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How Russia Saved the United States Twice

... ships would fight back if the British navy tried to stop them from crossing the Atlantic. More than that, amidst the Revolutionary War George III, the British king, trying to appeal to Catherine’s monarchical sentiments, pleaded her to send 20-thousand Russian expeditionary corps to America to fight against the revolutionaries. The Russian Empress refused. Then the king tried to bribe Catherine by offering an island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea in exchange for convincing France to exit ...


Russia in the Middle East: “Be with Us — and Remain Yourself”

... several years’ time. The “Post-Syria” Middle East: A Chance for Russia? Natalia Berenkova: Opportunities for Russian Higher Education in Syria and Lebanon The erosion of the regional elites’ confidence in the Obama administration and in the USA’s ability to protect them has caused many governments in the region to change their perception of America as omnipotent, even though it remains the most influential external player. Russia’s “return” to the Middle East has boosted but did ...


Playing Pick-Up-Sticks in Libya — 2

... uncovering the problems within the GNA and the forces connected with it. For example, it is no coincidence that reports have appeared about Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha of the GNA and Vice President of the Presidency Council Ahmed Maiteeq trading accusations. Such discord within the GNA can be linked to Bashagha’s growing personal ambitions: a native of Misrata, he also represents the city’s powerful clans and groups. His influence in Tripoli is rising, as is his coordination with Turks. It is ...


Is Non-Nuclear Deterrence Possible?

If hundreds or even thousands of missiles are not enough to force a third-world country to surrender, then how many are needed to deliver unacceptable damage to a major military power? In June 2020, the Kremlin published its new Basic Principles of State Policy of the Russian ...


President Joe Biden and Russia

Relations will continue to be built on the basis of the “lowest common denominator,” which effectively means the continuation of the current course of confrontation There are still more than four months until the U.S. presidential elections, almost an eternity in these uneasy, constantly shifting and unpredictable times. That notwithstanding, many are already looking to what happens at the polling stations on November 3 as perhaps the main intrigue of this year. People across the world are captivated...


US Administration v. China

... counter China in recent months number in the dozens. The vast majority of them will never become laws. Their radical nature is the result of public policies inherent in many parliamentary institutions. Ivan Timofeev: Missouri vs. China: Toward a New Crusade? However, the general atmosphere is clearly being pumped up. It has come to the point that Republican Scott Perry introduced two bills to empower the president to recognise Hong Kong and Tibet as independent states. Regular sanctions were proposed ...


What Will Be the Impact of the Pandemic on the EU and Russia?

The COVID-19 pandemic did not give Russia and the EU an impulse to start rapprochement, but the goal of finding common grounds remains on the agenda The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the difficulties that have existed in the relationship between the US and the EU/European NATO members since the beginning of the Donald Trump's presidency. The Europeans disagree with the US on a number of issues. George Tzogopoulos: Macron’s Security Ambitions and Russia Due to the difficult economic situation...


Waiting for the Intra-Afghan Dialogue to Begin

How can we prevent future negotiations from getting bogged down in low-priority, fleeting issues that take attention away from real, long-term problems? The COVID-19 pandemic has led to rapidly growing uncertainty at the global and regional levels. The United States has been hit particularly hard, and in the most unexpected of ways, and is now facing a serious internal crisis with a number of unknowns. Moving forward, this may lead political elites to question many of the postulates of Washington’s...


USA vs. the International Criminal Court

Donald Trumps order, apparently, is connected with the “Afghan dossier” of the ICC US President Donald Trump signed an executive order “ On Blocking Property Of Certain Persons Associated With The International Criminal Court ”. In other words, a legal mechanism has been introduced for imposing sanctions against employees of a large international organisation and related persons. Why has this decision emerged from the experience of the sanctions policy, and where will it lead? President Trump’s...


A Ukraine Link to North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Programs Development

... “Yuzhmash”. 15 August 2017. Concurrently, the Permanent mission of the United States of America to the United Nations in New York sent a “targeted” letter to some members of the Panel of Experts (not surprisingly, among them were representatives of the USA, the UK, France, the Republic of Korea and Japan). The Mission urged to conduct “a fair and a balanced” review of the issue and “to critically review of all allegations made by governmental and non-governmental actors, especially the two misinformed ...


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