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Russia’s gas disputes with Ukraine in 2006 and 2009 that led to the disruption of supplies to several member states, its conflict with Georgia in 2008 and constant disagreements with the West over the situation with civil and political rights had elevated the mistrust between Brussels and Moscow to an unprecedented level, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, serious as it has been, was merely a trigger that opened Pandora’s box of antagonisms that both sides had been harbouring for quite some time. The question that ought to be asked though is whether the Strategic Partnership Agreement failed because of the systemic unresolved problems in Russia-EU relations that have been accumulating over the years or due to its framework that was unworkable from the start, and the answer is that it is both.

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April 23, 2017

The establishment of the Strategic Partnership between Russia and the EU back in 1994 was perceived as a huge step in their bilateral relationship. In the early 2000s it even seemed to move forward: in 2003 four EU-Russia ‘common spaces’ were formulated…

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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
    Demilitarization of the region based on Russia-China "Dual Freeze" proposal  
     36 (35%)
    Restoring multilateral negotiation process without any preliminary conditions  
     27 (26%)
    While the situation benefits Kim Jong-un's and Trump's domestic agenda, there will be no solution  
     22 (21%)
    Armed conflict still cannot be avoided  
     12 (12%)
    Stonger deterrence on behalf of the U.S. through modernization of military infrastructure in the region  
     4 (4%)
    Toughening economic sanctions against North Korea  
     2 (2%)
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