016 20:58:00

Could Putin take advantage of Europe if it starts to collapse?

Russia dearly wants good relations with Europe and does not want the EU to collapse. Some members of the European Union regard Russia as an enemy, most notably, Poland the the Baltic states. Others don’t regard Russia as an enemy. Attitudes towards Russia amongst other EU members span a broad spectrum, some are more positively inclined towards Russia,...

25.09.2016 03:25:00

EU Eastern Enlargement and its consequences for EU-Russia Energy Relations

... (University of Groningen) p. 16. Feklyunina, V. Russia’s International Images and its Energy Policy. An Unreliable Supplier? EUROPE-ASIA STUDIES, Vol. 64, No. 3, May 2012, 449–469. Geden, O., Marcelis, C. & Maurer, A. (2006) Perspectives for the European Union’s external energy 
policy: discourse, ideas and interests in Germany, the UK, Poland and France (Berlin: Stiftung 
Wissenschaft und Politik), p. 16. 
 Neuman, Mark. EU–Russian Energy Relations after the 2004/2007 EU ...

04.07.2016 12:07:00

Vitaly Naumkin: Who Tramples on Human Rights in Crimea?

... freedom of travel as a milestone achievement of contemporary Russia. However, our western partners keep denying Russian citizens who reside in Crimea their right to apply to their respective embassies for visas. Does either the United States or the European Union bear a grudge against these people? Are they in any way guilty because they chose to live in Russia, not in Ukraine? One can at least try to name a few reasons to impose sanctions against state officials, but how can the travel ban slapped ...

08.06.2016 11:24:00

Against the odds: The USSR and East-West Germany energy relations

Many analysts and politicians consider the current political crisis between Russia and the European Union as part of a long-term negative trend that will lead to a further decrease in cooperation between the two parties. In reality, the current crisis is rather a temporary one that mostly concerns the state of relations between Moscow and Brussels,...

06.06.2016 12:08:00

Germany and Russia Intensify Gas Cooperation Despite Political Tension

The quality of the commercial cooperation between Russian and Western European companies in the energy sector has remained significant, despite the sanctions regime. Strong economic rationale seems to prevail over politics. The German-Russian relations have been the most prominent in the region and have long-existed under the mutual awareness of interdependence. This perceived paradigm has led to further deepening of the complexity of the relationship through swap deals and favorable transactions...

27.05.2016 12:32:00

The European Sanctions, Italy and the Russian Federation: How Rome Can Help Moscow inside the EU

... definite answer to this question, it is still possible to consider a number of elements that will characterize - and still characterize - cooperation between Italy and Russia in the coming years. The first is, of course, the Italian membership in the European Union and NATO, institutions that heavily affect this bilateral relationship. Although Rome can criticize EU policies toward Moscow and does not support the entry of Ukraine into the Atlantic Alliance, its actions will be always in line with ...

06.05.2016 11:31:00

The asymmetry of EU member states natural gas dependencies

There goes a saying: A chain is as strong as its weakest link. This may very well be the case with the EU vis-à-vis its member state dependency on Russian natural gas. While analyzing the European gas market, too much attention has been focused on the EU-28 average gas consumption index and very little scrutiny was given to individual member states. Analysts were fixated with the EU Commission official stance on the matter and respective implementation of its normative agenda aimed at diversifying...

04.05.2016 11:10:00

The EU needs more gas

Much has been written about Europe’s falling dependency on natural gas and how detrimental this seemed to be for Russia, being the biggest supplier of natural gas to the old continent. Falling demand, falling prices and eventually falling revenues for Russia’s state budget – Russophobes were quick to celebrate the demise of Europe’s gas dependency on Russia and the tectonic power shifts in the energy interdependence model between Russia and the EU, which has existed for decades...

29.04.2016 13:05:00

Turkey’s price arbitrage with Gazprom over Turkish Stream

Turkish Stream was conceived in 2014 following Russia’s cancellation of South Stream which became a casualty of Russia-Ukrainian conflict and faced high opposition from the EU with regard to its anti-monopoly laws. The original plan for landfall in the EU (Bulgaria) will now occur in Turkey, while the distribution hub for Europe will be located at the border of Turkey and Greece. Being a strategically important transit point for Russian gas going to Europe and bypassing Ukraine, Turkey tries...

07.04.2016 22:33:00

On "European values"

... Man’s burden), militant nationalism, and religious intolerance. Fascism, Communism, and the romantic nationalism that led to two catastrophic wars in the last century, are all indigenous products of European civilization. Do all members of the European Union share European values? If not all, which countries share them and which do not? Charles Grant has pointed out in article in THE GUARDIAN that the “political culture of some of the recent arrivals to the EU leaves much to be desired....

04.04.2016 06:56:00

The Time to Hesitate is Through

When Turkey shot down that Russian bomber, what exactly was in the message and from whom, more importantly, was it coming from? Who was it that was really saying, “Come on baby light my fire. Try to set the night on fire?” The fact that the Turkish plane, which shot down the Russian bomber, was an American made machine – armed with American air-to-air missiles also raises questions of what possible role the US might have played in this incident. The plane, which shot down the...

01.12.2015 15:58:00

What to expect from the new Polish government in the EU-Russia context

On October 25th parliamentary elections were held in Poland that led to the victory of Kaczynski’s right-wing nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS) over the outgoing pro-EU Civic Platform (CO), which has led the country for the last eight years. I am not going to talk about the reasons why CO is no longer convincing Polish citizens – as they are likely to concern domestic issues and the pressure put by the EU as to migration quotas. What I am going to focus on, instead, are the consequences...

10.11.2015 18:59:00

“Shields up – Red Alert!” The Wall’s in Europe are suddenly going back up

... similar battle cry, emanating from the various countries of the EU and it is not looking good. Something has, somewhere, somehow, gone radically wrong with the original concept of the idea’s and treaties laid down, by the founding fathers of the European Union – before and since the tearing down of the infamous Berlin Wall. Europe is under attack. And, it is not from Russia The whole concept of the EU and its original mandates are now coming under threat of attack, but not from some despised,...

20.10.2015 20:56:00


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