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What will US-Chinese competition mean for European security? The Clingendael Institute webinar

... International Affairs Council) Dick Zandee (Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Clingendael Security Unit). Key questions to be addressed include: How will security on the European continent be affected by growing geopolitical tensions between the US and China for the security of the European continent? As Europe increasingly has to fend for itself and strengthen its own security and defence co-operation, how will this impact its relations with the Russian Federation? And what does it mean for Moscow?...


Territorial Disputes in Central Asia: Myths and Reality

... any state foreign policy is the issue of territorial disputes, irrespective of its geographical size, economic opportunities or geopolitical ambitions. At the same time, in the modern world, the scenario of the use of force as a possible option for China to resolve territorial disputes in Central Asia is hardly probable. None of the parties, including neighboring countries, are interested in intensifying territorial claims and initiating a real conflict. Despite the apparent advantages, a guaranteed ...


Secretary of State Pompeo’s Middle-East Tour for Crucial Objectives

... trip in the Middle-East. The tour comes at a very critical moment and carries multiple objectives. On the surface, it is to convince the Arab World to recognize Israel. Another mission is to create alliances and support for the U.S. against Russia and China. The third and maybe more important is that the tour is part of Presidential-Campaign of Donald Trump for re-electing in the November elections. The Zionist struggle of the late 19th century led to the Balfour Declaration in 1917, by which Britain ...


Cooperation with RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies Discussed at RIAC

... Igor Ivanov, RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov and Program Manager Ksenia Kuzmina took part in the event. The participants discussed opportunities for cooperation between RIAC and IFES RAS. Special attention was paid to the current state of Russia-China relations.


Russia–China Dialogue: The 2020 Model

... The 6th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University presents the common views of leading Russian and Chinese international affairs experts on the development of Russia–China cooperation in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. The authors assess the dynamics of bilateral interaction in the economic, military and technical fields, as well as in education, culture, media and tourism. The experts pay special attention to ...


Trump’s TikTok Ban: US-China Escalation Goes Digital

By pushing the Chinese elite from the global space, the Americans are diluting their influence over China In relations between the United States and China, we see the next steps towards escalation. The key reasons are America’s criticism of the PRC’s policy towards Hong Kong, as well as Washington’s policy of applying intense pressure on Chinese ...


US-Russian Cooperation for a Prosperous and Secure Indo-Pacific Region

... Russia should make an effort to prevent excessive escalation, given that the US now has a major stake in the Indo-Pacific formation and the growing anxiety between Washington and Beijing. While there are enhancing traditional strategic partnerships with China and India, Russo-Japanese relations demonstrate positive dynamic. The year of 2018 testified Russia's growing stake in multilateral diplomacy of East Asia. In 2019, at the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Russian leader ...


China versus the US: Who Will Prevail?

The recently published book China versus the US: Who Will Prevail? (New Jersey, World Scientific, 2020), aims at answering two set of questions. In the first place: Did China challenge the United States too hard and too soon and, by doing so, seriously affected the chance to attain ...


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