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Russia-Japan Relations Discussed at a Meeting with Japanese Ambassador Toyohisa Kodzuki

... by Mikhail Bely, former Russian ambassador to Japan. The discussion focused on the results of 2018–2019, the cross-year of Russia in Japan and Japan in Russia, the state of relations between the two countries, possible areas for the development of Russian-Japanese cooperation against the backdrop of the ongoing changes in trade, economic, and military-political situation in the Asia-Pacific region.


Russian re-industrialization dangers – lessons from Japan and USA

... glaring exception – the defense industry. The American military industrial complex is the closest US equivalent to the post-war Japanese plan-oriented system. It may be valuable for significantly de-industrialized countries in catch-up mode, such as Russia, to examine how and why the Japanese post-war economy succeeded so spectacularly in the beginning, as well as the reasons for its subsequent loss of momentum, stagnation and fall, as a cautionary example of dangers to be avoided. Japan's recovery in the decades that followed the ...


Meeting with Kansai Association of Corporate Executives Delegation (Japan)

... companies. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, presented Russia’s positions concerning major issues of global and regional security, Moscow’s views on cooperation with Western countries in the context of anti-Russian sanctions, and prospects for Russian-Japanese trade and economic cooperation. After his speech Japanese participants actively discussed ways of doing business in Russia and shared their own experiences.


Meeting with Takeo Mori, Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

... meeting with Takeo Mori, Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, visiting Moscow. The results of the International Conference Russia and Japan: Mutually Beneficial Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region as of March 4, current issues of Russia-Japan relations, and security issues in the Asia-Pacific were discussed in the course of the meeting. The meeting was attended by Shûichi Tokuda, Minister on Political Affairs, Head of the Political Department of the Japanese Embassy.


RussiaJapan — USA Trilateral Dialogue

... was part of the international conference held in Moscow “Russia and Japan: Mutually Beneficial Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region”, organized by RIAC in cooperation with the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and dedicated to the Russia-Japan cross cultural year. The panelists discussed the influence of the Japan-US alliance on cooperation with Russia and other regional players, issues of economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as prospects for multilateral cooperation ...


Moscow Hosts International Conference on RussiaJapan Relations

... Dmitry Mezentsev, Member of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, RIAC member; Kenichiro Sasae, President and Director General of the Japan Institute of International Affairs; Ichiro Aisawa, Chairman of the Japan-Russia Parliamentary Friendship Association; and Toyohisa Kozuki, Japan's Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Russia. The conference participants discussed the role of bilateral relations between Russia and Japan in the development of the ...


Can Eternal Uncertainty Turn into Eternal Peace? Vladimir Nelidov’s Lecture on Russia-Japan Relations

... urged to be skeptical about this kind of assumptions: Russia and Japan continue to adhere to divergent positions on the fate of the Kuril Islands, and the situation is unlikely to change in the near future. The expert also noted that when analyzing Russian-Japanese territorial dispute, it is important to take into account the domestic political factor. According to the lecturer, Abe’s activity on the Kuril Islands is explained by his desire not to “lose face” in front of his voters and act in favor ...


Russia-Japan Dialogue: The Sanctions Factor

... compromise on the islands in exchange for investment and a new level of relations. Tokyo, too, will find it difficult to do much to change the situation, even if it has the political will to do so. The exterritorial nature of the US sanctions will impede Russia-Japan cooperation regardless of what the dialogue on the Kuril Islands results in. It appears that the Russian diplomats are well aware of this prospect. However, throughout history Japan has demonstrated a high level of adaptation to US sanctions, if ...


RussiaJapan Cooperation in Eurasia

... detailed discussion of Russia and Japan's approaches to multilateral cooperation in Eurasia, and includes an analysis of the possibility of Japan’s involvement in the Eurasian initiatives. In the conclusion a list of practical proposals to facilitate Russian-Japanese cooperation in Eurasia is presented. The paper is based on the analysis of official plans and documents, speeches and statements of key decisionmakers, as well as publications prepared by prominent intellectual platforms of Russia and Japan. ...


Expert Discussion on RussiaJapan Cooperation in Eurasia

On September 27, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a discussion on RussiaJapan cooperation in Eurasia. Timur Makhmutov, RIAC Deputy Director of Programs, chaired the meeting. On September 27, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a discussion on RussiaJapan cooperation in Eurasia. Timur Makhmutov, ...


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