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RIAC and SIIS experts compared notes on the Middle East

On March 23, 2023, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS) held an online joint round table on “Russia-China Cooperation in the Middle East: New Dynamics and New Opportunities” On March 23, 2023, the ...


The Referendums for Reunification with Russia the geopolitical stakes of a democratic choice

The referendums organised at the request of the two people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (independent since 2014 and recognised by Russia on 21 February 2022) but also in the territories of Zaporizhia and Kherson, have a historical and geopolitical significance on several levels, as it is not only a question of the process of Russian reunification but also of the consolidation of ...


Common Challenges Require Fundamental Change in International System

Probably the most important takeaway from President Xi's visit to Moscow Ten years ago, during his trip to Russia in March of 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a keynote speech at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow, where he outlined the vision of “a community of common destiny in which everyone has in himself a little ...


Russian and Chinese Economies Complement Each Other Perfectly

Today, leaders from China and Russia are looking at the medium-term perspective, and cooperation plans already cover the entire current decade On March 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meeting was anticipated to be of a protocol ...


After the Summit: Next Steps in China-Russia Cooperation

The challenge for Russia is to become an organic part of Chinese technological and production chains, including those in high-tech areas International summits are important and sometimes even indispensable. Top level meetings between leaders of hostile nations often ...


More dialogue, less domination

Now we have a new initiative, Global Civilization Initiative Editor's note: From March 20 to 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia. During the trip, President Xi and his counterpart Vladimir Putin released several joint statements and agreed to deepen cooperation. What is the main message that this visit sends? Sergey Sanakoev, president of the Asia-Pacific Region Research ...


A lot from China-Russia cooperation can be used by other international actors across the world

There is a broad range of issues that can be discussed during this trip Editor's Note: Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to pay a three-day state visit to Russia from March 20 to 22. During his visit to Russia, President Xi will have an in-depth exchange of views with Russian President Vladimir Putin on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues of mutual interest. When Global Times ...


Much to Expect from Chinese President's State Visit to Russia

The state visit vividly demonstrates the importance of China-Russia strategic partnership and how strong their partnership is, which also sends a particular message to the U.S. and their allies Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Russia will largely have symbolic meaning, confirming Russia's priority ...


China-Russia summit: What economic goals ahead?

The meeting between the leaders of China and Russia will present an opportunity to build on the strong momentum in boosting bilateral economic cooperation The visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to feature a wide range of issues for ...


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