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Spokes versus Axes: Modalities of Regional Security in Northeast Asia

Washington intends to cash in on the topic of alleged military-technological cooperation between Russia and the DPRK or China and the DPRK, in order to build anti-Russian and anti-Chinese sentiments in the Republic of Korea and Japan In foreign media and academic articles, they increasingly often refer to a “Beijing-Moscow-Pyongyang axis” that is emerging in Northeast Asia (NEA). Under these circumstances, Western authors believe, the U.S. and its main Pacific allies, ...


Old Cold War Type Relations Do Not Serve Japan

The future of Japan cannot be based only on its partnerships with the US and NATO, as important as this partnership is for Tokyo. This future also depends on Japan's relations to its Eurasian neighbors The recent international tour of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio ...


The East Expands into NATO: Japan’s and South Korea’s New Approaches to Security

... limits and purpose of expanding the organization’s areas of activity The 2022 NATO Summit in Madrid can be seen as a momentous occasion not just for NATO but also for security in the Asia-Pacific. For the first time in NATO’s 73-year-long history, Japanese and South Korean leaders participated in the meeting as “Asia-Pacific partners”. For the first time, the Alliance named China a threat in their documents. However, having approached the hic sunt dracones (here be dragons) mark, NATO and ...


A Little Britain’s Reach Out To The Big Indo-Pacific

... waters in the vicinity of Sevastopol during an allegedly “peaceful passage.” Subsequently, the group passed through the Bay of Bengal and the Strait of Malacca, heading on to the Pacific Ocean on a training mission for patrolling between Guam and Japan; the group also participated in drills with other navies and docked in foreign ports. The mission of the British part was 28 weeks long, making it the first protracted expedition of a British aircraft carrier in the recent history of the Royal Navy....


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    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
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