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Africa — Russia — EU: Opportunities for Interpersonal Interaction and Civil Society Development

... “multilayeredness” that are characteristic of relations between Russia and Europe, and the corresponding “narrowing of contacts and aggravation of tone” for some time seriously worsened the situation in all previously successful areas of cooperation: in the economy, trade and industry, healthcare, and agriculture, social sphere, science and, of course, in the entire foreign policy course as a whole. Nevertheless, it is interpersonal relations and the language of society today that are still one of the key ...


Pakistan Greeted Russia on Victory Day

Based on the convergence of interests, relations between Pakistan and Russia will be further strengthened Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan sent a message of greeting on the occasion of the Russian Victory Day celebration, "Pakistan extends warm felicitations to the Government and people of the Russian Federation on Russia Day. Russia is Pakistan's important partner. We continue to work for forging a long-term and multidimensional partnership." Vladimir Morozov, Andrew Korybko: ...


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

... professionals who monitor risks at the international level and can be deployed at the country level to work towards lowering the systemic risks at hand. Given the difficulties, including severe budget constraints, that are likely to be experienced by the global economy in the post-crisis setting in creating new international organizations, a significant part of the institutional adjustment will need to be borne by the United Nations. As we approach the 75 th anniversary of the United Nations the current crisis ...


New Economic Paradigms on the Back of the Global Crisis

... the scale of the decline in economic activity this year is set to overshadow the depths of the fall observed more than a decade ago. Notwithstanding the relatively recent periods of volatility and several waves of crises in the past decade, the world economy this time around was caught off-guard. For markets the current crisis will likely involve a re-assessment of global risks, among which those of resurgent epidemics episodes are complemented by other global vulnerabilities such as breaches of cybersecurity,...


Will China’s 14th Five-Year Plan Be Able to Deliver on Its Objectives?

The current worldwide economic decline might question the positions of the country The structure of the Chinese economy is very complex and requires a high degree of planning in both micro- and macroeconomic areas. Since 1953, this system of planning has been performed by creating so-called ‘five-year plans’. The idea of implementing five-year plans came from ...


COVID-19’s Weakness Is Its Strength

... per 100,000 Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases: 10,000 deaths or 30.0 per 100,000 Accidents: 9,700 deaths or 29.5 per 100,000 In 2018 there were 4,157 suicides in Canada: making it the 9 th leading cause of death behind Alzheimer’s Disease. With an economy currently on life support in some sectors, the number of suicides will likely climb higher this year as people succumb to job loss, the inability to pay their mortgage or credit loans, and bankruptcies. In the last month alone, there have been ...


India’s Digitalization: Big Data is the New Oil

... Government efforts, active work of India’s business and joint steps undertaken by India’s public bodies and private entrepreneurs who are equally cognizant of the digital transformation’s significance, difficulties and prospects for India’s economy and society as a whole have advanced the process of shaping India’s new digital realities. Dattesh Parulekar: India and Latin America: When a Rising Power and an Emergent Growth Pole Engage In 2015, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced ...


Contemporary China: Polit-economic, Socio-cultural Challenges & Prospects

... match its powerful economic status with a benevolent state image internationally Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all eyes, yet again, are on China, which many expect, equally enthusiastically and alarmingly, to become the world’s largest economy over the next few decades. The economic growth, though, does not automatically root out all sources of disparity even if it shrinks the overall scope of inequality. Being almost exactly in the middle on the Gini line between total inequality and ...


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter U.S. Department of State The United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons U.S. Department of State The United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons The U.S. authorities demand to release the American citizens jailed abroad (…/ ). They are promising to impose sanctions against “guilty governments”, should their compatriots die due to the coronavirus. Meanwhile...


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