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Russia and Iran: How Far from a Strategic Partnership?

The problem of trust between the people of Russia and Iran remains unresolved, if only because they have very poor knowledge of each other Should we define the current Russia–Iran relations as a strategic partnership or rather as a tactical alliance between countries with diverging foreign ...


US-led ‘Psychological Wars’ Against Russia, China Lead to All Lose Situation

The solution to the problem of psychological wars in a "psychological peace" should be based on a common understanding on what is allowed in the international information exchange and what is not Andrei Ilnitsky, an advisor to Russian defense minister, said in an interview at the end of March that the US and the West are waging a "mental war" against Russia. Why does the West resort to the psychological war? How will Russia cope with the psychological war? Global ...


Disconnecting From SWIFT? No, We Did Not Hear About It

The European Parliament resolution did not cause any fluctuations of the ruble or Russian blue chips. Why did this happen and should the resolution be taken seriously? The European Parliament has adopted another resolution on Russia. It reflects the key political claims against Moscow which have recently been on the Union’s official ...


UK–Russia Security Dialogue. European Security

The main findings of the workshop on ‘European Security’ organised by RUSI and RIAC in February 2021 Introduction This conference report outlines the main findings of the workshop on ‘European Security’ organised by RUSI and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in February 2021 as part of the UK–Russia Security Dialogue . The dialogue is a proven format that has provided an opportunity for RUSI and RIAC to bring together experts from the two countries to discuss ...


Su-57 = Next-gen Eurofighter

... a generic package with avionics, sensor, weapons control & battlespace to put into not one but a range of aircraft platforms (manned and unmanned). The EU has neither. The EU will never reach the finish line even in 2040 UNLESS the EU teams up with Russia. Russia has a big vital part of what is needed: A truly superior aircraft platform, the Su-57. The EU has what it takes to develop the rest and turn that into a true No.1 global leader in combat. Together, the EU and Russia can and will do it. ...


On the Role of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) in Supporting a Green Recovery

... one of the starkest crises in the past century. The world’s sovereign wealth funds as a powerful force in international financial markets could play a vital role in advancing green projects as well as green finance. This is particularly relevant for Russia, where the National Wellbeing Fund could be partly invested into green financial instruments. At this stage there is a number of global networks and initiatives that bring together the world’s largest institutional investors, including sovereign ...


The Implications of Post-Soviet De Facto States in Contemporary World Politics

... either. Abkhazia has more than 200,000 residents, Transnistria more than 400,000, and the conflicted regions in Ukraine have millions of residents. It has been argued that these regions cannot be considered truly independent because of their reliance on Russia’s economy and military. If reliance on other states, however, is indeed a determinant of statehood, many of the states in the United Nations would disappear overnight. For example, it could be argued that the nations that compose the European ...


The “Non-Deep” Causes of the Disintegration of the Soviet Union

... of the Soviet Union and composed the general driving forces that finally lead to the disintegration of the Soviet Union. However, they are not the direct causes of its breakdown. Did the political model break up the Soviet Union? Dayan Jayatilleka: Russia’s Way of Being in the World, from Yesterday to Tomorrow The Soviet system had many shortcomings, but these shortcomings were not direct factors to disintegrate the Soviet Union. These shortcomings forced the Soviet Union to embark on the path ...


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