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On a New Global Order and its Nuclear Dimension

... declaration of Russia’s geopolitical independence and a public challenge to US hegemony. This challenge from Russia was geopolitical, normative and partly military. At the same time, China’s rapid economic and technological growth and Beijing’s refusal to accept the American offer to become a junior partner of the United States put American hegemony in front of economic challenges. Since the mid-1990s, two major powers, namely Russia and China, have regularly declared multipolarity as the desired ...


Voting Practices of Sub-Saharan States of Africa at the UN General Assembly: Latest Trends and Underlying Strategies

Working Paper No. 74 / 2023 Working Paper No. 74 / 2023 The working paper seeks to analyze constitutive voting patterns of Sub-Saharan states of Africa at the UN General Assembly. The methodology proposed in this paper offers an opportunity to explore this issue topic-wise as well as in a broader sense. The paper considers a number of indicators that help assess the involvement of the continent’s different countries in the voting processes, builds on the various types of strategic behavior in the...


US Foreign Policy Is Advanced Smartphone with Weak Battery

The growing gap between the ends that the US seeks in international relations and the means that it has available is particularly striking in the case of the so-called dual containment policy that Washington now pursues toward Russia and China A couple of days ago, a Quad summit meeting in Sydney scheduled for May 24 was abruptly canceled. The US president had to pull out of his long-anticipated trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Instead, the heads of the four Quad member states got together...


The Impact of Missile Defense Systems Development on Strategic Stability Discussed within ISCRAN — CISAC Expert Russian-American Dialogue

On May 16, 2023, a regular meeting of the bilateral expert Russian-American dialogue between the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISCRAN) and CISAC was held On May 16, 2023, a regular meeting of the bilateral expert Russian-American dialogue between the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISCRAN) ...


Arab Solution to Syrian Crisis Bumps into US Sanctions

Syria’s return to the League of Arab States (LAS) will remain symbolic unless economic relations are restored, at least on a regional scale... In the run-up to the May summit of the League of Arab States (LAS), regional media and experts are speculating about the prospect of Syria’s renewed membership in the organization. Such discussions have been ongoing since 2021. Proponents of the dialogue and restoration of relations with Damascus refer to the fact Syria have become estranged from its Arab...


OPEC+ Cuts Production

... to be reduced, as announced by the OPEC+ member states, were also quite unexpected. On April 3, they declared their intention to cut production by 1.16 million bpd starting in May 2023, but if we take into account Russia’s announced cut by 500 thousand bpd from March 2023, the total reduction of global supply will be close to 1.66 million bpd. These are significant volumes on a global scale. At present, the market is close to equilibrium in terms of demand and supply, so the 1.66 mln cut in crude ...


Modern Diplomacy and the New World Order

Russia, in turn, is conducting its diplomatic manoeuvring by stubbornly refusing to “burn bridges” in relations with the West or damage the integrity of the world economic system Are the general diplomatic manoeuvres simply part of the military activity that is growing on a global scale, or are they replacing the “big” negotiations about a new world order, about which theorists could dream of? It can be assumed that both are being done at the same time — to the particular chagrin of those of us...


Turkey on the Eve of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Balance of Political Forces in the Country

In the midst of growing anti-American, anti-NATO and anti-Western sentiments in Turkey, the development of collaboration with Russia in all areas looks a win-win option The next presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey are scheduled for May 14, 2023. The voting will take place amid a challenging socioeconomic environment, aggravated by the aftermath of February’s natural disasters. Deadlines for a number of promising projects have been pushed back, and the country has proved unprepared...


Iraq in the World Dis(Order)

... the Magnificent. And here comes 2003... Perhaps, history is the queen of all sciences after all? The war in Iraq (or the Third Gulf War) was unleashed in 2003 by the international coalition forces led by the United States, which numbered about 250 thousand troops. This led to the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein. Along with him, the Iraqi branch of the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party (ASRP/Ba’ath) lost its influence. There was little honor in the war per se. The Iraqi army often surrendered ...


Paradoxes of U.S. Financial System Resilience

As long as the world economy retains faith in the omnipotence of the U.S. dollar as the commodity in highest demand, the internal costs for the American economy will be offset by profits in foreign markets, providing the U.S. financial system with relative stability The March collapse of three major U.S. banks—Signature Bank, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Silvergate Capital—coupled with a sharp decline in the market value of Wall Street financial titans, such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America...


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