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Russian and Chinese Economies Complement Each Other Perfectly

... typical statements on a comprehensive strategic partnership and everlasting friendship. However, the meeting proved to have been thoroughly prepared in terms of content. The leaders discussed many precise initiatives that are essential for Russia's economy. Andrey Kortunov: After the Summit: Next Steps in China-Russia Cooperation It was a genuinely constructive meeting. In February 2022, the leaders of Russia and China published a statement, establishing the principles of interaction and presenting ...


After the Summit: Next Steps in China-Russia Cooperation

... Here's why Xi's Moscow visit is a key moment in the struggle to end US hegemony However, this conjuncture will not last forever. In fact, the odds are that over time oil and gas prices will go down, in part due to the green transition of the Chinese economy. This means that in order to consolidate the recent positive trade trends, it is essential to diversify Russian exports. For instance, there is a lot of untapped potential in such items of Russia's exports to China as fish and seafood, pork and ...


China-Russia summit: What economic goals ahead?

The meeting between the leaders of China and Russia will present an opportunity to build on the strong momentum in boosting bilateral economic cooperation The visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to feature a wide range of issues for discussion, with bilateral economic cooperation being one of the most critical areas that will need an in-depth analysis and an ambitious action plan. As stated by the Chinese president in his article titled...


Marriage of Sanctions Convenience: Russia Rethinking the EAEU Role

... national foreign exchange reserves both within this institution and in partnership with third countries – China, India and ASEAN. Free trade zones: from figures to results Artem Dankov: New Reality: Kazakhstan Searching for Its Place in The Global Economy The priorities of Russia’s EAEU presidency in 2023 and, more broadly, Russia’s vision for the Union over the next 5-10 years would be incomplete without an updated strategy for trade and economic ties between the association and its foreign ...


The Global South Embarks on Sectoral Alliances

A cartelization of the world economy could become a reaction of developing economies to the undermining of universal rules and norms in the economic sphere, most notably the principles of fair and open competition Amid fears of de-globalization and the fragmentation of value-added ...


The New Big Idea: Friend-Shoring

... while sustaining the dynamism and productivity growth that comes with economic integration.” But is friend-shoring truly a new paradigm in how economic alliances are forged and what kind of implications will it have for the future course of the global economy? Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order Arguably, friend-shoring is nothing new. Indeed, the Cold War period was precisely the pattern that reflected the division of the world economy on the basis of values/geopolitics rather ...


U.S. Foreign Policy Towards China: Outlook and Implications for Russia

Report #83 / 2022 Report #83 / 2022 World order structural transformations are going hand-in-hand with new global power shifts where the United States and China will be vying for dominance. However mutually beneficial the Sino-American relations have been since the 1970s, recent years have borne witnessed to soaring uncertainty and confrontation between the U.S. and China. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current U.S. foreign policy strategy towards China, focusing on the most...


When Africa Is Just Around the Corner

Russia’s Foreign Policy Aspirations on the Eve of the Summit On January 23, 2022, Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, announced Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was embarking on a new tour of Africa. During the week, the high-ranking Russian delegation paid a visit to several countries on the continent: South Africa being the traditional “mainstay” of Russia’s foreign policy in Africa, the continent’s smallest kingdom of Eswatini, the Russia-friendly Portuguese-speaking...


Bengal Lights for the Belt and Road Initiative: Specifics of Bangladesh Policy

... USD 2,500, a number that surpasses those of the neighboring India and Pakistan. Dhaka is keen on fostering relations with Beijing, New Delhi and Washington concurrently. However, amidst the ongoing tectonic shifts in the global political system and economy, excessive diversification of relations is likely to harm their efficiency. Ports open for all Zhao Huasheng: China-Russian Strategic Partnership: From Continental to Marine The internal political crises in Pakistan and Myanmar have somewhat halted ...


Economic Corridor “China — Mongolia — Russia”: Infrastructure in Focus

... Scenarios / Compilers and editors in charge: Grayvoronovsky V.V. Kuzmin Y.V., Sukhodolov A.P. – Irkutsk. Razvitie Publishing House, 2021, 466 pages 8 . Bezrukov L.A., Fartyshev A.N. Mongolian Foreign Trade Specificity: Risks for Russia // Global Economy and International Relations. 2022. No. 3, p. 101-109. DOI: 10.20542/0131–2227–2022–66–3–101–109 9 . Larin V.L. New architecture of Pacific Asia in the 21st century: opportunities and challenges for Mongolia and Pacific Asia. The Mongolian ...


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