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Iran Ukrainian PS752 Shoot-Down a Western False Flag Operation

... from the pilots, can also turn off the radio and the transponder. I believe this event was a false flag event designed to discredit the Supreme Leader and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) while also seeking to drive a wedge between Iran and Ukraine, the latter being central to the US-dominated nuclear smuggling ring that President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nurtured and protected in return for tens of millions of dollars in bribes. Here ...


How to Make Peace in Ukraine Five Years After Minsk II

We need humanity, creativity and efficiency for Europe 3.0. South Tyrol Case for Donbass Five years ago, in February 2015, the first steps towards a vision for peace in Ukraine were taken with the Minsk II agreement. Five years is a long time not only in human life, but also in European history: World War I only lasted four years, and World War II was only two years longer. Five years after Minsk, the crisis in and around ...


Challenges to Eurasian Security in the Coming Decade

... territory is entering the new decade with its status still unrecognized, which complicates economic and social development; it is in a diplomatic dispute with Moldova over the presence of a small Russian peacekeeping force on its soil and its relations with Ukraine have worsened owing to the latter’s contradictions with Russia. Unlike the other long-standing conflicts, however, the probability of the Transnistria situation escalating into an open confrontation remains extremely small. On the contrary, ...


The West and Russia between a regional or an Eurasian power

... West also tried to inplement its sort of capitalism in Russia by sending US economist Jeffrey Sachs as Jelzin adviser who made the 100 day´s crash privatization leading to a economic desaster Sachs today is apolozing for. The Western interference in Ukraine lead to the situation that Putin intervened as he didn´t want another NATO state at his bordes and see the Black Sea Fleet vanished. In Ukraine there were Putinbashers as Mc Cain or Guido Westerwelle at the forefront of the Maidan . It would ...


Sanctioning the Pipelines: Implications for Russia, the EU and the U.S.

... norm is a part of CAATSA (sec.235) — a Public Law on comprehensive restrictions against Moscow. Since 2014, the Administration has shown a tough stance whilst dealing with Russia and imposed a wide-range of sanctions as a response to the events in Ukraine, supposed election interference and other issues of the U.S.-Russia rivalry agenda. However, executive authorities have not yet implemented sec.235 against Russian pipeline projects, where Nord Stream 2 (NS2) is of paramount importance. One of ...


Russia will continue probing Ukraine's Zelenskiy in 2020

It appears that there are two points of view among top Russian officials regarding likely developments in Ukraine over the coming year and what they will mean for Moscow It appears that there are two points of view among top Russian officials regarding likely developments in Ukraine over the coming year and what they will mean for Moscow. The first says ...


Results of the Norman Four Meeting Discussed at Ambassador of France Residence

... Development of Relations between the European Union and Russia, and Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to Russia. The discussion focused on the results of the Norman Four meeting held in Paris and possible further steps to resolve the crisis in eastern Ukraine. The participants also touched upon a wide range of issues in relations between Russia and the European Union, including environmental and climate change issues, new mechanisms for strategic and conventional weapons control, conflicts in Syria ...


Where is the Reality in Canada’s Morality Politics: An Appeal for a Thaw in Russian-Canadian Relations

... Canada makes up a culturally vital and prized part of our Canadian identity. This point was made abundantly clear after Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea. At the G20 in Australia of that year, Mr. Harper did, after all, tell Putin to “get out of Ukraine.” Since the Harper years, Canada’s policy towards Russia has been one of tough rhetoric: The government has again and again condemned the aggressive actions of the Russian government; Foreign Minister Baird met with protestors on Kyiv’s ...


Prospects for Resolving Eastern Ukraine Conflict Discussed at French Ambassador’s Residence

... and Dmitry Trenin, RIAC Member, Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, had a meeting with the group of French diplomats to discuss the upcoming Norman Quartet Summit taking place on December 9, possible progress in resolving the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, prospects for bilateral cooperation between Russia and France, as well as relations between Russia and the countries of the European Union. The discussion was moderated by Sylvie Bermann, Ambassador of France to Russia.


Russia-Ukraine Relations 2020: Equation With Many Variables. A View from Russia

If everything goes as prescribed, the 2020 will become a year of developing and implementing conflict resolution strategies and mediating processes The forecast for the Ukraine is one of the most ungrateful tasks for a political expert. The quantity of variables in this equation is so high, that only artificial intellect with plenty of facts and figures uploaded will be able to solve it in the nearest future. The current ...


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