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Already Routine: New US Sanctions Against Russian Companies

... The introduction of a large new package of restrictions can hardly be called a new phenomenon. Over the past year and a half, they have become routine. However, the latest wave of sanctions is notable for its emphasis on certain sectors of the Russian economy, as well as the practice of applying secondary sanctions against companies in third countries involved in circumventing American restrictions. Ivan Timofeev: US Congress and Sanctions Against Russia Blocking financial sanctions today can be considered ...


Complementarity Gains. Russia and China can provide Africa what it needs

Changes not seen in a hundred years are taking place - and the global South stands to benefit. Africa is the world’s youngest continent and its many nations are developing rapidly. Investment that reinforces local agency and solidifies development gains is the missing piece of the puzzle. Russia and China have been delivering this independently of each other. A Chinese rice expert instructs local farmers in a hybrid rice field in Kihanga, Bubanza Province, Burundi, on 29 October 2022 (XINHUA) Recently...


India-US Entente: A Russian Perspective

... the U.S., with New Delhi often preferring to seek arrangements with the EU rather than the U.S. Many Indian authors note that the current U.S. strategy regarding India entails no significant programmes for the U.S. to assist in modernizing India’s economy. During Donald Trump’s presidency, U.S.–India relations were supposed to serve narrowly defined U.S. business interests rather than strategic goals of Indian modernization, and this approach has not changed in any radical way under Joe Biden....


The Libyan Crisis: A Hotbed for Regional Instability

... integration. Economically speaking, the Libyan conflict has had the greatest impact on Tunisia, Egypt, and Sudan. This is particularly true, given that Libya had strong trade, economic and investment ties with those countries before the war. Algeria's economy has also been negatively affected by the crisis. Thus, the Libyan crisis as an important factor contributing to regional instability. Its impact on the sub-region is primarily rooted in the treat of terrorism, as well as the involvement of Libyan ...


The world of 2050: Yin-transition to the ‘Soft Dictatorship’

... intuitively, it could be assumed that the upcoming transformation of finance and technologies will be unprecedented. It will definitely have an impact on all areas of economic activity. The development of global Yin-markets and “anarchic” areas of the economy will considerably reduce governments’ real influence. Humanity will rethink the role of international institutions and mechanisms that have evolved over decades, if not centuries. The rationale for global governance will be modified. By 2050,...


Upsurge in Upheaval

... balanced relations based on principles like the respecting sovereignty and non-interference of world powers (not only Russia, but also the United States, and China), as well as regional players. Ivan Bocharov: In the Grips of the Army: The Egyptian Economy From the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the situation in Libya, Russia and Egypt share similar positions on many issues on the region’s agenda. It is also important that Egypt favors restoring Syria's sovereignty over all its territories, although ...


How Can BRICS Take Africa Aboard?

... languages. Furthermore, these two states are well positioned and can be effectively included in the logistical network as sea gates to the west and north of Africa, respectively. Another possible factor for a BRICS expansion could be the size of the economy and the associated “demographic dividend.” [ 3 ] Many African nations are already showing high growth rates. This trend will be heading up as their population grows and, consequently, as the number of consumers and the capacity of the domestic ...


EAEU Development 2022+: Strategic Objectives and Demands of the Times

Report No. 84 / 2023 Report No. 84 / 2023 The following report analyzes Eurasian integration processes within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the progress it has achieved in light of new geopolitical realities. This is a comprehensive study that reviews the EAEU’s current integration results, economic achievements, as well as long-term objectives. The report covers both the EAEU’s domestic agenda and its external relations. The authors explore the Union’s potential in expanding cooperation...


Russia Has a Role to Play in Bringing Pakistan Further Up the SCO’s Ladder

Interview with Muhammad Athar Javed, Director-General of Pakistan House On June 4 to 8, Saint-Petersburg State University was the venue for an educational program organized by the Gorchakov Fund. The discussions were revolving around the dialog between Russia and the nations of South Asia, the so-called “Asian Dialog.” The Russian Council talked to a number of prominent speakers at the event and now publishes the interviews. In one of the conversations, RIAC reached out to Muhammad Athar Javed...


RIAC and ILA RAS Hold a Workshop on Economic Cooperation between Russia and Latin American Countries

... Center for Economic Research at ILA RAS; Petr Yakovlev, Chief Researcher at the Department of Europe and America INION RAS, Chief Researcher at the Center for Iberian Studies ILA RAS; Alina Shcherbakova, Associate Professor at the Department of World Economy at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and Department of Ibero-American Studies at RUDN University; Ludmila Nikolaeva, Leading Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Research, ILA RAS; Medina Gonzalez Xavier Vinicio,...


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