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CIA National Intelligence Estimates on the Cross-Strait and Sino-Russian Relations

... the latter might have a deeper strategic relevance a decade later in 2020 and that Russia would experience a significant resurgence of influence. Political Coordination and the fight against American unilateralism From the very beginning, the NIE on Russia-China relations mentions the next 5 years ' would not develop in a manner that is threatening to the US and might even stabilize Asia .’ The report adds that the 2000s will see an increase in arms sales between the two countries, particularly of SA-10 ...


Covid-19 Sports Diplomacy. Soft power vs. populism

... athletics—spectator sports—to create the sense of a "new normal." The costs of doing this are likely to be more social, than political. After all, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are well known sports fans. Joe Biden is not. TASS reports that the Russian Premier League football championship will resume play late next month. Germany's vaunted Bundesliga has already started playing in empty stadiums with some modified rules and players and venues under strict medical control. Online advertising ...


RIAC Meets with the Embassy of China in Russia

Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, and Zhang Hanhui, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Russia, delivered welcoming remarks On May 20, 2020, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hosted a meeting with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Russian Federation. Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, and Zhang Hanhui, Ambassador ...


Interview with the RBC media holding on current international issues

... facts are given. This attitude cannot be taken lightly. A few words of common sense. This is not a time to be crying “stop thief!” and pointing fingers, it’s a time to cooperate and to develop a vaccine as soon as possible. Institutions in Europe, China, Russia, the US and many other countries are working on this. A kind of “prestigious race” is taking place – who will be the first? There are already manifestations of “national egotism” where the competition for being the first with a vaccine ...


How Russia Can Maintain Equilibrium in the Post-Pandemic Bipolar World

... the West have deteriorated. For Russia, China has become an essential economic, financial, and technological partner. Further cultivating a strategic partnership with Beijing, even an entente, is certainly in Moscow’s best interests. The current Russia-China relationship was originally based on the national interests and sovereign equality of the two great powers. The underlying principle of the relationship has been “never against each other, not always with each other.” This combination of reliability ...


Andrey Kortunov: Cooperation with the West Will Only Happen When Russia Modernises

... international system of the future. Third, I would draw attention to China’s growing strength, which may be somewhat paradoxical given that the virus originated there. Indeed, China is becoming stronger at the expense of others: the US, the EU and Russia. I believe that China will come out of this epidemic with the smallest losses. Economic growth will be restored faster there than in other regions of the world. China is currently consciously implementing a politics of soft power, to show the advantages of its state ...


Illusions of a New Bipolarity

... France and Germany, are tired of being of their forced dependence on Washington. Can the RussiaChina tandem stake a claim to being one of the blocs in the new bipolar world? Probably not. As a rule, the poles can have only one indisputable leader. ChinaRussia relations are largely asymmetrical in favour of China, although they are far from being subordinate. Neither side is willing to let the other assume the role of leader. And let us not forget that the two countries pursue strategies that do not ...


About the Wise Monkey Who Came Down from the Mountain

... provoke each other. It will only hurt Russia in the long term if the confrontation between China and the United States continues to deteriorate—even if from a tactical point of view it would elevate Moscow in Beijing’s eyes and strengthen ties between China and Russia on the whole. The strategic risks of a deterioration in U.S.–China relations are extremely grave, especially if we take the potential pitfalls arising from international stability, regional crises and nuclear non-proliferation, as well as the ...


Why Did It Happen? On the Issue of China’s ‘Guilt’ for the Coronavirus Pandemic

... mankind, a rare epidemic happened without blame being placed on sorcerers and witches, those from other religious faiths, evil foreigners, hostile intelligence agencies, as well as the insidious doctors and heartless politicians who solve their problems. China itself has historically often served as the birthplace of pandemics this was facilitated by the features of its fauna and climate, combined with population density. This has led to periodic outbreaks of anti-Chinese sentiments and manifestations ...


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