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Mistrust between Russia and the United States Has Reached an All-Time High

... mutually acceptable agreements (New START, etc.). The experience of global diplomacy tells us that the only way to find solutions is through dialogue. The sooner our leading politicians realize it, the faster we will step away from mutual public accusations and destructive information wars waged with cutting-edge technologies and move towards earnest talks on the crucial issues of the 21 st -century agenda. Giving general advice is easy. It is even easier to take the high horse, insisting on staying ...


The Future of U.S.–Russia Relations

Policy Brief #31 / 2020 Policy Brief #31 / 2020 Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States and Russia have been exchanging humanitarian aid shipments, demonstrating the readiness of the two countries to temporarily put their political differences aside and come to the other’s rescue. That being said, these episodes have had little effect on bilateral relations, which have been going through trying times in recent years. The crisis of confidence between the two countries is further aggravated...


Don’t Expect Sanctions to Stop Nord Stream II

... is projected to be completed. It will be too late, and a “kill-switch” can, therefore, only be found in the actions of the present, which are currently en route to the Senate. An ideal scenario would entail a tripartite summit involving Russia, USA, and Europe to find a solution to the issue — a push towards an entente. Given the current complexity of affairs, however, it would require a strong willingness from all parties involved, a willingness that has been absent from the American side....


What Do the Syrian People Expect from Russia?

... relations with the United States or even Turkey become strained. “Sponsoring” and “guaranteeing” internal settlements and national dialogue conferences such as the Syrian National Dialogue Congress held in Sochi and the hundreds or even thousands of meetings with political and armed opposition actors seeking reconciliation and settlement. Establishing “parallel tracks” for the stalled Geneva process, mediated through the Astana and Sochi processes, and charge it with resolving the ...


US Left Isolated, Iran Nuclear Deal Under Threat: What Will Crisis Over Iran in UN Security Council Lead to?

... unilateral US withdrawal from the JCPOA and the resumption of US sanctions had global consequences. In fact, Iran once again found itself in economic isolation, although for its part, it had complied with the provisions of the JCPOA. However, the refusal of the UN Security Council and the President of the Council in August, Permanent Representative of Indonesia D.T. Jani, to support US efforts, is unlikely to end Washington's attack on the JCPOA. As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on 27 August,...


What will US-Chinese competition mean for European security? The Clingendael Institute webinar

Views from Europe, the US and Russia The changing geopolitical environment, characterised by increased US unilateralism, Chinese assertiveness and growing Sino -American rivalry, also has far-reaching consequences for security on, and around, the European continent. At the same time international security cooperation has been steadily eroding, as demonstrated by the paralysis of multilateral security arrangements, disputes within NATO and the collapse of arms control treaties, like INF and Open...


Secretary of State Pompeo’s Middle-East Tour for Crucial Objectives

Most of the Arab World is ruled by Kings and dictators, especialy the oil-rich Gulf states, who depend on U.S. support to sustain their rule.Photo:  Alex Wong / Getty ImagesU.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a four-nation (Israel, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan) trip in the Middle-East. The tour comes at a very critical moment and carries multiple objectives. On the surface, it is to convince the Arab World to recognize Israel. Another mission is to create alliances and support...


Afghanistan: New Old Problems

The long-term impasse that persists in Afghanistan has lead to nostalgia in the country for a "strong hand" that would instantly resolve all problems. However, such assumptions are illusory The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, which for a time occupied the minds of the world's political elites, did not justify the timid hopes that it could provide some kind of healing effect, mitigating the overwhelmingly high degree of tensions in international relations. The pandemic only superficially...


Russia and the U.S.: Time to Look for Compromises

Experts agree that a positive shift in U.S.-Russia relations could jump-start the process of advancing a healthier global atmosphere The recent Democratic and Republican national conventions did not offer any particular surprises. They merely confirmed the current balance of power in both parties before the November presidential elections. As expected, the Republicans rallied behind the incumbent President Donald Trump, while the Democrats put their faith in former Vice President Joe Biden. Igor...


The New START Must Not Become an Ironic END of Bilateral Russia-U.S. Arms Control

... potential solutions which has, thus far, been the case. It is an attempt at a quick fix that shatters years-long processes, negotiations and further destabilizes the Russia-U.S. relationship and the world at large. II. The blame game — American Accusations Do Not Outweigh Russian Concerns Alexander Yermakov: The Countdown for New START In addressing US accusations of Russian violations, one needs to consider the above new context that has presented itself, together with the complex “ multi-dimensional ...


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