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Great Powers Competition in Moldova

... of Moscow and the European Union to become more involved. China is, therefore, meeting no resistance from the Russians or westerners. For the Kremlin, Chinese investments in the region could harm the ambitions of Brussels and Washington in Moldova, China being an ally of Russia. While for westerners, China was providing considerable aid to the EU by modernising infrastructure, which could bring Chisinau closer to Romania and the EU because of the weakness of Chinese soft power, cooperation between Beijing and Chisinau ...


A Brief History of Sino-Soviet Union/Russia Political Relations from 1949 to 2019

... be invited to visit Russia and agreed on the “Sino-Russian Joint Declaration”, “Sino-Russian Agreement on the Western Boundary” and a consensus on “ no-first-use of nuclear weapons against each other ” with the Yeltsin administration. The China-Russia Joint Statement announced that they have established a “ constructive partnership posited on the principle of nonalignment and not directed against any third country ”. Internationally, this statement advocated multipolarity as a new world ...


‘Dual containment’ on Moscow, Beijing likely to continue under Biden

The Biden administration will not accomplish a lot if it attempts to resurrect the US-China-Russia triangle Let's face it - no US-China-Russia triangle exists now. Instead, for a couple of years we observed the US policy of "dual containment" with Washington applying more and more pressure on both Beijing and Moscow. This pressure ...


How U.S. Elections Could Impact EU-Russia Relations

... but also, to a lesser degree, against China. Amid the standoff with Beijing, a Biden administration would probably seek to expand its alliances and establish new partners in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Though such a policy would target China, it would also indirectly affect Russia, as it would likely accelerate the move toward a bipolar international system, increasing Moscow’s dependence on Beijing, with all the ensuing consequences. Andrey Kortunov: President Joe Biden and Russia This is not to say, however, that nothing ...


Joe Biden vs. Henry Kissinger

Biden’s harsh anti-Russian campaign rhetoric should not be taken literally America’s foreign political discourse has long featured Russia and China as the principal geopolitical threats to the U.S. Often, no distinction is drawn between these states, they are listed together, followed by Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and other sources of worry and concern for Washington. The strategic ...


Russia’s Dilemma on the Korean Peninsula

... prospects for improvement in the U.S.-Chinese conflict look gloomy regardless of the U.S. election results, but Russia is yet to determine how deeply it wants to be involved in the Sino-American standoff in Asia and to what extent it wants to cooperate with China. Until recently, Russia mostly influenced the situation in East Asia by opposing the United States in other parts of the world (Europe and the Middle East), thus preventing the United States from concentrating all of its efforts on China. In 2019, there were signs of ...


U.S.-Russia Relations at a Crossroads

... arms control regimes is towards voluntary norms. Other participants suggested that there could be definitional work done on those areas where there is an agreement that arms control still works. Beijing’s refusal to participate in a trilateral U.S.-Russia-China dialogue stems from the view that China is far below the strategic levels of the U.S. and Russia. Participants wondered whether China’s interest in arms control would be greater if Beijing was negotiating from a position of relative strength. ...


War Commemorations Aim to Avoid War

... Russia, the anniversary is not celebrated for the reasons I already mentioned above. However, I note that on October 22, in replying to a question from a Chinese academic, President Vladimir Putin said that he could imagine a military alliance between Russia and China, even if at this point in time the level of bilateral cooperation between Moscow and Beijing is very high and getting higher. The message to the US probably was: We can get even closer if the circumstances demand that. First published in the Global ...


BRICS and the Western-Centric Global Film Industry: Possibilities of the Digital Era

... member countries have no shortage in film industry professionals and impressive talents. The countries also have some of the world’s most reputable learning institutions in the field of cinema, such as Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) (Russia), Beijing Film Academy (China), Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (India) and others. Third, the BRICS countries have a significant record of successful efforts and a skilled workforce in the fields of digital technology, artificial intelligence and data analysis, which ...


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