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Do Crises Drive Innovation?

The ultimate challenge for Russia will be to forge ahead with innovations and improvements in economic policies without the need to wait for the coming of yet another crash in oil prices and a drop in economic activity If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have ...


Leaving the Year of the Pandemic Behind: A Look Ahead to 2021

... demand” that is concentrated in health-care and digital economy/telecommunications. One of the priority areas of anti-crisis measures in China is the development of the 5G network, with allocations for digital infrastructure to reach 0.6 trn dollars. Russia’s economic performance next year will be affected to a significant degree by global trends, though the effectiveness of its anti-crisis measures as well as capabilities to weather the onslaught of the pandemic may prove to be no less important....


Russia-India Gape May Be Widened Further

For the first time in the last two decades, India and Russia have not held their annual summit. Moscow communicated severe concerns on New Delhi joining the Indo-Pacific initiative and Quad, thereby leaning more towards the US. India and Russia have been holding the annual summit, which is the uppermost ...


Arms Control Is to Be Maintained and Invigorated at All Costs

... not be able to limit them as strategic weapons – by launchers, missiles and airplanes. The ceilings would have to be many thousands of units, which is completely meaningless. Consider all the non-strategic weapons of the navies, the weapons of the ground ... ... parallel initiatives to reduce tactical nuclear weapons, which were adopted first by the USSR and the United States, and then by Russia and the United States in the 1990s, but this was not a treaty. These were unilateral measures, a gesture of goodwill. To ...


Russia Moves East, India West, Straining Ties

Russia and India are going to lose a lot if they have to take sides in this forthcoming US-China rivalry "Russia is losing India!"—I have been hearing such lamentations in Moscow for as long as I have followed world politics. Pessimism and ...


Russia-US Relations: Total Containment and Selective Dialogue

... present it as some kind of sensation. The Americans have found a new pretext to attack Russia. All sorts of pretexts were there before, and they will likely continue to appear in the form of unconfirmed accusations, and not even clearly formulated accusations, against Russia from those in authority. It is simply assumed that Russia is behind this. But there is no real subject for discussion there. If you do this professionally, then you should follow the proposals of Russian President Vladimir Putin of September 25,...


Experts Discuss the Near Future of the Asia Pacific Region

At the final event of the year dedicated to the Asia Pacific, leading Russian researchers of the field shared their assessments of the most significant trends of 2020 and tried to forecast regional developments in the upcoming year On December 24, 2020 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) held a webinar “Russia ...


Strategic Rivalry: Prospects for Russian-American Relations in the New US Political Cycle

... technology. However, this is only part of the problem. Even before the big quarrel with the United States and the West in 2014, Russia could not overcome its peripheral economic status, even despite the presence of significant financial resources, access ... ... conditions are much less favourable, and the political risks for foreign economic relations are becoming higher. It is enough for the USA only to gradually warm up the “milk in the boiler”. All this, of course, does not exclude cooperation or at least interaction ...


Russia and Iran in Syria and Beyond: Challenges Ahead

... assessed, such as the situation in Idlib, the prospects for a political process in Syria, Israel’s role in the region’s future, the path to Syria’s reconstruction and the impact of U.S. policies on the emerging new order in the Middle East. Both Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran regard each other as necessary components of the regional architecture that they envision for the Middle East. The paper attempts to shed light on the views of Moscow and Tehran on these issues. Russia and Iran ...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks at Trialogue Club International Meeting

On December 18, 2020, a regular meeting of the Trialogue Club International was held online On December 18, 2020, a regular meeting of the Trialogue Club International was held online. The meeting focused on the prospects for Russia-the U.S. relations under the Biden administration. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, spoke at the meeting.


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