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China Replacing Russia as the Boogeyman in the U.S. Presidential Campaign: Implications for Russia-China Relations

... — appeal to their supporters using China, competing for the reputation of leaders with the toughest stance towards Beijing. China is an obvious target of criticism for the U.S. President, who is adamant about securing his second term in office. It is ... ... positive agenda as soon as he failed to deliver an efficacious response to the pandemic, which has already put the country's economy at risk of recession with a gloomy long-term economic outlook. Russia can no longer alone serve as a scapegoat for misdoings ...


Will China’s 14th Five-Year Plan Be Able to Deliver on Its Objectives? Chan, E. (2019). China's growth slows to 2 percent over the next decade as structural issues take hold, the research firm says. South China Morning Post. URL: European Commission. (2019). JOINT COMMUNICATION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL AND THE COUNCIL, EU-China – A strategic outlook. Strasbourg: HIGH REPRESENTATIVE ...


Contemporary China: Polit-economic, Socio-cultural Challenges & Prospects

... Economics 89(9), pp.1743-1762. 9 . Xie, Y. and Zhou, X. 2014. “Income Inequality in Today’s China.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(19), pp. 6928-6933. 10 . Oi, Jean C. 1995. “The Role of the Local State in China's Transitional Economy.” The China Quarterly 144, pp. 1132-1149. 11 . Walder, A. G. 2011. “From Control to Ownership: China's Managerial Revolution.” Management and Organization Review 7(1), pp. 19-38. 12 . Raymo, J.M., Park, H., Xie, Y. and Yeung, W.J.J. 2015. “Marriage and ...


Egypt May Become the Next Bergamo

... case, it primarily meant the economic consequences caused by the population explosion, including high unemployment. The Egyptian leadership understands that it is necessary to save not only those infected with the coronavirus but also the country's economy. The introduction of strict quarantine measures in Cairo, as in China and some European countries, seems inappropriate. Half of the measures taken by the country's leadership to combat the coronavirus are already causing significant damage to the economy. Egypt's foreign exchange reserves fell by $5 billion in March....


How would Germany and Russia position themselves in the event of a Sino-American war?

... asked once, namely in an 8-page publication by the German Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP)/ Science and Politics Foundation, but more than a short question and without any answers and only in the event of a limited conflict in the South China Sea, which would not escalate in a Sino-American war. At the beginning of the Corona crisis, Trump-USA and China are as global exceptions kickstarting their economies despite losses of human deaths in order to get in a pole and winning position ...


Made in China: Why Would China Export its Governance Model?

... continent) without provoking a backlash, is only possible by refusing to directly impose the socialist ideology in favor of a milder promotion of its own political model as an analogue to generally accepted democracy. Without underestimating the role of the economy as the main driver of enhancing the influence of the PRC in the developing countries of the world, it can be noted that the political thinking of a country similar to the one of the PRC can help establish bilateral cooperation with China. This will enhance contract conclusion for the implementation of various economic projects and receive support at international platforms (with the support of Africa, Latin America, Oceania, etc.) to strengthen the international authority of China....


BRICS: The Stepping Stones Towards New Global Governance

... the BRICS the focus this year is likely to accord more weight to exploring the pathways to strengthening the multilateral layers of global governance. In order to aspire to have a global impact on the evolving global governance construct of the world economy the BRICS need to form an effective platform for extending their economic cooperation to the Global South. Such a platform may be based on the BRICS-plus initiative launched by China, with the aggregation of regional integration blocks from the developing world serving as the core of such a platform. Perhaps the most effective way in which the BRICS could prove to be instrumental in rendering the construct of the world economy ...


What Opportunities are Opening up for Russia against the Backdrop of the Tech War between the U.S. and China?

... While it may be a little early to talk about the emergence of a bipolar era in the tech world, the question of what policy Russia should follow against the backdrop of the confrontation between the two undisputed tech leaders (the United States and China) is more pressing than ever. Vassily Kashin of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) at the National Research University Higher School of Economics shared his thoughts on the matter with us. How does today’s ...


Trump’s Election Manifesto and US Policy Outlook

... First, Trump’s chances of re-election are very high. The victorious tone of the president is not simple bravado. The American economy really is growing dynamically; the average voter really feels an improvement in quality of life, and there is still confusion ... ... more about itself, its own narrowly-defined interests. As a result, there is a desire to defeat the main rivals of America – China, Russia and Iran, and at the same time there is mercantilism, selfishness and one-sidedness, narrowing the geography of ...


War with China: TX Hammes, CSBA, RAND and CSIS–Thinking through the Unthinkable and rethinking Armaggedon

... subject to seizure and prize court when they pass through the 1st Island Chain on their return voyage. While the United States cannot stop all sea traffic in this zone, it can prevent the passage of large cargo ships and large tankers, severely disrupting China’s economy relatively quickly. The defensive component of Offshore Control will bring the full range of U.S. assets to defend allied soil and encourage allies to contribute to that defense. It takes advantage of geography to force China to fight at longer ...


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