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Removed Diplomacy: Why U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Have Gone Stale

Although sanctions have affected the Russian economy, it continues to grow and become resilient towards increased trade barriers Since 2014, Russian and American diplomacy has been defined by economic sanctions. This has become the default, expected option for U.S. policymakers—but Russia has refused to concede, repent and ask for forgiveness. The U.S. had hoped Russia would experience just enough economic hardship that they would revert their course, retract their reunification with Crimea, and...


Dealing With Biden's America

... recent Navalny trial in Moscow was attended by diplomats from about twenty embassies. To Moscow, this is a sign of blatant foreign interference in Russian domestic politics, and it is pushing back by refusing to listen to lectures and dismissing all accusations. This Western front, of course, is likely to be more unified on ideological issues than on issues of interest, but it will be harder for Moscow to play on inter-allied differences. The distinction between Russia’s confrontation with the United ...


The Navy of the Future: Classics, Science-Fiction, Contractors

The renewed rivalry between the world powers is fuelling the development of new weapons and military equipment The renewed rivalry between the world powers, almost formally dubbed the second Cold War now, could not but fuel the development of new weapons and military equipment. Naval forces chose not to stand on the side-lines of this new race, despite a certain conservatism of the hardware they employ, which is predicated on the life cycle these products. Incidentally, many questions that the...


Conquering the Emptiness: A New Stage in the Militarization of Outer Space

... military ERS services, but their large scale potentially makes for faster information delivery due to higher numbers of flyovers over the targets), the U.S. Space Force plans to build a multi-layered “national” constellation of more than one thousand satellites that will handle the tasks of communication, missile defence, missile attack warning [ 3 ], intelligence (with top speed information transfer directly on the battlefield) and navigation at a drastically new level. To give the reader an ...


Prospects for Strengthening Strategic Stability Discussed at EASLG High-Level Meeting

On February 5, 2021, the ordinary virtual meeting of the high-level working group on strategic stability issues of the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) took place On February 5, 2021, the ordinary virtual meeting of the high-level working group on strategic stability issues of the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) took place. The discussion focused on the following issues: prospects for strengthening strategic stability, taking into account the recent extension of Russia-the...


Multilateralism Without the USA

Multilateralism can happen without a hegemonic power (the USA) REUTERS/Mike Segar It has already done so for a long time. As I have described earlier: "Nobody waits for Biden" (or the USA). The World is everywhere moving fast around the USA - leaving an ever more bewildered USA behind. US President ...


New START and the Prospects for Weapons Limitation in Russian-American Relations

... weapons, including non-strategic ones, the issue of missile defence, strategic high-precision weapons systems in conventional equipment, hypersonic weapons, the possible militarisation of outer space and cyber security. In the context of the ongoing US accusations of Russian and Chinese hacking of one or another system of state and party administration, the parties simply need to agree on a ban on cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure related to nuclear weapons: communications satellites, missile ...


A State or a Person? Who Are the ‘Smart Sanctions’ Against?

... the quality of life. Blacklisting the owner or top manager of a large enterprise affects all its activities, and also affects suppliers and consumers. For example, US sanctions against Oleg Deripaska have threatened serious disruptions in the work of Rusal, an important enterprise for the Russian economy. Ivan Timofeev: ‘Selective’ Bipolarity? From a Coalition of War to a Coalition of Sanctions The same applies to sanctions against a political administration. It is difficult to separate it from ...


Surviving in a Deregulated Strategic World

Preventing a nuclear war between the two powers will be as hard a task as it ever was, and the environment for that immensely more complex and fluid than ever Russian-American strategic relations are entering uncharted waters with the demise of the arms control regime; rapid technological revolution; the rise of nuclear multipolarity; the asymmetry of the two countries’ positions amid their growing confrontation and an increasing likelihood of military conflict among major powers; and the complete...


Biden's Sanctions Policy. The First Steps

Russia has accumulated a number of “toxic assets”, which could potentially become a reason for new sanctions The Biden administration has taken the first steps in its sanctions policy. On January 19, the US Treasury imposed financial blocking sanctions against a number of individuals, companies and ships . The largest number of sanctions was issued in connection with Venezuela; the largest number of sanctions were established—3 individuals, 13 companies and 6 courts. The main purpose of the sanctions...


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