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President Putin should defend the special military operation at a special international law forum

... this bold argument for recognition, but not in 2022, after so many terrible things happened in Ukraine. For Putin, this alternative argumentation is interesting with respect to an ongoing ICJ case: in an attempt to debunk Putin’s legal justification, Ukraine filed a complaint against Russia in the ICJ, for false accusation of genocide. However, even if events in Donbass are not a genocide according to article 2 of the 1948 Genocide Convention, they can still be a Kosovo-genocide. In this case, DNR/LNR would belong to the same category as Kosovo for statehood rights....


Russia Envoy Says Biden Sanctions Backfire, Hurting U.S. Economy and Power

... President Joe Biden and his allies has backfired, instead hurting the U.S.' economy and international prestige during a dangerous period of global instability. Moscow's ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, told Newsweek that "the situation in Ukraine is critically tense" nearly four months since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war against the neighboring nation in the wake of failed security talks between the Kremlin and the West. Today, Antonov warned, "More and more ...


A Russian Perspective on the Food Crisis

... development of the overall situation. It is also worth mentioning that the annual sowing campaign has started in all regions of Ukraine and is rather successful. It is a matter of concern for us that our neighboring country remains self-sufficient in terms ... ... hectares of fields have been deactivated. As for the alleged cases of grain stealing, we categorically reject such baseless accusations. It was clearly stated on June 7 by Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN secretary-general, that the organization ...


Kissinger and the Fight for Russia

The road to peace will be long enough and will be accompanied by extremely dangerous situations In the event that the acute phase of the conflict in Ukraine really turns out to be very long, which, apparently, is the case, then the elementary needs of survival will force Russia to get rid of what binds it to Europe, Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. In the event that the growing conflict ...


Russia should take the leadership of International Criminal Court reform

... the table, as a last resort option. Russians have a lot of negotiating power on the reform process, because they have skin in the game. Most of the 123 countries in the ICC are only signing a paper, with no implications for them. Russia should invite Ukraine and the USA to join the reformed ICC Russia should invite Ukraine to join this reform initiative, and overcome ICC critics in Kiev, who went as fas as to call the ICC a “threat to Ukraine in a hybrid war”. Ukrainian President Zelensky demanded the United ...


U.S. Plays 'Dangerous Game' in Trying to 'Cancel' Russia

... element. "The unprecedentedly wide-spreading campaign to cancel everything Russian is accompanied by baseless and sweeping accusations against our country aimed at creating an image of Russia as an outcast," the senior Russian diplomat said. Pointing ... ... Russian conductor Valery Gergiev and pianist Denis Matsuev, both prominent supporters of Putin, shortly after the conflict in Ukraine erupted. In some cases, even classical songs have been removed from the bill, including the works of 19th-century composer ...


China in a Dilemma over its Support to Russia?

... banks (AIIB, Bank of China, ICBC & New Development Bank) suspending their operations. Another area where China would want to increase its foothold was arms sales. With significant number of countries set to spurn Russia after its military operation in Ukraine, and unwilling to face consequent sanctions, new sales opportunities could arise for Beijing. China is currently the world’s fourth-largest military equipment exporter in the world behind USA, Russia and France. Russian defence industry’s growing plight may open door to some countries changing allegiance from Russia to China when they next go about buying military equipment. Prominent Russian Sinologist Alexey Maslov recently stated ...


Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... relations, perhaps the most significant issue for the two at present is Turkey’s relationship with Ukraine. As previously mentioned, Turkish arms in the post-Soviet space frustrate Russia on two counts: interference in the “near-abroad” and the usage of those arms. It is in Ukraine that Turkey’s balancing act faces its greatest challenge. Turkey has pursued partnerships with Ukraine in a variety of areas including military cooperation. Though Turkey has attempted to reassure Russia by stating that cooperation with Ukraine ...


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