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The Chance for Perezagruzka: Why do the Baltic States and the EU Need Russian Participation in Rail Baltica?

... local budget. The Montenegrin government had to freeze public sector wages and raise taxes, whereas the country’s debt has increased to 80% of the GDP. With the help of 17+1 initiative (Lithuania has decided to leave that format of cooperation with China in March 2021.) China has already increased its presence in the Baltic States. For instance, the largest engineering company in Lithuania, Elektros Tinkle Institutas, was purchased by a subsidiary of Energy China and North China Power Engineering ...

Shedov Yaroslav
22.09.2021 13:47:09

Post COVID-19 Strategic South Asia

... powers competition on South Asia. Regional alignments witnessed unprecedented transition in the post-Cold War era. The most prominent feature is the emergence of Indo-U.S. alliance to collaborate as strategic partners on their mutual drive to contain China. India also enjoys historic fraternity with Russia – being cold war partner – so it continues to rejoice incentives from both sides. Indo-U.S. strategic cooperation triggered by Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal in 2005, Indian NSG’s exceptional waiver ...

Hassan Imran
15.09.2021 17:05:25

What’s on the Agenda for Prime Minister Modi’s Trip to America?

... his fellow Quad leaders from Australia and Japan during their first-ever in-person summit. He will then address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). His trip takes place against the background of the ever more intensifying New Cold War between China and the U.S., the continued COVID-19 pandemic and the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan following the terrorist-designated Taliban’s takeover of the country. All of these will figure prominently on his agenda. This analysis will begin by explaining ...

Korybko Andrew
15.09.2021 13:05:37

Taliban in Kabul after two decades

... which is aimed to spoil Afghan peace and sabotage the stability in Afghanistan. The countries around Afghanistan suffered a lot due to war in Afghanistan and were struggling to bering peace and stability in Afghanistan. The U.S.—in an attempt to harm China and Russia—may continue spoiling peace in Afghanistan. After the staged drama “9/11” incident, American and their allied forces began an invasion of Afghanistan called Operation Enduring Freedom, to push the Taliban from Afghanistan. On December ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
17.08.2021 18:08:22

What Benefits Would India Derive by Joining the Extended Troika on Afghanistan?

Zamir Kabulov, Russian Special Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan, has recently expressed hope that India would participate in the Extended Troika of itself, China, Pakistan and the U.S. but clarified that New Delhi would first have to obtain influence over both sides of the conflict. According to TASS, his exact words were as follows: “India’s future efforts, in a more expanded format will only be welcomed....

Korybko Andrew
09.08.2021 13:53:53

The U.S. Intensifies its Asia Diplomacy

The U.S. has intensified diplomatic activities in Asia, which is a matter of concern for regional powers. The U.S. is ganging up and making alliances in this region, a direct threat to regional peace and security. To bully China, the Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman traveled to the People’s Republic of China for meetings with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and other senior officials from July 25-26. The meetings were held in the port city of Tian ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
05.08.2021 17:45:07

Andrey Gubin: Parade never ends - geopolitical context of Russian Day of the Navy ceremony

... that Chinese ships missed the Day of the Navy parade and didn’t visit Russian ports. Xian destroyer was in Saint-Petersburg 2 years ago and 2020 was a COVID mess... Definitely, the PLA Navy is too busy as it encounters U.S. in Taiwan strait and South China Sea and these day even the U.K. group appeared near disputed area. Probably there is no time for ceremonies having such tensions and COVID still matters as well. Probably this year Russian and Chinese warships may meet on joint drills like they ...

ДВФУ Эксперты
02.08.2021 04:43:24

Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... power. Britain is now more under America’s thumb than ever before, and sticking hair on its weakening chest. The best example is that UK Special Forces are about to concentrate on some ‘new covert counter-state tasks’ with a focus on Russia and China, according to Royal Marines Brigadier Mark Totten. This is designed to appeal to the more nationalistic and uneducated swathes of the population. Whenever a government feels itself to be insecure, it indulges in sabre-rattling to please its Littler ...

Mallinson William
28.07.2021 17:34:33

20-year Cooperation Treaty between Iran and Russia: Bilateral Strategic Partnership or Disappointing Agreement

Following the topic of the 25-year Iran-China Cooperation Agreement, there was a discussion on a comprehensive long-term strategic treaty between Tehran and Moscow. This was not good news for the White House and its strategy of maximum pressure.Source: aa.com.tr In a telephone conversation ...

