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Russian Key to the Mekong River

... called Cambodia’s “rice cup” for millennia. Megawatts and a “Hungry River” International Rivers In recent decades, the situation has sharply deteriorated, though. Along the upper course of the Mekong, dozens of mega-dams have been built, with China alone detaining about 10% of the annual flow (47 billion cubic meters of water; remember this figure!). Along the middle course, Laos, the “battery of Asia”, has built 46 hydropower plants that generate 6,400 MW of electricity. Today, the ...


What Does NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan Mean for Regional Actors?

... withdrawal creates significant hurdles for regional stability and a power vacuum in Central Asia. There are several players, both internal and external, who are seeking to fill the void left by the Americans and their allies. Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkey, China and Russia seem poised to play the next “ great game ” in the so-called “ graveyard of empires ”. Some of these states have a vested interest in the stability of Afghanistan to ensure regional security and foster economic interests as well ...


The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

... A stable, peaceful and strong Afghanistan is a prerequisite for regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. Afghanistan is situated at the junctions of ancient trade routes connecting Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Eurasia, Russia, China, and through Gwadar-Pakistan to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Afghan peace is crucial for the whole region. Zamir Ahmed Awan


Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Grand Strategy is Multi-Alignment at Its Finest

The newly established quadrilateral platform between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and the U.S. complements the prior such platform between the former two states, China and Tajikistan back in 2016 as well as the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan (PAKAFUZ) railway project that was agreed upon in February to prove that Islamabad’s new geo-economic grand strategy is the embodiment of multi-alignment at its finest....


Will There Be a China-Driven Evolution in Israel’s Strategy toward Iran?

The imperative of consolidating and growing BRI in the Middle East is ultimately sufficient for China to accept a regional status quo established via aggressive means, such as what Israel presently aims for, so long as it is stable and sustainable This author published an analysis in The Tehran Times in December 2020, part of which assessed ...


Russia–China Partnership Discussed at Rossiya Segodnya

Rossiya Segodnya’s International Multimedia Press Center hosted a roundtable “Russia-China Dialogue: 20 years of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation” Rossiya Segodnya’s International Multimedia Press Center hosted a roundtable “Russia-China Dialogue: 20 years of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly ...


Extending the Russia-China Friendship Treaty: To What Extent Will Isolation and Great Power Rivalry Push China and Russia Closer Together

... is intended to formalize mutual support for territorial integrity and national unity in both states and to present the two as close partners on the international stage. In recent years, the two states have indeed become increasingly close, and both China and Russia find themselves ever more isolated on the world stage.REUTERS/Tingshu Wang China has found itself at odds with many in the international community due to concerns over its assertive military policy in the South China Sea, so-called “wolf-warrior” ...


Dynamics of Vaccine Diplomacy

... the biggest vaccine manufacturing country. The Indian government sketched a strategy for providing vaccines to its neighbors and some developing countries. India sent doses to its neighbors in South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal. Due to China’s immense presence in the region, India’s vaccine diplomacy is especially notable. Last year, India confronted China in a protracted border dispute which killed 20 Indian troops in Ladakh. So, by leading vaccine distribution in South Asia, India ...


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