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Trump’s Election Manifesto and US Policy Outlook

... First, Trump’s chances of re-election are very high. The victorious tone of the president is not simple bravado. The American economy really is growing dynamically; the average voter really feels an improvement in quality of life, and there is still confusion ... ... more about itself, its own narrowly-defined interests. As a result, there is a desire to defeat the main rivals of America – China, Russia and Iran, and at the same time there is mercantilism, selfishness and one-sidedness, narrowing the geography of ...


Political Risk Distribution of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment

... absence of a well-established infrastructure and a well-developed contracting and intellectual property rights regime in high-risk countries (Cueruo-Cazura and Genc 2008). Conclusion By increasing its foreign investment linkages with other countries, China has integrated rapidly with the world economy. It is found that through continuing international economic policy reform, effective government guidance and the continuing development of political capabilities within Chinese MNEs, Chinese OFDI has witnessed a substantial increase in the last ...


War with China: TX Hammes, CSBA, RAND and CSIS–Thinking through the Unthinkable and rethinking Armaggedon

... subject to seizure and prize court when they pass through the 1st Island Chain on their return voyage. While the United States cannot stop all sea traffic in this zone, it can prevent the passage of large cargo ships and large tankers, severely disrupting China’s economy relatively quickly. The defensive component of Offshore Control will bring the full range of U.S. assets to defend allied soil and encourage allies to contribute to that defense. It takes advantage of geography to force China to fight at longer ...


Remarks at the 12th Eurasian Economic Forum

Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov's remarks at the 12th Eurasian Economic Forum Recently the number of conferences, round tables and publications on existential matters in Brussels notably increased. Actually, the questions Europeans are asking themselves are quite topical: “How would the EU be able to become a full-fledged global player in the rapidly changing multipolar world?”, “How to react to rapid development of the Asia-Pacific region?” and “What should you do if your major transatlantic partner...


Is a New Economic Crisis Coming?

... not fully recovered from the aftermath of the Great Recession. One unpleasant development that Europe has faced in 2019 has been the evident slowdown in the GDP growth of Germany, which has been pulling the European economy forward for several years. China’s economy has been slowing down for many years now, even though its growth rate remains relatively high at over 6 percent annually. A number of serious problems are worsening against this background, such as excessive corporate debts (of at least 260 per ...


Russian–Chinese Dialogue: The 2019 Model

... The 5th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University presents the сommon views of leading Russian and Chinese international affairs experts on the development of Russia–China cooperation in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. The authors analyze the dynamics of Russia–China interaction on the most pressing matters of international and regional agendas against the backdrop of increasing external pressure. They assess ...


Bridges to India

... imports from pro-Pakistan Middle Eastern suppliers. This is the second part of a three-part series on possible future re-industrialization of Russia, developing hi-tech and oil & gas business with India as a Eurasian balance, and bringing together Russia, China and India. The series begins with ‘Russian re-industrialization dangers’, a cautionary overview of Japanese re-industrialization and the problems that Japan underwent – from its meteoric rise to the top, to its equally precipitous fall since ...


India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage

... American extractive capacitive wherewithal, needs to meet and mate with proven Indian expertise, in the domain of knowledge-economy and services-based exports, such that commercial exchanges are not contingent on the fortuitousness of serendipitous circumstances,... ... from Argentina in 2010-11, bailing the South Atlantic nation out, from the dislocating impact of a cataclysmic shuttering by China of its soy-imports. To the contrary, trade ties should actually acquire the character of a genuine mutually beneficial partnership,...


World Economy in The Grips of “Moral Hazard”

... coordinated fiscal stimulus along the lines of what was performed in 2009 by the largest economies in coordination with the IMF. The problem with launching such a fiscal stimulus, however, is the high debt load in all of the main centers of the world economyChina, the EU and the US. Another constraint is the lack of cross-country coordination as compared to the period of 2008-2009, when the largest economies worked together in dragging the world economy out of recession. At the end of the day, the rising ...


BRICS FM Meeting in Brazil: Priorities Reloaded

... BRICS counterparts on economic issues pertaining to investment and trade – while major progress is unlikely in the short-term China will likely patiently keep these venues of cooperation on the radar screens in order to tackle them more actively in the ... ... the grouping is set to carry on cooperation in areas that are crucial not just for its individual members, but for the global economy as well. The vagaries of electoral cycles could well temporarily affect the tempo of mutual cooperation within BRICS, ...


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