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Shinzo Abe’s Indo-Pacific Doctrine: The Foundation of Japan’s Future Foreign Policy

One would hope that Japan will be further interested in preventing the Indo-Pacific concept from transforming into an additional source of tension in Russia–Japan relations Shinzo Abe’s recent decision to step down as Prime Minister has been one of the most noteworthy international events of recent times. This news, however, came from a country where the early resignation of a prime minister ...


Why the “Coronavirus Ceasefire” Never Happened

Neither the coronavirus nor the economic recession will automatically lead to a détente, let alone a reset in relations between Russia and the West Six months ago, when COVID-19 had just moved beyond the borders of China and embarked upon its triumphant march across Europe and North America, politicians and foreign affairs experts started discussing what will happen after the ...


Mistrust between Russia and the United States Has Reached an All-Time High

... possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable” In August 2020, Politico magazine published three letters outlining their authors’ views of the ways the United States, and the West in general, should build relations with Russia. The first, published on August 5 and signed by over 100 prominent American politicians, diplomats and military leaders, states that Washington’s present policy towards Moscow “isn’t working” and that it is time that the United States “rethink” ...


Russia and Syria: Nuances in Allied Relations

Using political realism as a stepping stone, Russia and Syria need to balance common strategic goals and search for optimal ways to deal with possible tactical differences The foreign policy strategy of any state includes a certain set of means and ways to ensure the practical achievement of ...


The Future of U.S.–Russia Relations

Policy Brief #31 / 2020 Policy Brief #31 / 2020 Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States and Russia have been exchanging humanitarian aid shipments, demonstrating the readiness of the two countries to temporarily put their political differences aside and come to the other’s rescue. That being said, these episodes have had little effect on bilateral ...


Tackling the Illicit Drug Trade: Perspectives From Russia

While strengthening international cooperation is crucial, Russia needs to complement law enforcement with a softer approach for the demand side of the drug trade at home The Afghan drug trade supplying the Russian market has fuelled conflict, corruption, and instability in the region, provided financial support ...


Don’t Expect Sanctions to Stop Nord Stream II

... character to take over the task of rolling the boulder of sanctions against Nord Stream II. The last four years have seen tumultuous U.S. sanctioning efforts against the project and have epitomized an outdated, stale, and dangerous policy against the Russian Federation that should be re-prioritized and established alongside American principles and level-headed recommendations . This current policy of the passé will not change overnight, however, a sober, self-reflective examination of the failed ...


What Do the Syrian People Expect from Russia?

What the Syrian side needs from Russia is a “clear vision” for moving forward and reaffirmation of its priorities Contents Introduction One: Syrian Uncertainty Two: The Caesar Act and “Reproducing” War Three: Stress at Home Four: Caesar Act Threatens Russia Five: An Intangible ...


Moscow and Tehran in Syria: Competition or Partnership?

The Russian’s view on Syria is tactical, not strategic Russia and Iran's partnership has often wavered between cooperation and rivalry due to the incompatibility of interests and goals in many regional and international issues. However, their joint efforts ...


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