Bijan Aref
22.07.2021 13:24:35

The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

... A stable, peaceful and strong Afghanistan is a prerequisite for regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. Afghanistan is situated at the junctions of ancient trade routes connecting Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Eurasia, Russia, China, and through Gwadar-Pakistan to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Afghan peace is crucial for the whole region. Zamir Ahmed Awan

Awan Zamir Ahmed
21.07.2021 15:11:01

Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Grand Strategy is Multi-Alignment at Its Finest

The newly established quadrilateral platform between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and the U.S. complements the prior such platform between the former two states, China and Tajikistan back in 2016 as well as the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan (PAKAFUZ) railway project that was agreed upon in February to prove that Islamabad’s new geo-economic grand strategy is the embodiment of multi-alignment at its finest....

Korybko Andrew
20.07.2021 17:12:39

Extending the Russia-China Friendship Treaty: To What Extent Will Isolation and Great Power Rivalry Push China and Russia Closer Together

... is intended to formalize mutual support for territorial integrity and national unity in both states and to present the two as close partners on the international stage. In recent years, the two states have indeed become increasingly close, and both China and Russia find themselves ever more isolated on the world stage.REUTERS/Tingshu Wang China has found itself at odds with many in the international community due to concerns over its assertive military policy in the South China Sea, so-called “wolf-warrior” ...

Boone Carter
15.07.2021 19:23:12

Dynamics of Vaccine Diplomacy

... the biggest vaccine manufacturing country. The Indian government sketched a strategy for providing vaccines to its neighbors and some developing countries. India sent doses to its neighbors in South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal. Due to China’s immense presence in the region, India’s vaccine diplomacy is especially notable. Last year, India confronted China in a protracted border dispute which killed 20 Indian troops in Ladakh. So, by leading vaccine distribution in South Asia, India ...

Zaka Wafa
13.07.2021 12:55:50

Sputnik V in the International Arena

... the puzzle of fighting COVID-19. Although an in-depth review of every country’s current approach to vaccine policy is beyond the scope of this article, a brief overview of the major vaccine providers’ – the United States, the United Kingdom, and China – global vaccine distribution is in store. Unlike Russia, whose approach to vaccine distribution has been global facing since Sputnik V’s development, the United States initially favored domestic distribution and stockpiling of American vaccines....

Чурбанова Генриетта
29.06.2021 14:28:20

The Road to Peace and Cooperation in Europe and the World

... voluntarily take over some of U.S. dues to be willing to dilute Western power on the Council in return. By contrast, the developing nations saw the key problem as their disempowerment at the UN Security Council. If one accepts the mainstream assumption that China is not part of the Third World, it is true that there is not one permanent member representing the Third World. In that context, only adding India, as Clinton agreed, would almost make things worse if the price of adding India was to add two Western ...

Freeman Benjamin
23.06.2021 15:40:55

U.S. Seeking Military Bases in Neighborhood or Close Vicinity of Afghanistan

... troops will leave Afghanistan, but the American interest will never end in Afghanistan. The fundamental importance of Afghanistan to the U.S. is its strategic location, from where the U.S. can monitor Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia (including Russia), and China. Even though the U.S. cannot sustain itself in Afghanistan, the country wants to keep its interest in Afghanistan in using the neighboring or nearest countries and by keeping military bases from where they could reach Afghanistan conveniently and ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
17.05.2021 12:05:59

The Russian-Indian 2+2 Format Will Synchronize Their Grand Strategies

... US while many in the South Asian state voiced concerns about Moscow’s expanding ties with Beijing. Source: South African foreign ministry This emerging geostrategic dynamic of India moving closer to the US in parallel with Russia’s moves towards China is occurring against the backdrop of what many have described as the ongoing New Cold War between the de facto superpowers. Many feared that the end result will be that Russia and India find themselves on the opposite sides of the New Cold War. ...

Korybko Andrew
12.05.2021 16:35:23

Naval forces of great powers

... concept of forward naval presence constitutes the core of the strategy. The topic of geopolitical challenges was in the form of geopolitical risks by region. Partnerships and alliances played an important role in this strategy. The 2015 strategy mentioned China as an important stakeholder that accommodates both opportunities and challenges. Russia was mentioned once but this issue was openly delegated to NATO. The new US naval strategy titled “Advantage at Sea” (December 2020) is a document prepared ...

Niemi Seppo
01.04.2021 15:36:53

North Korea Reloaded: Women’s Empowerment, Cyber-Warfare and Strategic Investment in Cryptocurrencies

... services in Pyongyang2. Although citizens are not allowed to leave the state without permission from the authorities, foreigners, particularly those from the country’s main trading partners, such as the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, are subject to fewer restrictions when visiting the territory3. As a result, the image of an isolated Communist state4, immune from Western influence, appears to be fracturing as the world becomes more globalized, and the so-called “Hermit Kingdom” ...

Ламберт Майкл
18.03.2021 16:28:45


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