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Is Missile Defence Agreement on the Cards?

A joint statement on exchanging information could arguably serve as a precursor for a more earnest and verifiable treaty, with the ultimate prospect of resuming U.S.–Russia TMD cooperation In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty in 2002, missile defence has come to be a contributing factor to military and political tensions in U.S.–Russia relations. Russian officials have repeatedly referred to missile defence, claiming it could be a threat to the country’s potential of nuclear deterrence...


Russian Debt and Sanctions. Amended Again

In the United States, there is a renewed discussion about the advisability of expanding sanctions on Russian sovereign debt In the United States, there is a renewed discussion about the advisability of expanding sanctions on Russian sovereign debt. Similar sanctions already exist: they were introduced sequentially by Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. There is an opinion in Congress that the existing sanctions are insufficient and need further expansion. The proposed amendment on tougher sanctions...


The Confused Superpower: A Year After America's Elections

By virtue of its combined power capabilities, the United States continues to occupy a central place in international politics, and developments inside the country inevitably become the most important factor in world affairs Both Trump and Biden seem to have jumped into the 21 st century from a completely different era — a time when the ability of the United States to determine the fate of other sovereign peoples was not indisputable. They consistently tried to integrate their power into the changing...


Russian Foreign Policy: Shifting Gears

... pro-Russian forces; NATO significantly increased its presence and activity in the Black Sea; and U.S. strategic bombers flew missions as close as 20 kilometers from the Russian border, according to Putin. The gas price crunch in Europe provoked bitter accusations that Russia had caused it. Even the migrant crisis on Poland’s border, part of a plan by Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko to punish the EU and coerce its leaders into a dialogue with him, was blamed directly on the Kremlin. What some ...


What’s Expected from This Year’s Russia-India Summit?

This year’s annual Russia-India Summit is scheduled for 6 December, during which President Putin, Defense Minister Shoigu and Foreign Minister Lavrov will all travel to the South Asian nation to participate in this major event. The latter two officials will hold the inaugural 2+2 talks with their counterparts that were announced earlier this year. The end result is expected to be that the special and privileged Russian-Indian Strategic Partnership will strengthen and evolve with time. This outcome...


Little US Reward for Lithuania’s Anti-China Role

The Lithuanian gamble has low chances of succeeding Why does Lithuania provoke China on the Taiwan question? Is it indeed so important for politicians in Vilnius to have a "Taiwan Representative Office" in their city instead of a "Taipei Economic and Cultural Office" or something similar? Everybody understands how sensitive this issue is for Beijing and it was crystal clear from the very beginning that China could not take the Lithuanian challenge lightly. The reaction from...


Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier

... will be distributed, so it won’t be the same kind of massive grid because we also need to reduce the risks of cyber and other deliberate attacks on a grid that could bring the power down in major urban areas. In your opinion, how could Russia and the USA cooperate on detection, monitoring, preventing, and mitigating security threats related to climate change? Well, there is a lot that the U.S and Russia could do if we could resolve some of the challenges we face in other areas, particularly, Russia’s ...


Greece’s American Naïveté: Beware Americans Bearing Gifts

Early last year, I concluded an article entitled ‘Greece and Russia: back to the ‘Truman Doctrine?’, with the words: ‘Then becomes now, albeit with different colors. Just as with Britain during her heyday, Greece’s relations with Russia today are predicated on the US’s keeping Russia at bay in the Eastern Mediterranean, and therefore from having positive and close relations with Greece, Russia’s natural ally in the Nineteenth Century. It would take a Greek statesman of the calibre of Kapodistrias...


Dialogue through sanctions is unacceptable and violates international law

... crisis. Dialogue through sanctions is unacceptable and violates international law. We regard all attempts to impede Russian oil and gas exports to Europe as unfair competition, undermining the free market principles. We also categorically reject accusations against us regarding the Russian energy policy. Such statements show the disrespect of the United States for its own allies who are ready to build a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our country. We have proven in practice that we ...


Russia and the United States Mapping Out Cooperation in Information Security

... fostered and enhanced. For example, most attacks on Russian infrastructure in 2020, the NCIRCC suggests, were carried out from the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. By the same token, the Western media continues to level mostly unsubstantiated accusations against Russia for its supposed involvement in cyberattacks, while cyber defence activities have become overly politicized. Meaningful interaction, once it produces positive results, facilitates an atmosphere of trust between the parties, opening ...


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