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Energy Outlook 2035 - BP

... recorded around 2006, will never be beaten. In all, we should expect a continuation of the trend originally began in the 1980s, whereby rapid improvements in energy efficiency have set precedent for a much more sluggish demand. Resurgence of the USA – No Longer a One Way Ticket: USA is anticipated to produce 101% of its energy needs by 2035, up from a low 69% in 2005, which means as a result it will be energy self-sufficient. Also, as a result the North American region, including Canada,...


The Arctic Frontier - Armed with Cooperation

... discussion forum for policymakers, but will struggle to actually seriously sway decision-making of state agendas. Moreover, which ever form the AC takes a lot will depend on willingness of engagement. As a number of speakers said it will be vital for USA to finally ratify the overdue UNCLOS (laws of maritime trade), as it does not fall under the rules set by the international community, which may be problematic if there is a dispute. As Sovcomflot’s Vladimir Mednikov adds, progress will be slow ...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... level of the 1st generation of biofuels in transport from 10% to 5% total consumption (in fact, it has done so since the report was published, down to 5.5%; see link). In the largest biofuels producer the situation is far from merry, as strategically USA aimed to limit its reliance on Middle East via alternative energy, but shale has altered the game so much that it no longer needs it for security. At €0.84 per litter biofuel diesel is very expensive to produce, in contrast to standard diesel ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... of Russia and China results in an unprecedented regional Rubik’s cube, except no colour is the same and the two players are colour-blind with suspicion and a long history of flip-flopping between sides (e.g. China's Détente with USA, Russia's Détente with USA etc). Power Triangle - Sino-Russian Mutuality on US: The first and foremost issue that Russia and China can find a common ground on, as Mitrova sees, is the joint dislike of the US hegemony. It is a ...



... companies and academics nevertheless did not abandon the possibility that it could become a reliable partner for South Korea gas needs. Perhaps, in the perfect world, where the last delegate to DPRK is not Denis Rodman and it does not want to destroy USA, both South and North could cooperate in all fields, including energy matters. At a junction – ES-2030: ES-2030 follows a tradition of Russia’s psychological affection to large scale projects with political elites at the helm....


Oil and Gas Digest

... "no single nation or group can dominate world's affairs"; this could be just rhetoric, but it still aids to dispel some peoples worry that Russia's Chinese neighbour could be a threat, while also calling for the final end of USA's hegemony (See: SCMP). Albeit, it is hard to see China not taking the lead regionally and globally in the future as it clearly dominates, particularly in the BRICs (economically and politically). The days of it being the young brother of ...


Shale Revolution – Full Steam Ahead!

... climate in which US firms experience strong comparative advantage over their foreign counterparts. Second crucial reason is USA’s entrepreneurial spirit and business mentality. Devon Energy, the biggest firm in the Barnett Shale area, was started ... ... Britain, Germany and Poland, as Chatham House sees it in The New Times article, will not make a substantial contribution to the shale gas revolution in the immediate future. Although they have begun developing shale since the end of 2000’s, technical ...


«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

... nuclear reactors after the Fukushima Disaster. It will have a serious impact on the already tentative Japanese economy, especially as it has no own energy reserves, making it a premium market for all exporters. - Shale Gas Revolution: The US ‘shale gas revolution’ has made this previously substantial net-importer of gas into almost a self-sustainable entity, with a net-equal position between its imports and exports. USA even had to convert its now useless LNG terminals (which it first built at a massive cost to assure gas supplies in early 2000’s) into shale gas export stations; albeit their potential is limited due to original LNG terminals being inflexible....


«Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference»

... where information can be shared or even energy sector civil society. Revenkov, V. (Oil & Gas Institute of Energy & Finances): Shale Gas Revolution In the world of energy trade which may seem slow and quite traditional, things in fact can alter swiftly ... ... begin to lose market share – which has not changed in the last decade. The decision must be well calculated, yet quick, as USA has almost achieved independence from energy imports due to shale which could supply North America, Australian shale could ...


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