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Japan Grants Andrey Kortunov and Anatoly Torkunov the Order of the Rising Sun

... Service; were honored with Orders of the 3rd Class, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon. Andrey Kortunov and Anatoly Torkunov, RIAC Members, were awarded the Order for their contribution to the development of mutual understanding and scientific exchanges between Japan and Russia. In addition, the Order of the 4th Class, Gold Rays with Rosette, was awarded to Viktor Korsunov, former Vice-Rector of Sakhalin State University. A total of 4,036 Japanese nationals and foreigners received the awards, including Caroline Kennedy,...


Russia-Japan Relations: Were Abe’s Efforts In Vain?

Expanding the modest elements of trust in the Japan-Russia relationship, talking through reciprocal concerns before they lead to conflict, avoiding bilateral incidents, and engaging in mutually beneficial economic cooperation is the way forward Expanding the modest elements of trust in the Japan-Russia ...


RIAC and Japanese Business Club in Moscow Hold Joint Workshop on Sanctions Risk for Russian and Japanese Business

... sanctions risks and ways to minimize them, as well as the consequences of sanctions for business On September 16, 2021, Russian International Affairs Council, together with Japanese Business Club in Moscow (JBC), held a workshop on sanctions risk for Russian and Japanese businesses. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, made a keynote speech and answered questions from the participants. The event also focused on the trends of current sanctions policy, types of sanctions risks and ways to minimize them, as ...


Andrey Gubin: Too Northern territories. Is there still a chance for Russian – Japanese territorial issue resolution?

... development are not so utopist. Thence there’s a long way to reconcile, disseminate both fears and concerns, however it’s not a dead-end so far.The piece is an uncut version of the East Asia Forum publication "The Kuril islands roadlock on a Russia-Japan Peace Treaty". Andrey Gubin, Ph.D., associate professor at the Oriental Studies Institute, Far Eastern Federal University, in Vladivostok. He also worked at Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.He ...


Experts Discuss the Near Future of the Asia Pacific Region

... anti-dumping and new customs legislation, or with the U.S., introducing sanctions for arms supplies to Taiwan. Beijing is also looking for new partnerships with scientific centers and laboratories instead of American ones, which creates an opportunity for Russia. With the EU–China and Japan–China relations being also somewhat in jeopardy, small and medium powers in Asia and other regions may attempt to cooperate with the latter. Alexander Gabuev , Chair of the Russia in the Asia Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center, supported ...


Will the Six-Party Diplomatic Project Help Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula?

... this respect, a civil (partisan) war cannot be ruled out, perhaps involving weapons of mass destruction, and the economic and social problems will be so great that they may jeopardize the country’s status and economic position. Moving on to China and Russia, they do not want to see a conflict breaking out on the Korean peninsula and call for stability, in the hope that it may eventually lead to the peaceful coexistence of the two Koreas. As for Japan, the country has an irrational fear of North Korea, but has not developed an official position on the issue, and in any case does not have the military might to change the situation on its own. Thus, a calm, albeit somewhat forced, has fallen on ...


Shinzo Abe’s Indo-Pacific Doctrine: The Foundation of Japan’s Future Foreign Policy

... “strategy," which could have been done to ease the concerns of some ASEAN members about how Beijing might react. Still, it is unclear whether or not ASEAN sees the American and Japanese approaches to Indo-Pacific in a positive light. Ivan Timofeev: Russia-Japan Dialogue: The Sanctions Factor At the same time, the so-called third pillar of Japan’s Indo-Pacific concept (“commitment for peace and stability”) is the most controversial element in Japan’s approach to the Indo-Pacific. Officially, Japan ...


Meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki

Various aspects of Russia-Japan relations were discussed during the meeting in the context of the resignation of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe On September 3, 2020, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, had a meeting with Toyohisa Kozuki, Ambassador of Japan to Russia....


US-Russian Cooperation for a Prosperous and Secure Indo-Pacific Region

... APEC, and the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) could set up mutual agenda. It is worth noting a Donald Trump’s position on the G8 expresses the willingness to pursue a high-level dialogue. Considering recent years, relations of France, Italy, Germany and Japan with Russia have a positive dynamic, it could be a reason for America to initiate the process. Due to the chairmanship in 2020, Trump has an intention to invite Russia along with Australia, India and South Korea. Despite Russian officials have repeated that ...


COVID-19 in Japan. Discussion with Taisuke Abiru and Vladimir Nelidov

... Fellow of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies Vladimir Nelidov, analyzed reasons for these measures and how they could affect the life of the population and the political situation in the country. See why the Japanese experience can be compared to the Russian and how Japan may even benefit from the pandemic.


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