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Waterworld: Moscow Betting on the South China Sea

... China believes this to be a covert operation in order to spy on the Chinese military infrastructure and ships. Ivan Timofeev: Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership Russia’s stake in the wrangle Located thousands of kilometers away, Russia may look like a full-fledged outsider of this dispute. Still waters run deep. Back in 2016, Vladimir Putin spoke of a “greater Eurasian partnership”. As the Russian Federation has been engaged in its pivot to Asia ...


SWOT matrix of the Five Eyes in the Worldwide Intelligence Community

... sharing Signal intelligence (SIGINT)1 and, more generally, all-source intelligence regarding internal and external threats to the member states and their allies. These countries are parties to the multilateral United Kingdom – United States Agreement (UKUSA Agreement), a treaty for joint cooperation that emerged from an informal agreement related to the 1941 Atlantic Charter2 during the Second World War against the Nazi Germany. The secret treaty was renewed with the passage of the 1943 BRUSA Agreement3 ...


Social media is an advanced weapon for the West

We are currently witnessing a dangerous escalation on the Ukrainian-Russian borders and around the Crimean Peninsula that indicates that the period of frozen conflict has quickly passed and increasingly strong confrontations are returning. From the region that was once under Soviet influence to the Middle East and Africa, there are various crises facing a new geopolitical map for a new world with new alliances and players. Recently, however, the most heated debate has been between Ukraine and Moscow...


The Implications of Post-Soviet De Facto States in Contemporary World Politics

...,”2 because of their reliance on Russian resources when Kosovo, a state whose inception was entirely contingent on the United States military, was recognized almost immediately upon declaration of independence. From a liberal point of view, the refusal of the international community to recognize newly created autonomous states has implications that concern both equity and security. It means that in the new age of global governance, there are populations who are not granted the right to voice their ...


Replace Murderous Sanctions With Economic Reconstruction, Putin Gives A Lesson In Statecraft

... and other necessary goods to the people of targeted nations. Power served in key positions under President Obama, including as Ambassador to the U.N., and has been appointed by President Biden as head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which determines which nations will receive aid from the U.S. Biden also placed her on the U.S. National Security Council, praising her as "a world-renowned voice of conscience and moral clarity." He said that as administrator of USAID,...


Steering Russia-US Relations Away from Diplomatic Expulsion Rocks

... demonstrating their firm support of the US and its anti-Russian policies. Michael Andreson: Removed Diplomacy: Why U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Have Gone Stale Clear enough, such a practice will not be limited to Russia only. Today hundreds, if not thousands of diplomatic officers all around the world find themselves hostage to problems they have nothing to do with. Western decision-makers seem to consider hosting foreign diplomats not as something natural and uncontroversial but rather as a sort of ...


The CIA Declassified Reports on The French Nuclear Weapons Program (1959)

... weapon would be of the implosion type. The CIA underlines France’s nuclear research was lacking behind Washington and London, while Moscow was not mentioned in the report at all. According to the report, Paris did not want to collaborate with the USA and the UK, while also rejecting a possible cooperation with the USSR. Overall, the 1959 report reinforces the idea of a French policy between the NATO and the Soviet Union. In terms of estimates, the CIA envisages a first test around November 1959 ...


Isolation Can Only Be Splendid

The fight against the pandemic changed Russia from the inside and these changes are more important than any foreign policy manoeuvres or adaptation to international affairs The fight against the pandemic changed Russia from the inside and these changes are more important than any foreign policy manoeuvres or adaptation to international affairs, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. The coronavirus pandemic, which arrived in Russia exactly a year ago, in April 2020, greatly exacerbated...


“Humanitarian Sanctions” Are Killing Syrians, While New Sanctions Threaten to Crash the Russian Economy: They Must Be Overturned

If the cry “Never Again” is to retain any meaning, the Caesar Sanctions against Syria must be immediately lifted As the Biden administration is recklessly expanding the sanctions regime—something that has become a routine response from Anglo-American officials to any government they accuse of violating the “rules-based order”—Helga Zepp LaRouche issued a call to end this practice, beginning with lifting the “Caesar Sanctions” against Syria. Zepp LaRouche, the founder of the Schiller Institute,...


Russia-Ukraine War Alert: What’s Behind It and What Lies Ahead?

Perhaps the most important thing for the Russian leadership in this episode was to prevent the need to actually go to war against Ukraine in the future Perhaps the most important thing for the Russian leadership in this episode was to prevent the need to actually go to war against Ukraine in the future. Going overkill in terms of military maneuvers on the Ukrainian border now may avoid the need to do terrible things at a later point. The troops are not yet back at their bases, but the war alert...


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