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How to Address the Russian Post-INF Initiatives

The best possible next step for European countries would be to try to reach out, formally or informally, to Russia to clarify the technical parameters of the proposed moratorium The Russian moratorium proposal On 2 nd February 2019, when the United States announced that it intended to withdraw from the INF Treaty on 2 nd August, Russian President Vladimir ...


Round Table "Priorities for the Development of Russian-Chinese Partnership in the New Era"

Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, Zhang Hanhui, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Russia, delivered welcoming remarks On January 20, 2020, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in cooperation with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Russian Federation held a round table discussion "Priorities for ...


The Baltics in 2020. Frontline States and the Double Periphery

... Latvia’s Saeima. However, none of those developments had any noticeable consequences. Thus, the prediction that the political systems in the Baltic states would be preserved in spite of seemingly revolutionary election results panned out. The anti-Russian narrative continues to be a factor that determines the foreign policy of the Baltic states and has a significant influence on their internal life. As predicted, the Lithuanian presidential elections demonstrated that the people were looking for ...


Prospects of Greater Europe Discussed at 11th Gaidar Forum

On January 15–16, 2020, a regular 11th Gaidar Forum was held in Moscow; the theme of this year is defined as “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade” On January 15–16, 2020, a regular 11th Gaidar Forum was held in Moscow; the theme of this year is defined as “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade”. The forum participants, as ...


German fake neomilitarism or a New East Policy?

... denazify the German society if they really denazified the society, we wouldn’t have had robust fascist elements, right extremists, AFD… in the German society today], the country hasn’t had a preponderate and independent foreign policy.“ On the one side he portraying AKK as the brute force of German neomilitarism, on the other side he wants to have a neutral Germany-at best ...


Iran Ukrainian PS752 Shoot-Down a Western False Flag Operation

... access. This is the core of our domestic treason network. The restraint of the Supreme Leader, and the restraint of President Vladimir Putin, who was easily justified in putting a nuclear missile in New York City for the “Gold War’ that destroyed the Russian economy using $240 billion in illicit funds under the leadership of Dick Cheney and the administration of George Tenet, Buzzy Krongard, John Brennan, and William Browder, is to be admired. What is missing at this time is an international network ...


How to Make Peace in Ukraine Five Years After Minsk II

... years, and World War II was only two years longer. Five years after Minsk, the crisis in and around Ukraine is yet to be resolved, and the country remains a bleeding wound of Europe with a profound negative impact on the overall relationship between the Russian Federation and the West. The tragic deaths of more than 12,000 people and more than 23,000 injured remind us of the human suffering in this conflict on all sides. Many hoped that the Normandy summit in December 2019 would become a historic breakthrough,...


Challenges to Eurasian Security in the Coming Decade

Eurasia is entering the 2020s with a burden of old problems while also facing new dangerous challenges Confrontation between Russia and the USA/NATO There is no reason to believe that the worsening relations between Russia and the West, a process that began six years ago following the Ukrainian crisis, will be rectified in the near future. The current conflict is largely due ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... economic trends on domestic politics; the influence of regional power struggles on unresolved conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya. In many ways, these dynamics are interconnected and feed into one another. However, evidence of increased contact with Russia by countries like Egypt and Jordan should be taken in the context of the US disengagement from the region, which began during the Obama administration, and concern about the Trump administration's disorganised, chaotic foreign policy. Furthermore,...


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    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
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