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Summits Themselves Are Not Enough to Change the Negative Dynamics of the Relationship

Andrey Kortunov on the Biden – Putin Summit Major Results Interview for Hanns Seidel Foundation. The US-Russia relationship is at a low point, maybe at the lowest level since the Cold War. There is little mutual trust and there are few efforts from both sides to improve the relationship. Against this background, what is your analysis of the Biden-Putin ...


Fragile Stabilisation of Confrontation

... stabilisation of confrontation does not at all mean the resolution of the most acute conflicts and contradictions in Russian-American relations. The contradictions around Ukraine, Syria, Belarus, mutual allegations of interference in internal political affairs, Russia's accusations of illegal hostile activities and even a "hybrid war" against the Western countries will most likely not be reduced following the summit. The prospect of a fundamental change in the foreign policy of Russia and the United States and ...


Afghanistan Will Test SCO's Capacity

... stability, to the country. With hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the seemingly endless military operations and with thousands of Americans killed, the Biden Administration faces a harsh reality: A Western type political system is not likely to take ... ... matter of concern not for remote overseas powers, but for regional players around this country—such as Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, India and Central Asia countries. The ability or inability of these players to come to a common denominator on their respective ...


Summit without System

Today, the relations between Russia and the United States are abnormal, irrational, lacking in systemic thinking, clear goal-setting, and acceptable practices It is clear why the Russia—U.S. Presidential summit is in the limelight of the world community. In the history of international ...


US-China Relations: Moving Towards a New Cold War?

... 907 of March 24, 2020, denounced the PRC for censoring reports about the virus during the early stages of its spread, its refusal to cooperate with scientists from the Centre for Disease Control to assist its response to COVID-19 for over a month after ... ... global health issues.” [ 48 ] Finally, the third act was presented to Congress by Senator Lindsey Graham, who is well known in Russia, and a number of other Republicans [ 49 ]. It also mixes up COVID-19 with human rights. The legislation requires the president ...


Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting

... the difficulties, there are still signs for optimism Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have known each other for a long time—decades, in fact. This, however, made it no easier for them to agree to the meeting scheduled for June 16 in Geneva. The U.S.–Russia relations have seen a steady decline over the past few years, with all but few official contacts being suspended and the sides regularly trading jabs that often go beyond normal diplomatic practice. What makes matters worse is that the two leaders ...


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