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Coronavirus as a Problem of Fathers and Sons

... a conflict of fathers and sons, for the simple reason that young people everywhere in the world have their own fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, whose fate is not inconsequential to them – that happens in France, in China, and in Russia. There is no serious conflict between fathers and sons over coronavirus, but there is a generational problem. Of course, in an ideal society, all generations would live in harmony with each other and the problem of choosing priorities in such a ...


Sanctions and Financial Crime: Together or Apart?

In a worst-case scenario, the Americans’ excessive use of sanctions and other measures for political purposes will make anarchy an attractive means to preserve sovereignty The American federal law PL 115-44 (CAATSA) is well-known in Russia. It is associated with the codification of a large array of sanctions and other measures related to the Ukrainian crisis, the situation in Syria, Russian influence in Europe and Eurasia, etc. The part of the law which resonates the most is that ...


Why the Justice Department Dropped Charges Over “Russian Interference”

Ultimately, the prosecution’s case was dead on arrival When Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel dropped indictments against 13 Russian individuals and three companies for using social media “to interfere with the U.S. political system, including the 2016 presidential election,” the American mainstream media class treated this as groundbreaking, indisputable evidence that ...


The Troika Rears its Head Once Again

Threats for Russia: From the Past to the Future Ah, troika, troika, swift as a bird, who was it first invented you? Nikolai Gogol, Dead Souls On February 22, 1946, advisor to the U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow George Kennan sent what would later become known ...


COVID-19: Toward New Forms of Social Organisation

... government agencies. However, prior to the current crisis, a radical change had not occurred. This change is very real today. And COVID-19 provides an excellent pretext. Within several weeks, and possibly for a period lasting months, many organisations in Russia and abroad will have to switch to remote work. The economy is already suffering enormous losses. Remote forms of work represent a suitable means to preserve the activities of many enterprises and structures, where the specificity of their work ...


Digital Economy is the Economy of Innovations, not Inventions

Interview with Vladimir Korovkin, Head of Digital and Innovations Research, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Which country sets the rules and standards for the digital economy today? Should Russia gear its technological development towards China? Why is it important for Russia to radically revise its official approach in this area? These were just some of the interesting topics we touched upon in our interview with Head of Digital and Innovations ...


Negative effects for Russia of the US-China Phase-One-Deal

... (IfW Kiel), the purchase commitments can result in significant trade diversion effects and market share shifts for China’s trading partners. As a result, Brazil (-19 percent), the EU (-17 percent) – including above all Germany (-7 percent), and Russia (-10 percent) would have to expect the greatest export losses.Accordingly, Russian exports to China could be 10 percent lower by 2021, which is equivalent to a loss of USD 3.1 billion. Russian energy exports hit hardest US presidents have always ...


UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To Understand

RIAC–RUSI Report A report based on findings from the latest round of the UK–Russia Track 1.5 (non-governmental) bilateral security dialogue, which RUSI held in collaboration with the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). Previous iterations of the dialogue have covered a range of geopolitical issues such as the Intermediate-Range ...


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