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Multilateralism Without the USA

... dilemma with his Trump mimic of Buy American (first). 2. The EU-MERCOSUR trade agreement was agreed in June 2019. A true multilateral agreement, not between countries, but between blocks of countries, two of the World’s Mega-Regions. 3. The Brazil-China trade pact in 2019, a result of over 10 years of strategic partnership. Brazil-China is an indicative case of a growing Mega-Region to Mega-Region multilateral cooperation as it involves most of South America. For example, it drives ambitious transcontinental ...

Риис Карстен
08.02.2021 16:08:01

A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

... With that uninhibited view of my Prussian roots, new perspectives for seeing the world have finally been revealed. National players versus transnational players Our world is going through a decisive moment in its history. Not only are relations between China and the rest of the world disrupting the geopolitical order, but numerous economic, political and social crises are causing a widespread feeling of insecurity and powerlessness in light of current events and their complexity. The world and therefore ...

Banik Katja
03.02.2021 12:10:04

Is Sino-Russian Partnership Posing a Strategic Threat to America and Democracy Worldwide?

Sino-Russian cooperation Despite significant divergence between China and Russia in both regional and international arenas, the countries have striven to expand their cooperation in several directions namely in diplomatic, political and defense realms. China and Russia consider the US as a challenge to the national ...

Sohail Ajmal
26.01.2021 09:47:36

Germany’s Diplomacy hit the Ground Running

... couple of Moscow manufactured Mig21 fighter jets, and in Libya Pro-Turkish Government locators crushing to zero intercepting Gen. Hafter’s Russian produced fighter jets. Coming back to Heiko Mass’ dedications, during the marathon between motherland China and Hong Cong’s pro-democracy activists, Mass’ Berlin just kept low profile as if nothing happened. Furthermore, the country disregarded Beijing’s brutality and barbaric behavior against defenseless Uyghurs. The country ignored Chinese human ...

Sohail Ajmal
11.01.2021 11:34:55

German Companies and China’s Marketplace Nightmare

... According to the German constitution, the underlying principle of German economic policy refers to social market economy, which lays the basis for economic, social security, and a good quality of life in Germany. Daimler-Benz moves its partial business to China The changing demands of global market place and the migration of economic center of power and future growth to the Asia-pacific region require involvement of German companies and investment, to be competitive, tangible and viable and meet the demands ...

Sohail Ajmal
11.01.2021 11:12:52

Russia-India Gape May Be Widened Further

... President Vladimir Putin's visit to India. However, there is some discontent over Russia's repeated comments on India and casting aspersions over New Delhi's decision to join the Quad and tilting excessively toward the US. In fact, India used the anti-China card in the 1960s, when Sino-Russian relations sored, to get closer to Russia. India developed a very close association, being an anti-China ally with Russia, and gained many favors, including economic assistance, trade cncerssions, technology transfers,...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
30.12.2020 18:56:39

On the Authority of American’s DNI: Are China’s Cyber Espionage and Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy Worrisome for BND and BFV?

... foreign policy objectives, I joined a couple of leading political parties and even endeavored to get along with German intelligence networks thru different channels to obtain a greater picture of foreign policy objectives and forward strategy vis a-vis China. I took part at a number of events launched by politicians and parliamentarians, discussing Germany’s stance towards South Asia, Middle East and East Europe along with South China Sea. At the end of the day, I came across that the narrative of ...

Sohail Ajmal
30.12.2020 18:48:16

The Technological Revolution in China and the USA: What About Europe and Eurasia?

Two articles from the South China Morning Post were really interesting this week: “US needs a hi-tech revolution to combat China,” says General Mark Milley. Military must adapt to ‘fundamental change’ under way in the character of war Joint Chiefs of Staff head wants smaller,...

Ostner Ralf
08.12.2020 18:42:58

RECP, START and Germany´s Indo-Pacific Strategy

... five interesting events in US-Eurasian relations: First the rejection by the Trump-USA of Putin’s offer to extend the initial START contract by 1 year and Putin’s declaration at the Valdai Club that Russia is now planning a military alliance with China and that he had no worries if China rearms itself and, like the USA and Russia, acquires 1,500 ICBMs. Second, Biden’s election victory, which at first did not result in any obligatory congratulations from Beijing and Moscow, especially since Trump ...

Ostner Ralf
18.11.2020 11:21:47

Is China on the brink of a food crisis?

... Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned about the emerging food shortages worldwide. According to FAO statistics, global food prices have been on the rise for four consequent months, hitting their maximum in September 2020. China – the place where the virus originated – is one of the states that have been seriously affected by the disruptions, including production and distribution of food. Photo credit: Hang Dong / fao.org In his speech on August, 11 Chinese leader ...

