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How Egypt Has Changed 10 Years Since the Arab Spring

... explosion of a Russian plane in the skies over the Sinai Peninsula in October 2015 forced Russia, the UK and some other countries to limit air traffic with Egypt. The coronavirus pandemic also negatively affected the development of the tourism sector of the economy. Over the past ten years, the population of Egypt has increased from 82 to 100 million. However, the economic potential of the state is not growing at the same rapid pace, and the possibilities for the development of agriculture remain limited....


Leaving the Year of the Pandemic Behind: A Look Ahead to 2021

The current economic and political landscape appears to offer a wide range of possible adversities of varying degree of probability As the world economy comes to its senses after a gruesome year of the Covid pandemic, global markets are eagerly exploring the prospects for the new year in search of drivers of a strong global recovery. Indeed, while it may be still too early to call an end to the ...


Russia-2020: Summing Up the Track-Record

... concomitant growth in oil prices The year of the pandemic proved to be an unprecedented test for the global economic system, with the decline in global GDP significantly exceeding the declines witnessed during the 2008 financial crisis. Russia’s economy during the past crisis episodes typically exhibited greater declines in economic activity on the back of the added effects of capital outflows as well as lower oil prices. During this crisis year however, Russia’s GDP decline was broadly in ...


Crisis-Resistant Economic Models: Uruguay’s Example

... this respect. Despite the high disease level in Latin America, Uruguay has demonstrated strong sustainability in healthcare and in the economic system as a whole in the face of an unprecedented crisis. It has performed well largely due to a sustainable economy and its orientation towards the development of human capital. It is possible to reduce poverty and inequality, develop human resources and speed up economic growth even in unfavourable regional and global conditions. This can be seen in Uruguay ...


Russia’s Economic Outlook: Risks Prevail Over Drivers

... forceful drivers that would be supportive for the markets, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Yaroslav Lissovolik. On the global scene, the support for the markets has been undermined by waning anti-crisis stimuli from the main centres of the world economy. In the case of the US the current political scene is making it increasingly difficult for the Democrats and Republicans to agree on a new stimulus package. In the case of China, the rate of recovery throughout the past months as well as the successful ...


Optimism in the Midst of a Crisis: Keynes’s Legacy

... Maynard Keynes’s optimism and legacy give us reason for hope, not only regarding the possibility to overcome the crisis and increase consumer welfare, but also regarding the possible transformation of the “moral code” of the development of the world economy. In the context of the unprecedented crisis of the current year, which is commonly being compared to the Great Depression, one often hears apocalyptic predictions about an imminent crisis in consumption and living standards. In this regard, in ...


RCEP: A Crucial Milestone in Mega-Regionalism

RCEP will deliver a strong impulse to greater liberalization in the world economy in the coming years RCEP will deliver a strong impulse to greater liberalization in the world economy in the coming years, with US and China increasingly likely to compete in advancing their models of mega-regional integration projects. Globalization ...


New International Economic Order Discussed at Marbella International University Centre and Occidental Studies Institute Conference

On December 10, 2020, Marbella International University Center (Spain), in partnership with the Occidental Studies Institute, held an international conference on the new international economic order in 2020 On December 10, 2020, Marbella International University Center (Spain), in partnership with the Occidental Studies Institute, held an international conference on the new international economic order in 2020. The event was attended by professors and educators, students and graduate students from...


“Sanctions for Sanctions Violation”: U.S. Department of Treasury Enforcement Actions Against the Financial Sector

... the West since 2014 [Afontsev 2015; Bartenev 2018], although the U.S. policy of imposing unilateral restrictions was previously studied as well (see, for instance, [Shakirov 2011]). Russian scholars studied relations between sanctions and the global economy [Simonov 2015] and investigated sanctions as a foreign policy instrument [Baluyev 2014], the effect of sanctions on the Russian economy [Gurvich, Prilepsky 2016], the relations between sanctions and investment in Russian regions [Kuznetsova 2016],...


A Brief History of Sino-Soviet Union/Russia Political Relations from 1949 to 2019

... countries closer. For example, the Crimea Crisis in 2014 has pushed Russia's pivot to Asia, the Sino-American trade war since 2018 has promoted China to strengthen its cooperation with Russia. Economically, Russia seeks to benefit from the booming Chinese economy. Furthermore, the economic complementarity of Russia and China is beneficial for the two countries: China offers capital, consumer goods and labour to Russia, and Russia provides China with resources and military technology. Another influential ...


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