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Goodbye, U.S. Foreign Policy

... one looks at U.S. bilateral relations with other countries, the overall picture seems the same. The United States is very inconsistent in its policies towards North Korea, the Middle East (predominantly Syria, Turkey and Iran), China, Venezuela, and Ukraine. And this inconsistency doesn’t seem to be a part of a grand strategy defined within the laws of “realpolitik”, where actions change and fluctuate in accordance with the situation at hand, but more a proof of cluelessness about how to act ...


Eastern Partnership Countries: Buffer Zone or Platform for Dialogue?

... anniversary of the Eastern Partnership, a political initiative the EU launched in 2009 for developing relations with six eastern countries of the former socialist bloc. The collaboration program with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine was primarily intended as a means for introducing these countries to the European experience and approaches to developing their economies, political institutions and civil society. Given current events, however, Russia has a highly negative perception ...


Ukraine-Gate” and Russia

If the Aim of Russian Policy is to Resolve the Donbass Issue by Finding a Compromise Solution, then the Russian Leadership Has no Reason to Rejoice at Ukraine-Gate The significance and possible consequences of Ukraine-Gate unfolding in Washington can be assessed in different ways. The suggestion that Donald Trump is trying to use the “Ukraine card” to drive Democrat Joe Biden out of the 2020 presidential ...


Disinformation 2020 – US elections, AI, deepfakes, manipulation

... revealing Ms. Clinton’s funding of and colluding with a foreign espionage agent from the UK, Christopher Steele, to create a false narrative on Trump. Evidence also surfaced that Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s team colluded with the then authorities in Ukraine to obtain damaging information on one of the Trump campaign staff, from years before he joined the campaign. Presenting a narrative in such an emotional way that facts lose meaning – The recent grandstanding on the environment, and the primal ...


Meeting of the European Council on Foreign Relations Russia Strategy Group in Paris

... discussion were the latest initiatives of French President Emanuel Macron on the new European architecture for security and development, prospects for the revival of arms control in Europe, the situation with the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. RIAC representatives and the leadership of the European Council also discussed the possibility of expanding institutional cooperation between the two organizations.


Why the United States Should Not Be Arming Ukraine

... intelligence community; however, House Democrats quickly weaponized both the call and complaint with allegations that President Trump had inappropriately extended a quid-pro-quo to President Zelenskiy involving American military aid in exchange for Ukraine’s help in investigating possible wrongdoing by Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Ivan Timofeev, Samuel Charap: Can Washington and Moscow Agree to Limit Political Interference? Debates on cable news have raged on like ...


EU-Russia Relations Discussed at Meeting with Norwegian Diplomats

... issues were discussed during the meeting: the state and dynamics of relations between Russia and the European Union, the development of international cooperation in the Arctic region, the possibility of making progress in resolving the crisis around Ukraine, and various aspects of bilateral Russia-Norway relations. The meeting was moderated by Rune Resaland, Norwegian Ambassador to Russia.


Everything on Display

... conversation the U.S. and Ukrainian presidents held in September 2019, albeit with the former’s consent, creates a precedent with far-reaching consequences. The opportunity was immediately seized on both sides of the Atlantic. Zelensky’s opponents in Ukraine happily demanded that the transcripts of his telephone conversations with Putin be made public too. Democrats on Capitol Hill are urging their enemy president to do the same… One can only fanaticize about how such releases can impact not only ...


Russia Facing Europe: A Provisional Road Map

... “modernizes” and becomes a “normal country,” it will be “more like the rest of Europe”—is gone. A companion assumption that Russia would become permanently associated with the EU without sharing institutions with it is also history. The Ukraine crisis has divided Europe and Russia, but it has also pushed Russia to pivot toward itself. This means seeing itself not as Europe’s easternmost march, but as a large and independent geopolitical and strategic unit on a global level. Today’s ...


Reducing Risks and Cutting Costs: The Art of Confrontation Management

... proactive approach to the EU a couple of times. For instance, in June 2016 in St. Petersburg Vladimir Putin presented the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, with a list of proposals on how the two sides could cooperate in the post-Ukraine political environment. However, some of the EU member countries were very critical of Juncker’s trip to Russia, and Putin’s proposals got lost in the bureaucratic labyrinths of Brussels. Later, the Kremlin lost a couple of opportunities to ...


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