Рузевич Христина
28.10.2020 11:23:46

Is the US Destined for War with China? The U.S. Elite Discusses the Thucydides Trap

While the discussion about a Sino-American war until recently was still confined to some think tanks, military experts and the Pentagon, TX Hammes Offshore Control, the CSBA Airsea Battle concept or RAND „War with China“, Harvard professor Graham Allinson´s book „Destined for War with China- How to avoid the Thucydides trap? started an open discussion. among the political and economic elite. Graham Allinson studied Greece and the father of history Thudycides ...

Ostner Ralf
28.09.2020 18:18:06

Secretary of State Pompeo’s Middle-East Tour for Crucial Objectives

... trip in the Middle-East. The tour comes at a very critical moment and carries multiple objectives. On the surface, it is to convince the Arab World to recognize Israel. Another mission is to create alliances and support for the U.S. against Russia and China. The third and maybe more important is that the tour is part of Presidential-Campaign of Donald Trump for re-electing in the November elections. The Zionist struggle of the late 19th century led to the Balfour Declaration in 1917, by which Britain ...

Awan Zamir Ahmed
04.09.2020 14:00:38

US-Russian Cooperation for a Prosperous and Secure Indo-Pacific Region

... Russia should make an effort to prevent excessive escalation, given that the US now has a major stake in the Indo-Pacific formation and the growing anxiety between Washington and Beijing. While there are enhancing traditional strategic partnerships with China and India, Russo-Japanese relations demonstrate positive dynamic. The year of 2018 testified Russia's growing stake in multilateral diplomacy of East Asia. In 2019, at the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Russian leader ...

Железков Антон
08.08.2020 21:07:48

Indo-Chinese Conflict and the Eurasian Heartland

In Russia, be it Russian President Putin, be it former Soviet Prime minister Primakov and his advisor Dr. Kulikov (Russia-India-China model/RIC), be it Karaganov, be it even Dr. Kortunov (RIAC), or the Russian Orientalists, Eurasianism is quite en vogue and not only by its former avangardist Alexander Dugin. Especially Dr. Kortunov in his article "Heartland Reunion: Geopolitical ...

Ostner Ralf
16.07.2020 21:05:10

NATO and China: How to Respond to the New “Potential Threat“?

Already at NATO´s 70 years meeting in 2019, the transatlantic alliance due to Trump´s pressure for the first time declared that China was a „potential threat“. Now in June 2020, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has asked the defense alliance to prepare itself more effectively against threats from China. The country is investing heavily in nuclear weapons and long-range ...

Ostner Ralf
22.06.2020 20:52:20

Covid-19 Sports Diplomacy. Soft power vs. populism

Sports diplomacy existed long before Joseph Nye coined the term “soft power”. It was supposed to peacefully “co-opt” political actors rather than threaten or coerce them—which is, historically, how “hard power” works. But facing the Covid-19 pandemic, in existential terms, soft power gets left at the starting gate because the pandemic represents a threat greater than the threat of nuclear weapons, and mediating the Covid-19 threat it is not a series of polite conversations, but a merciless race against...

Эрманн Эрик
23.05.2020 01:09:05

How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

... asked once, namely in an 8-page publication by the German Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP)/ Science and Politics Foundation, but more than a short question and without any answers and only in the event of a limited conflict in the South China Sea, which would not escalate in a Sino-American war. At the beginning of the Corona crisis, Trump-USA and China are as global exceptions kickstarting their economies despite losses of human deaths in order to get in a pole and winning position ...

Ostner Ralf
29.04.2020 11:45:57

Corona between populism, conspiracy and the media

Everyone knew that at the beginning of the epidemic, China tried to keep everything confidential and not tell anyone what was happening. Now, after realizing the actual scale, they changed their behaviour. Today, Russia, America and the rest of the world do not reduce the severity of the virus. Authorities ...

Джасем Басель Хадж
02.04.2020 16:28:41

Negative effects for Russia of the US-China Phase-One-Deal

... non-residential research fellow, Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Market Studies, editor-in-chief, analytical media “Eurasian Studies”. Munich, 19 March 2020. Significant trade diversions expected After a 1.5-year trade dispute between the United States and China in which both have raised mutual import tariffs from 3.8 percent and 8.3 percent to 21 percent each, and as a result of which the US-Chinese merchandise trade has dropped by almost USD 90 billion, US President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier ...

Кофнер Юрий
19.03.2020 12:59:09


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