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Keynes Goes Global: Anticipating the Global Slowdown

As the world economy shows mounting signs of deceleration and recessionary fears intensify across global markets, the world community is likely to focus increasingly on how to undertake an effective anti-crisis response. Back in 2008-2009 one of the key factors in ...


India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage

... these numbers are in itself promising, their magnitude nevertheless cloaks and belies some limitations in qualitatively and quantitatively augmenting what may be described as moderate trade volumes, for a relationship that binds the third largest global economy in purchasing power parity, with a five trillion dollars economic milieu. For starters, the tenor of commercial interchange is narrowly defined, delineated in terms of designated countries and specific product-lines, across them, as close to four-fifths ...


What Russia Can Offer Africa

Experts agree that a new “battle for Africa” is currently unfolding. What Russia needs, however, is not a fight, but rather fruitful cooperation with all interested parties Russia is back to Africa. This is a fait accompli, a new and significant trend of Russia’s foreign policy over the past 20 years. Russia has much to offer this dynamically developing continent, primarily in the form of political cooperation and diplomatic ties, as well as supporting Africa’s positions at multilateral forums...


World Economy in The Grips of “Moral Hazard”

... speedy improvement in US-China relations. The uncertainty afflicting the markets is further exacerbated by the contradictions between the Trump camp and the Fed, with increasing trade tensions forcing the Fed to accommodate the negative effects on the US economy through monetary policy easing. The problem is that the Fed may not be ready to fully compensate the effects of escalations in trade tensions and with good reason. August is never an easy month for Russia’s markets, but this time surges in volatility ...


BRICS FM Meeting in Brazil: Priorities Reloaded

... the agenda put forth by Brazil during its year of presidency in the BRICS might not seem too ambitious, there do appear to be important priorities accorded by the Brazilian side to issues of economic cooperation in the sphere of innovation and digital economy development. With important innovations of the past several years such as the BRICS+ and outreach exercises unlikely to be actively pursued this year, Brazil will likely seek to show more results in the economic and security areas to mark its ...


Russia Vis-à-Vis the Globe: In Counter-Phase Mode

... side. The task for the Russian government going forward will be to maintain the framework of these economic policy rules while at the same time allowing for the significant reserves to be deployed in counter-cyclical fashion as the rest of the world economy is facing a deceleration in growth and scarcity in the arsenal of policy instruments to support economic activity. Source: Valdai Discussion Club


Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

... poisoning of Sergei and Julia Skripal. To be honest, Trump was right to point out at NATO Summit the fundamental hypocrisy of spending billions on NATO to defend Germany while Germany is building a gas pipeline with Russia, Nordstream 2, to run its economy and resell gas around Europe. He is also right to state that, Europe’s defense isn’t our responsibility anymore. He’s saying you don’t get to have your Iranian oil and hollow out our economy at the same time. European independence on foreign ...


Ivan Timofeev at Financial Services Volunteer Corps Symposium

... Volunteer Corps. On June 30 – July 2, 2019, St. Petersburg hosted a regular annual symposium of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Program Director, attended the symposium. The discussion focused on the issues of global economy, political relations between the great powers, and global socio-economic trends.


Russia and Belarus: The “Post-Soviet” Interaction Model Is Exhausting Itself

... sells mostly raw materials and semi-finished products to the European Union, while it mostly sells high added-value goods to Russia and EAEU countries – engineering, MIC and agricultural products. Russia is the principal investor in the Belarusian economy. Rosatom is finishing construction of the first Belarus NPP in Astravets (financed through a Russian loan of over $10 billion). The Belarusian government estimates that it will cut purchases of Russian gas by 5.5 billion cubic meters annually....


Déjà vu of Collaborative Consumption?

Have We Really Lived in the “Original Sharing Economy” and How Collaborative Models take over Post-Soviet Consumers To Have and to Have Not? Economic models that favour “temporary access to goods and services over ownership” have been called different things by different people. Depending ...


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  1. Korean Peninsula Crisis Has no Military Solution. How Can It Be Solved?
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