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Shinzo Abe’s Indo-Pacific Doctrine: The Foundation of Japan’s Future Foreign Policy

One would hope that Japan will be further interested in preventing the Indo-Pacific concept from transforming into an additional source of tension in Russia–Japan relations Shinzo Abe’s recent decision to step down as Prime Minister has been one of the most noteworthy international events of recent times. This news, however, came from a country where the early resignation of a prime minister is nothing out of the ordinary....


Japan Facing a Period of “Blissful Harmony”

... writers Wang Xizhi and Zhang Hen. Nevertheless, the choice was made in favor of the anthology “Man'yoshu” as the most ancient and prestigious collection of Japanese (Japanese, not Chinese) poetry. A few hours after the publication of the new slogan Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a statement full of “plum” allusions in which he dwelled on the “fragrance” of national culture and the desire to transform Japan into a country where every citizen could “bloom” like a plum tree after a harsh winter. In a ...


Asymmetry and Development of Russia-Japan Relations

Are Russia–Japan relations at an impasse and could Shinzo Abe’s latest visit to Russia be called unproductive? On May 25–26, 2018, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe made an official visit to Russia. This is Mr. Abe’s 21 st meeting with Vladimir Putin, which is truly unprecedented for Russia–Japan relations. On May 25, Prime Minister Abe took part in the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International ...


Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe: Moving Upward

On December 15–16, Vladimir Putin visited Japan. The meetings with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held in Nagato (Yamaguchi Prefecture) and Tokyo resulted in several important agreements, indicating the progress in the long-standing dispute settlement. Dmitry Streltsov comments on Vladimir Putin’s visit. First and utmost, the parties ...


Emperor Akihito's Abdication Easier Said Than Done

... elderly monarch's life easier, such as reducing the burden of official duties he is required to fulfill or devising an elaborate system of regency. When thinking about this problem, it is also important to bear in mind that ever since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to power in 2012, Japanese society has been abuzz with talk of constitutional reform. Many believe that the prime minister has launched an assault against the constitution, which remains a symbol of Japanese democracy and peaceful foreign policy. When the ruling Liberal ...


Sakura Branch behind Frosted Shutters

... has only shown that the pause taken by Tokyo towards the Kremlin over the Ukrainian crisis is due to political factors shaped by the revived ghost of bloc-motivated behavior, rather than serious bilateral disagreements. And current Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe currently has an opportunity to overcome these and other obstacles on the way to improving Russian-Japanese relations. Maintaining dialogue between the leaders and continually preparing the ground for making decisions, a term referred to as ...


First Results of Abenomics: Growth and Social Equality

... Administration of Presidential Academy of Economy and Business Administration and Professor at MSU Institute for Asian and African Studies, to analyze its initial results, possible changes in Russian-Japanese relations and some other related issues. What is Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intending to rectify with his new economic policy and what are the core traits of Abeconomics? Upon election, Shinzo Abe received an economy battered by grave economic problems, some of them structural, including a large national debt, deflation,...


Japan: The Liberal Democrats Are Back in the Game

A Window of Mutual Goodwill: Japanese-Russian Relations Led by Shinzo Abe, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) recently won elections to the Diet’s lower house and returned to power, following its drawn out defeat in 2009 at the hands of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). After maverick party leader ...


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