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Africa: the Pearl of the U.S. Energy Strategy

Going South? While Russia and the Middle East have remained champions in gas and oil production for decades, the USA is looking for new greenfield projects and partnerships with countries not facing ... ... Political tensions (especially with Russia under current sanctions) make cooperation in energy sector not only unlikely but virtually impossible. Thus, the USA in a way counters... ... urbanization rate already accounts for a greater proportion of middle class than in India or China [1] , opening up wide opportunities for America-African strategic cooperation...


Energy Outlook 2035 - BP

... contradictory business climate. A major pocket that is likely to occur is in China, as it will become the 2nd biggest producer of shale gas in the world, driven particularly by its own growing gas demand, which is expected to rise to 12% of the overall Chinese energy mix. However, shale gas production is not expected to kick in before 2020, as unlike USA, it will take China more time to develop the needed skills, infrastructure and technology. Nuka-Break – New Shining Opportunities: BP estimates that even with well known disasters like Fukushima, nuclear power will continue to gain grounds with 1.9% p....


A Hazardous Game – The Strait of Malacca

... major assets, nor can China engage Europe or USA as that is a political minefield. If we recall in 2005 CNOOC tried to buy USA’s Unocal, but it failed spectacularly, as liberal mottos proved not as free as they sounds. Yergin (2011: 204-205) described the attempt well by saying that it was like – throwing a lit match into a gas filled room on top of Capitol Hill, as it instantly flamed a debate over energy security. So to put it crudely China is not allowed to buy firms so that it can import high-end technologies to better its domestic production (even if a firm ...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... a major challenge with the current difficult political climate. Europe Refines A Meltdown As a consequence of recent energy trends the European oil refineries are in systemic crisis. USA’s reduction of gasoline imports due to shale and commissioning of highly effective oil refineries in the Middle East/Asia has filled many rooms ... ... authorities. Things are bleak as new global producers have a logistical edge via better placed terminals and newer equipment – China alone will increase its refining capacity by 2.4 million barrels per day in just four years. As USA enters the export market ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... the future Russia does not agree with potential Chinese demands it will be left with no options, but China will be able to get gas in Central Asia or via the sea from Australia and maybe even the USA post 2016-2017 when many anticipate possible start to shale-LNG shipping. Lastly, China can always burn coal if it is facing a trade dispute over price to pressure sellers like Russia, although as Yergin highlighted at IMEMO RAN the environmental fallout from coal is now among the leading energy issues as it has gone too far and cannot be used so excessively (2/3rd of primary energy mix right now). China's ...


Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... whole eurozone, fuelled credit and real estate bubbles in the USA and Europe, which burst in 2008-9 amid the global ‘credit ... ... West and instead go East – as soaring trade levels with China already foreshadow. However, Russia remains a European ... ... and authoritarian consolidation, on the other hand. Energy Calamity It is argued by some that the Russo-European ... ... anti-Russian stance. Has this occurred due to European attempts to lower gas import prices, or more serious underlining issues? Europe’s ...



... gasification. At the time Mareš and Laryš wrote their article it looked like Russia had several options, like supplying China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula and even as far as India. Then it was mainly Gazprom’s modest LNG expertise that limited ... ... less personally due to the nature of such authoritarian states. It was always very optimistic to even consider this option, but energy companies and academics nevertheless did not abandon the possibility that it could become a reliable partner for South Korea gas needs. Perhaps, in the perfect world, where the last delegate to DPRK is not Denis Rodman and it does not want to destroy USA, both South and North could cooperate in all fields, including energy matters. At a junction – ES-2030: ES-2030 ...


Oil and Gas Digest

... From Russia With Love: Xi Jinping visit to Russia was highly symbolic, as is the case with first foreign visits (See: NTS). Energy was at the forefront of the visit with two different outcomes for the oil and gas talks. The other issue was geopolitics as the visit signalled that the world is changing by shifting West to East (See: Reuters).... ... dispel some peoples worry that Russia's Chinese neighbour could be a threat, while also calling for the final end of USA's hegemony (See: SCMP). Albeit, it is hard to see China not taking the lead regionally and globally in the future as it clearly dominates, particularly in the BRICs (economically ...


Shale Revolution – Full Steam Ahead!

Alongside my typical journalistic duties at ‘Oil & Gas Eurasia Magazine’, I tend to daily scan both Russian ... ... major news, interesting articles and possible leads within the energy industry. Today, I want to share with you some of the findings ... ... – lets make these blogs interactive! Shale Gas History (USA): The New Times – a Russian weekly – reports ... ... the home market. Non-US Shale Progress (Europe and Asia): China is eager to jump on the Shale Revolution and aims to produce ...


«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

... and researching for my dissertation «The Role of Eastern Energy Strategy in the Russian Foreign Policy: Opportunities and ... ... findings and conclusions with anyone who is interested in the oil and gas industry. Before commencing, I just want to give all the appropriate ... ... Moreover, albeit global energy intensity has fallen globally (even China and Russia has improved) due to technological innovation ... ... entity, with a net-equal position between its imports and exports. USA even had to convert its now useless LNG terminals (which it ...


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