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Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict . 102 . Toby Dalton. Nuclear Nonproliferation After the Russia–Ukraine War. Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, April 8, 2022 – . 103 . Joungho Park. The Ukrainian Crisis and Russia–U.S. Conflict: Background and Policy Implications for the Korean Peninsula. Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, April 12, 2022 – file:///C:/Users/Professional/Downloads/KIEP%20Opinions_no235.pdf . 104 . ...


Search for a Compromise or Demand for Surrender?

... military solution to the “Ukrainian issue”. It is difficult to associate someone like General Ivashov with political dissidents, or armchair experts who have never sniffed gunpowder, or with yellow-haired chicks with no life experience. The conflict in Ukraine has produced completely new coalitions and alliances cutting across traditional partisan groupings and old political preferences. What are the main disagreements in the assessments of the Ukrainian crisis? First of all, proponents of a diplomatic solution perceive Vladimir Zelensky as the legitimate leader of a large European country—an indispensable, even if not the most convenient partner for negotiations. Those who endorse a military ...


Helping Ukraine to Help Ourselves

... system on the European continent. The discussion of the Ukrainian and wider European agendas must therefore be parallel, rather than sequential, processes. Of course, other options for building international cooperation around the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis are also possible. The most important thing here is to have a sense of the value of the moment. The situation in Ukraine plunged the entire system of relations between Russia and the West into a deep crisis. For five years, it has prevented any kind of meaningful cooperation between Moscow and Western capitals, despite the fact that the urgent need for such cooperation ...


A View from Moscow on Ukraine's Presidential Vote

... The upcoming Ukrainian elections are of crucial significance due to their ability to influence the complex structures of regional security and stability. The election results will indeed impact (although to what extent, remains to be seen) the Russia-Ukraine and the wider Russian-EU relations. Given their geopolitical importance, they will surely draw attention from all the significant international actors involved. The Russian population is keenly following the Ukrainian elections, given the close ...


Russia and Ukraine: Four Scenarios for the Future

... Built on the Same Principles as those with, for Instance, Warsaw, Bratislava or Bucharest Nearly five years have passed since the start of the dramatic events of the Maidan in Kiev that engendered a profound crisis in Russia’s relations with both Ukraine and the West. This is not a short period of time: World War I lasted a little over four years, about five years passed between the start of Perestroika and the collapse of the USSR. All wars and crises come to an end, and the more acute the crisis,...


Russia-Ukraine Conflict - Will UN Peacekeeping Mission Be Created?

... involves representatives from Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. The event comes as a part of the constant trilateral dialogue that has been held since 2015. The current meeting covers political situation in Russia following the presidential elections and in Ukraine at the beginning of the electoral cycle, the possible role of the EU and the US in Ukrainian crisis resolution, and the modality of the potential UN peacekeeping operation in the Eastern Ukraine. Russian participants include RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov, RIAC experts Dmitry Danilov and Sergey Utkin, as well as Tatyana Parkhalina,...


The Price of Peace: The Parameters of a Possible Compromise in Donbass

... to Moscow as well, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which Russia would agree to have its current legal status in the conflict changed. Such a concession would entail a significant revision of the official Russian narrative with regard to the Ukrainian crisis (“the conflict in Donbass is a civil war situation in Ukraine”), as well as a rejection of Russia’s primary achievement in the Minsk II Agreement. At present, Moscow’s position looks stronger than that of Kiev: neither Europe nor the United States is prepared to make any radical revisions to the Minsk ...


Minsk Revisited

Prospects for Ukrainian Conflict Resolution Alexander Tabachnik: Ukraine between West and East The appointment of Ambassador Kurt Volker as special envoy for Ukraine signals a renewed interest in Ukraine-related diplomacy in Washington. It is a good time to revisit the troubled Minsk diplomatic process, and to contemplate ...


Recent International Processes’ effects on the Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine

Ukrainian Think Thanks Publications Review Ukrainian Think Thanks Publications Review The political process in the Ukraine has become as hot as the scorching weather the country has been experiencing of late. Discussions about the latest trends at home and around the world and what it all means for the future of Ukraine have reached fever pitch. The recent NATO Summit ...


Are the Minsk Agreements Doomed?

... expressing any readiness to take new steps or make serious compromises to settle the crisis either. Behind NATO’s aggressive rhetoric and John Kerry’s assurances given to Kiev there is no glimpse of any decisions concerning the future of Ukraine. While at the initial stage of the Ukrainian crisis there were calls for “a new Marshall Plan,” it has now become clear that the USA is keeping its support to a minimum and does not intend to switch its attention to that state. Plans for a “Ukrainian Taiwan” or,...


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