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Russia — Africa: What is next?” Forum

On October 22, 2021, Nikita Panin, Program Assistant at RIAC, took part in the proceedings of the “Russia — Africa: What is next?” Forum, which was organized by undergraduate and graduate students at the venue of MGIMO backed by the university’s administration, Russia’s Foreign Ministry and “Rossotrudnichestvo” On October 22, 2021, Nikita ...


RIAC — RUSI — E3G Workshop on Environmental Management Issues and Nature Based Solutions

The workshop was organized within the framework of the sixth round of the project “A New Agenda for Russia — UK Relations” On October 20, 2021, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), held workshop (chatham house format) on environmental management ...


RIAC Director General Meets India’s Ruling Party Official

On October 19, 2021 Andrey Kortunov, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Director General. hosted Vijay Chauthaiwale, Head of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Bharatiya Janata Party, main political party in India On October 19, 2021 Andrey Kortunov, Russian International ...


Merkel’s Legacy, as Seen From Russia

Angela Merkel’s sixteen years as German chancellor have shaped Berlin’s place and role in Europe Seen from Moscow, Angela Merkel’s long tenure was a period of relative, if not always palatable, predictability in German-Russian relations. The future of the relationship will depend in no small measure on who succeeds her and how skilled that successor is at the art of statecraft. Merkel is leaving behind very big shoes to fill. Angela Merkel’s sixteen years as German ...


The U.S. Wants To Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia

... Nigeria to usher in another so-called “Scramble for Africa”. The U.S. and its allies would strategically benefit from this outcome since it would enable them to more effectively divide and rule Africa in a way that could reduce the influence of Russia, China, and other multipolar countries there across the ongoing New Cold War. In other words, Ethiopia isn't just defending its own sovereignty by pushing back against America's Hybrid War, but also all of Africa's. The US feels threatened not ...


Section of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences “African vector of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation” at the XIII RISA Convention

The participants of the section discussed the possibilities of overcoming the obstacles arising in the path of the development of Russia-Africa relations On October 16, 2021, the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) held a special section “The African Vector of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation”. It was organized within the framework ...


Russia-Japan Relations: Were Abe’s Efforts In Vain?

Expanding the modest elements of trust in the Japan-Russia relationship, talking through reciprocal concerns before they lead to conflict, avoiding bilateral incidents, and engaging in mutually beneficial economic cooperation is the way forward Expanding the modest elements of trust in the Japan-Russia ...


The Covid After-Effects and the Looming Skills Shortage

... low-income tiers of the labour market. One of the most significant factors affecting the global labour market was the reduction in migration flows, which resulted in the exacerbation of labour shortages across the major migrant recipient countries, such as Russia. There was also a notable blow delivered by the pandemic to the spheres of human capital development such as education and healthcare, which in turn exacerbated the imbalances and shortages in these areas. In particular, according to the estimates ...


Shared Territorial Concern, Opposition to US Intervention Prompt Russia’s Support to China on Taiwan Question

... such a clash, even if it does not escalate to the nuclear level, might be catastrophic for the global economy and strategic stability, not to mention huge losses in blood and treasure for both sides in this conflict. Zhao Huasheng: Should China and Russia Form an Alliance? Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow continued to firmly support Beijing's position on Taiwan as an integral part of China. Moreover, he also underlined that Moscow would support Beijing ...


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