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Will the Six-Party Diplomatic Project Help Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula?

... status and economic position. Moving on to China and Russia, they do not want to see a conflict breaking out on the Korean peninsula and call for stability, in the hope that it may eventually lead to the peaceful coexistence of the two Koreas. As for Japan, the country has an irrational fear of North Korea, but has not developed an official position on the issue, and in any case does not have the military might to change the situation on its own. Thus, a calm, albeit somewhat forced, has fallen on the Korean peninsula – there has been a distinct ...


The Korean Peninsula: A Crisis of Diplomacy and the Triumph of the Law of Force?

... States are worlds apart, while Russia and Korea are separated by a single river. And the recent nuclear tests carried out by North Korea, as well as the planned missile launches, must surely have raised eyebrows in Moscow. All the more so, as a serious ... ... for concern here? Could a conflict between both Koreas that is capable of drawing the world’s leading powers of China, Japan and Russia in erupt on Russia’s doorstep? Could such a conflict involve weapons of mass destruction? Today, we can ...


Korea’s Wound That Will Not Heal

... problem states or organizations to get their hands on nuclear technology or parts that has been developed in Pyongyang. Russia does not recognize North Korea as a nuclear power, and in 2003 it joined China, North Korea, South Korea, the United States and Japan for six-part talks on North Korea’s nuclear programme. The joint statement issued by the group on September 19, 2005 contained a constructive basis not only for ensuring the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but also for improving the situation in the region ...


The new face of Pyongyang in Northeast Asia

... the U.S. State Department’s warning that it was ill-timed, can be considered a positive development in this direction. Both members of the delegation acknowledged that “ the visit to North Korea was very productive and successful ”. North Korea-Japan governmental talks resumed in August 2012 after a four-year hiatus. The second round of the talks at department director level took place in November. Their results and the general atmosphere, (against a background of the profound cooling of Japan-South ...


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