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President Putin should defend the special military operation at a special international law forum

... but not in 2022, after so many terrible things happened in Ukraine. For Putin, this alternative argumentation is interesting with respect to an ongoing ICJ case: in an attempt to debunk Putin’s legal justification, Ukraine filed a complaint against Russia in the ICJ, for false accusation of genocide. However, even if events in Donbass are not a genocide according to article 2 of the 1948 Genocide Convention, they can still be a Kosovo-genocide. In this case, DNR/LNR would belong to the same category as Kosovo for statehood rights....


An Epitaph for Anniversary

On the prospects of Russia‒NATO relations On the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid, to be held on June 28-30, Julianne Smith, U.S. Permanent Representative to the alliance, announced that Russia’s actions in Ukraine had violated the NATO‒Russia Founding Act. Building ...


Russia Envoy Says Biden Sanctions Backfire, Hurting U.S. Economy and Power

The thoughtless imposition of restrictions only aggravates the situation in the U.S. economy Russia's top envoy to the United States has warned that the sweeping sanctions campaign pursued by President Joe Biden and his allies has backfired, instead hurting the U.S.' economy and international prestige during a dangerous period of global instability....


A Russian Perspective on the Food Crisis

If Washington really wants to improve the situation in the global agricultural market, let us cooperate Russia has become a target for accusations that have nothing to do with reality. Our country is being imputed with trying to take steps aimed at deliberately degrading global food security, preventing Ukrainian agricultural exports by sea, and blocking the sowing campaign in that country....


Closing Loopholes: Outlining the U.S. and EU Sanctions Policy Onward

... packages will be less spectacular, but they will be detrimental to specific businesses and areas of the economy Oil and KAMAZ The Official Journal of the European Union has published decisions and regulations included into the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions. The release of the new legal framework has been postponed several times on account of disagreements among the EU countries, with the most sensitive issue being the ban on Russian oil imports. Brussels, however, managed to reach consensus ...


India Will Continue to Be Neutral

... it was decided from day one, that India will stay neutral, and that continues. Although India and the Soviet Union entered into a treaty, peace treaty, it was not an alliance, but a peace treaty in 1971, which was again renewed after 30 years, when Russia came into being after the demise of the Soviet Union. But India is too big to be a junior partner. India sees itself as one of the pillars, as one of the poles of geopolitics, and therefore it wants to maintain strategic autonomy. It cannot align ...


India Is Irreplaceable Balancing Force in Global Systemic Transition

... World Order. Experts debate exactly when this process began, but many agree that its most significant milestones thus far were the 2008 financial crisis, the first Ukrainian Crisis from 2013-2014 that resulted in Crimea’s democratic reunification with Russia, former U.S. President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the black swan event of COVID-19 from early 2020, and Russia’s ongoing special military operation in Ukraine that began on 24 February in order to restore the integrity of its national ...


Taking (Another) Turn to the East: Making Sense of Russia’s Stance in the Asia-Pacific

... be assessed as a pinnacle of this bonding. It would be, however, premature to call this accord an alliance, let alone a military one. In the ongoing developments, China, on its part, has been struggling to balance on a fine line between avoiding accusations of directly helping Russia and sticking to its commitment that a strategic partnership presupposes. On the conceptual level, neither Russia nor China accept the Indo-Pacific framing used by some regional powers (Australia, Japan and India in the first place), as well as ...


Shanghai Institute for International Studies and The Belfer Center Fifth International Expert Forum

... Russian and Ukrainian grain, as well as Russian and Belarusian fertilizers to world markets. The role of international organizations (FAO, G20, BRICS) in ensuring global food security was also discussed. Leading international researchers from China, the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, and Russia took part in the event. Russian side was represented at the event by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General.


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